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					                                                    LINCOLN PARISH 4-H
                                                                                                              COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE
                                                                                                                                     Lincoln Parish
                                                                                                                                  201 N. Vienna St.

                                                                Clover Chat                                                Ruston, Louisiana 71270
                                                                                                                                     (318) 251-5134
                                                                                                                                Fax: (318) 251-8697
                                                                   November 2008                                  E-mail: Lincoln@agcenter.lsu.edu
                                                                                                                    Website: www.lsuagcenter.com

                    UPCOMING EVENTS
Sigma Lambda Chi Meeting. . . . . . .. . . . . …..November 17th
6th Grade 4-H Wii Fit Tournament. . . . . . . …..November 25th
Scavenger Hunt Due Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …November 30th                             4-H Pet Show Results
Beef Poster Contest Due Date. . . . . . . . . . . . ...December 19th
Dairy Poster Contest Due Date …. .…. ………December 19th                                            Most Unusual or Any Other
Christmas Cookie Contest Championship ……December 23rd                       Name                    School                    Placing
                                                                            Joseph Pearce           Grambling Middle          1st
Jr. Award Excellence Due Date . . . . . . . . . . . .January 7th                                    Magnet School
Key Club Award Due Date……………………January 7th                                  Laura White             Choudrant Elementary      2nd
Honey Bee Essay Due Date…………………...January 26th                                                      School
4-H Foods Festival……… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. February 16th          Mercie Colvin           Ruston High School        3rd
                                                                                                      Best Dressed Cat
                                                                            Name                     School                    Placing
                                                                            Destiny Thompson         Hico                      1st
                                                                            Darby Rowland            A.E. Phillips             2nd
          Sigma Lambda Chi Meeting                                          Jamie Johnson            Glenview Elementary       3rd
                                                                                                         Cutest Dog
The next Lincoln Parish 4-H Sigma Lambda Chi                                Name                     School                    Placing
meeting will be held November 17th at the 4-H                               Brittany Colvin
                                                                            Lee J.
                                                                                                     I.A. Lewis
                                                                                                     Methodist Children’s
office. We will be bowling turkeys while tailgating.                                                 Home
                                                                            Madraline Sandefur       I.A. Lewis                3rd
There will be a discussion and sign up for 4-H U. It                                                   Best Trained Dog
is important that you attend so that you can hear                           Name                       School                   Placing
about each contest and learn about cost to attend.                          Emily Higginbotham         A.E. Phillips            1st
                                                                            Madison McBrian            A.E. Phillips            2nd
                                                                            Katelyn Mall               Hillcrest Elementary     3rd

       6th Grade 4-H Wii Fit Tournament                                     Name
                                                                                                         Smallest Dog
                                                                                                      School                   Placing
               th        th
On Nov. 25 , the 6 Grade 4-H Wii Fit Tournament                             Kaely Richardson          Choudrant Elementary     1st
will be held at the OWL Center, located at 1523 Hwy                         Peyton Farris             Glenview Elementary      2nd
                                                                            Kellie Morrow             Choudrant Elementary     3rd
563 in Dubach, from 1:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Wii’ll                                                     Ugliest Dog
see which 6th grade 4-H member is the fittest of the                        Name                     School                    Placing
fit – no really – Wii’ll just be funnest of the fun!                        Brittany Malone          Ruston Junior High        1st
                                                                            Kalyn Red                Choudrant Elementary      2nd
                                                                            Lauren Walters           Bethel Christian          3rd

         Early Enrollment Winner                                            Name
                                                                                                         Biggest Dog
                                                                                                     School                    Placing
 Our Early Enrollment Winner is Amber Smith                                 Elizabeth Parker
                                                                            Laura Ingram
                                                                                                     Bethel Christian
                                                                                                     Bethel Christian
               from Glenview Elementary.                                    Loron S.                 Methodist Children’s      3rd
                                                                                                      Best Dressed Dog
                                                                            Name                     School                    Placing
                      He Has a Name!                                        Katelyn Mall
                                                                            Shelby Holtzclaw
                                                                                                     Hillcrest Elementary
                                                                                                     Glenview Elementary
    Our 4-H mascot has been named! His name is                              Aubri Skinner            Cedar Creek               3rd
                                                                                                         Ugliest Cat
  Feisty! The lucky 4-H’er who named ole Feisty is                          Name                     School                    Placing
          Emily Colvin from A.E. Phillips.                                  J.J. Cummings            Choudrant Elementary      1st
                                                                                                     Best Long Haired Cat
                                                                            Name                     School                    Placing
                                                                            Ryan Howard              Choudrant High            1st
                                                                            Sarah Grace Patterson    Bethel Christian          2nd

                                                                               Eat solid fats and added sugars less often. These add
                            Biggest Cat                                         extra calories and provide few nutrients or sometimes
   Name                 School                   Placing                        even none at all.
   Ryan Howard          Choudrant High           1st
   Sarah Grace          Bethel Christian         2nd
                                                                             Eat enough fat-free or low-fat milk or milk products for
   Patterson                                                                    calcium and lean meats or beans for iron.
                        Best Short Haired Cat                                Choose plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breads
   Name                   School                  Placing                       and cereals.
   Chelsey Echols         Choudrant Elementary    1st                  You can use visual cues to help you figure out how many
   Emily Higginbotham     A.E. Phillips           2nd                  servings of a food you are actually eating. These common items
   J.J. Cummings          Choudrant Elementary    3rd
                                                                       will help you visualize the size of common measures of food:
                                                                       Small computer mouse = about ½ cup
             Bicycle Rodeo Winners                                     Baseball =                  about 1 medium fruit or 1 cup
        1st Plaee : Garrett Woods                                      8-ounce glass =             1 cup of milk
                                                                       2 9-volt batteries =        about 1 ½ ounces cheese
        2nd Place: Marshall Langley                                    6-inch plate =              1 tortilla (6 inches)
        3rd Place: Jonah Roberson                                      Deck of cards = about 3 ounces of meat, poultry or fish
                                                                       Try these tips to help you eat enough but not too much:
The winners received ribbons and a brand                                     Skip the urge to eat from a bag. Measure out one
new helmet as prizes donated by Turbo                                           serving and put the rest away.
                                                                             Buy packages that contain just one serving.
Goat of Ruston.                                                              If you buy a big package, put small amounts into
       WIN $100.00 FOR YOUR                                                     separate bags or containers. Eat just what is in one of
                                                                                the smaller bags.
           PARISH 4-H !                                                      Slow down when eating so your stomach has time to
                                                                                talk to your brain. If you eat too fast, you may eat too
         An old trophy or a photo of a 4-H’er having                            much and get stuffed. Allow your stomach 20 minutes
                                                                                to let your brain know it is full.
fun can win $100.00 for your parish 4-H foundation!
A Centennial Scavenger Hunt sponsored by the
Louisiana 4-H Foundation will take place through                       Ms. Margaret, our secretary, has a great idea for us to
November 30, 2008 to find photos, medals, trophies,                          be able to help others and be of service to our
clothing, demonstration materials, record books, 4-H                       community and fellow students. We will hold a
camp memorabilia, etc. for developing exhibits in the                         parish wide food drive to benefit the RPAR
Louisiana 4-H Museum.                                                  Backpack Program for Kids. As fortunate as many of
         Cash prizes of $100.00 will be awarded by                      us are, it may be hard for us to believe that there are
December 31, 2008 to parish 4-H foundations whose                       some children in Lincoln Parish that go home on the
residents submit the best entries in 20 categories. See                   weekends or during the holiday season to a home
the list of categories at                                                 where they have very little food to eat. So, RPAR
http://www.lsuagcenter.com/4hmuseum and click on                       developed the Backpack Program for Kids so that
the link to “Centennial Scavenger Hunt.”                                 children who benefit from school lunch during the
         For more information contact: Rose Anne                          school week don’t spend the weekend or holiday
St. Romain, 4-H Museum Coordinator,                                     season hungry. Backpack meals are sent home with
E-Mail: rstromain@agcenter.lsu.edu Office:                             these children to be eaten during times that school in
(318) 964-2245 Cell: (225) 937—2114.                                    not in session. This is what we need you to do – get
                                                                         everyone to participate, involve your whole school,
                                                                           turn your food drive items in at your school, and
 Eat Enough . . . Not Too Much                                                 collect only pop tarts, peanut butter,
When you don’t eat enough, you may miss out on nutrients that
you need for energy and for good health. Your body needs               spaghetti o’s, and pudding cups. We will pick up
nutrients to grow strong and healthy. If you eat too much, you         all of the food items your club/school collects during
may get more food energy (calories) than you need to grow and          the end of November and first of December and then
move. This might result in weight gain also. The best solution
is to eat enough, but not too much.                                      deliver it to RPAR. The club that collects the most
Here are some tips to help you eat smart:                                items will receive an ice cream sundae party and a
                                                                                   personal visit from Ms. Margaret!
                                                                                Senior Division
         4-H Beef Poster Contest                                Vocal
Every 4-H Club member is allowed to enter the 4-H                    1st place The Lonidiers/ Hawkins
Beef Poster Contest. The purpose of the contest is to                2nd place Sarah Blalock
learn more about beef and/ or beef products and their                3rd Place David H.
importance to human health. You should make a
poster telling a story of beef and/ or beef products.           Instrumental
The finished poster should be appropriate for use on a              1st place Michael Thompson & Jacob Cain
billboard. The rules are as follows:                            Dance
     Poster must be on 11’ X 14” white poster                       1st Place Rebekah N.
        board only or they will be disqualified.                     2nd Place Amanda,
     Place your name, address, age, grade, and                      Kristen, Rebecah, Shakendra
        parish on the upper right corner of the back of             3rd Place Rebecca E.
        the poster.
     Poster should generate positive images of
        beef and beef products.                                         4-H Dairy Poster Contest
     Get ideas from magazines, parents, friends,               Every 4-H club member is allowed to enter the 4-H
        nutrion bulletins, Beef Ambassador Fact                 Dairy Poster Contest. You will need to design a
        Sheets, and meat publications. Materials are            poster to convince people to eat and drink dairy
        also available from your butcher, super                 products. Be sure to follow the rules below or you
        market, the American Meat Institute, or                 will be disqualified:
        National Livestock and Meat Board.
                                                                       Must be on 22” x 28” white poster board
     Do Not use copyrighted materials (i.e.
        cartoon charaters, advertisements, logos, etc.)
        that are copyrighted may not be used on the                    Do not attach anything to the poster that is
        posters and will be disqualified.                              more than ½ inch thick.
     Computer generated clip-art may be used on                       Print name, address, grade, school, and parish
        the poster if it is not copyrighted material.                  on back of poster in the upper right hand
Divion I – 4th, 5th, and 6th grades                                    corner.
Division II – 7th, 8th, and 9th grades
Division III – 10th, 11th, and 12th grades                             You should be able to read the poster in 15
      Posters are due to the 4-H office by                             seconds or less.
                                                                Divion I – 4th, 5th, and 6th grades
                 December the 19th.                             Division II – 7th, 8th, and 9th grades
      Talent Show Contest Results                               Division III – 10th, 11th, and 12th grades
             Junior Division                                         Posters are due to the 4-H office by
Vocal                                                                            December the 19th.
     1st place Aubrey Simmons
     2nd place Katey Posey
     3rd Place Emiley Bryant
     1st place Abby Simmons
      1st Place Darby Rowland
     2nd Place Terra Hinton
          JR. Award of Excellence
This award gives recognition to a junior high school                If your school 4-H club holds a 4-H
                                                                    Christmas Cookie Contest and if you win
4-H club member who has shown outstanding
leadership ability in their club and community. If
you have received this award in the past, you are not               1st,2nd, or 3rd place in that contest then you
eligible to enter a second time. The basic                          will be eligible to compete in the Lincoln
requirements are as follows:
            Must be under the age of 14 by January 1
                                                                    Parish 4-H Christmas Cookie Contest
            4-H member for 2 years
                                                                   Championship. The Championship round
            Must score 100 points on application/
                                                                   will be held December
             scoredard.                                                                                      November Fun Fact
The application is attached to this newsletter. The                 23, 2008 at the 4-H                    Joe DiMaggio, the
deadline for turning in your application is                          Office and will begin at              legendary baseball star,
             th                                                                                            was born November 25,
January 7 .                                                           2:00 p.m. Since our                  1914. DiMaggio was a 3-
                                                                    focus this year is fitness             time MVP winner and
                                                                       and nutrition – we                  13-time All-Star. At the
                                                                                                           time of his retirement at
                                                                     encourage you to add                  age 36, he had the fifth-
                                                                     some nutrition to your                most career (361) and
                  Fast Foods Fit                                      cookie recipes with                  sixth-highest slugging
Heading to a local burger place with friends?                                                              percentage (.579) in
Cruising the food court at the mall?
                                                                     fruits, nuts, fiber, etc.             history. He is also the
Ordering out for pizza? Most fast-food meals and                                                           only player in baseball
snacks are high in fat, calories, and sodium, and                                                          history to be selected
                                                                                                           for the All-Star Game in
they’re low in fiber, calcium, and other nutrients, too.
                                                                                                           every season he played.
Most orders don’t have many fruits, vegetables, or
calcium-rich foods (such as milk)either. You can be
smart when ordering fast foods.                                                        Key Club Award
For enough fruits and veggies…                                      This award gives recognition to a high school 4-H
  Ask for tomato, lettuce, and other veggies on your                member who has shown outstanding leadership ability on
sandwich.                                                           their club and community. If you have won in the past,
  Order a fruit smoothie.                                           you are not eligible to enter a second time. The due date
  Get a salad instead of fries.                                     is January 7th. The basic requirements are as follows:
  Load pizza with veggies.
                                                                               Must be 16 years of age.
For enough calcium…                                                            4-H Member for 3 years.
  Drink low-fat milk with fast food.
  Order cheese on a burger or sandwich.
                                                                               Must be in Jr. Leaders.
  Buy low-fat or fat-free yogurt if you can.                                   Must score 140 points on application form.
                                                                               The application is attached to this newsletter.
For less solid fat…
  Order regular-size burgers, burritos, and tacos.
  Split a small order of fries with a friend, or skip them.
  Order grilled chicken.
  Skip cream cheese, bacon, sour cream, and butter.

For less added sugar…
  Order a regular-size soda or water.
  Skip soda.
  Skip fruit pies.

For more food variety…
  Try something different: wraps, sushi, veggie
sandwiches, or __________________________
                                                                         Thanksgiving Activities for the
                                                                   Encourage your family to fit activity into our holiday get
                                                                   together. Here are some fun games to
         Honey Bee Essay Contest                                   get you and your family moving.
                                                                   Pumpkin Roll
Topic: “The Dance Language of Bees”                                Object of the Game: Cross the finish line with your
Awards: Cash prizes to top 3 National Winners:                     pumpkin first.
        1st Place $750                                             Needed:
                                                                   • 2 sticks
        2nd Place $500                                             • 2 large pumpkins (have some backup pumpkins for good
       3rd Place $250.                                             measure)
                                                                   Playing the Game:
National winners receive an appropriate book about                 Have 2 racers link up at a starting line. Position one
honey bees, beekeeping, or honey. Due to the 4-H                   pumpkin on its side in front of each racer.
office on January 26th. Rules:                                     On the starting signal, racers use their stick to push the
    1. Typed or computer-generated, double spaced,                 pumpkin down the race lane. First racer
                                                                   to finish wins. Team up for a relay.
        12pt. (times or similar type style), on one side
                                                                   Turkey Hunt
        of white paper following standard manuscript               Object of the Game: Find the most turkeys - great game
        format.                                                    for small children.
    2. Write on the designated subject only.                       Needed:
    3. All factual statements must be referenced                   • 10-20 pictures of turkeys, place stickers or draw pictures
                                                                   of turkeys on index cards
        with bibiliographical style end notes.
                                                                   Playing the Game:
    4. A Honey Bee Essay Cover Sheet                               Pick one player to be leader. After all other players have
        (which is attached to this newsletter)                     left the room, the leader hides all the
                                                                   pictures around the room (or yard). On the starting signal,
        and a brief biographical sketch of the essayist            begin the hunt. The hunter with the
        including date of birth, gender, complete                  most turkeys, wins.
        mailing address, and telephone number must                 Pumpkin Bowling
        accompany the essay.                                       Object of the Game: Knock over bowling pins.
    5. Length: the essay should be 750-1000 words.                 Needed:
                                                                   • (10) 2 liter bottles
        The word count does not include the end
                                                                   • Several small pumpkins (approx. 6 in diameter)
        notes nor the bibliographical sketch.                      Playing the Game:
    6. Essays will be judged on: (a) scope of                      Set up the 10 pins/bottles in 4 rows (1 pin in row 1, 2 pins
        research, 40% (b) accuracy, 30% (c)                        in row 2, 3 pins in row 3, 4 pins in row
        creativity, 10% (d) conciseness (e) logical                4). Mark off a starting line on the lawn several feet (10 feet
                                                                   or more) from the pins. Give each
        development of the topic, 10%
                                                                   player two tries to know down the pins. Score as with
   Lincoln Parish 4-H Foods Festival                               bowling or make it easy 1 pin is 1 point.
The annual Foods Festival will be held on February                 Most points wins.
16th at Grace United Methodist Church. Time and
contest rules will be included in the December

                                                                 Amanda J. Simmons                            Gary A. Stockton
                                                                 Assoc. Extension Agent                       County Agent
                                                                 (4-H Youth                                   (ANR/4-H)
       Healthy Holiday Fitness                                   Membership and special accommodation for your participation in these
                                                                 programs, please contact the 4-H Office at 251-5134. Participation in activities
              Challenge                                          and events are open to all citizens without regard to race, color, national
                                                                 origin, gender, religion, age, veteran status, or disability. If you have a
             Get Moving                                          disability that requires


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