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									   Grants for Groups
(Worklessness and Employability Fund)

      Guidance notes 2010-11

                             Aims of the fund

The overall aim of Grants for Groups (Worklessness and Employability Fund)
is to tackle worklessness and improve employability of local people in the
Derwentside area and help to strengthen local communities.

We will look carefully at how your project will help to meet this aim.

                                       Guidance for applicants

What is Grants for Groups?                               Closing date for applications
Grants for Groups is a fund that has been                The closing date for applications for this round of
established to provide relatively small grants for       the grants fund is 31st January 2011.
locally based not for profit groups - community
and voluntary groups, organisations, associations,       Further information and support
ward and community partnerships and social               If you require any advice or support to help you
enterprises wishing to develop relevant projects.        complete this application form, please contact
                                                         the Grants Officer on 01207 593440.
Funding for Grants for Groups (Worklessness and
Employability Fund) has come through the                 Send your completed application form and
Working Neighbourhoods Fund (WNF) via                    supporting information to:
Durham County Council. It is administered on
behalf of the County Council by Derwentside              The Grants Officer
Council for Voluntary Services (DCVS).                   Grants for Groups
                                                         Derwentside Council for Voluntary Services
                                                         Glenroyd House
How much can you apply for?                              Medomsley Road
Applicants can apply for grants of upto £5,000,          Consett
but grants of upto £10,000 could be awarded to           Co Durham
exceptional applications. Grants will be awarded         DH8 5HL
via a relatively quick and easy process.

How to apply
Carefully read the guidelines. Once you are
satisfied that your project meets the criteria,
complete the application form using the guidance
notes and return it together with any additional
information requested.

Who can apply?                                            Within your application you must demonstrate
 Local community groups                                  how you will contribute to tackling worklessness
 Community partnerships                                  and improve employability in Derwentside
 Voluntary groups                                        through the project/activity that you are
 Charities and Trusts                                    requesting funding for. You will need to set
 Social enterprises (including Community                 targets for this and you will be monitored against
  Interest Companies)                                     these targets.
 Public organisations - if they can demonstrate
  that their project can be accessed by the
                                                          Grants for Groups will not fund the following:
  whole community.
                                                           Items which only benefit an individual
If your group operates as one of the above you             Salaries for fixed or permanent contract jobs
must also:                                                 Activities exclusively of a political or religious
 Be not-for-profit                                           nature
 Have an approved constitution or governing               Any statutory responsibilities/duplication of
    document                                                  statutory funding
 Have a bank account in the group’s name that             Ongoing running costs e.g. annual
    requires at least two people to sign each                 activities/core costs
    cheque or withdrawals                                  Loans or interest payments
 Produce annual accounts                                  Road vehicles
 Use the full grant before 31st March 2011.               Retrospective costs/good or services already
                                                              ordered or purchased
Please note the fund is keen to support groups             School projects without a strong community
with limited means and will give preference to                involvement
those with an annual income of £50,000 or less.            Recoverable VAT
                                                           Liability arising out of negligence
Grants for Groups (Worklessness and                        Profit making organisations
Employability Fund) can fund a wide range of               Overseas travel
projects and activities linked to tackling                 Payment for unfair dismissal or redundancy of
worklessness and improving employability                      staff.
across the Derwentside area. Here are a few
examples of the kind of projects that can be
 Increasing opportunities for volunteering
 Pilot initiatives to support people from groups
   considered hard to reach to improve their
   progression to work (eg providing training
   initiatives aimed at building confidence and
 Support the development of community
   enterprise through for example training,
   research, set up costs, feasibility studies etc.
 Providing assistance with accessing jobs, work
 Improving basic skills
 Intermediate labour market programmes
 Promoting financial inclusion.

Assessment procedure and key dates
Following receipt of applications by the
advertised deadline, DCVS will check eligibility
and carry out a technical assessment. The Grants
Panel will meet to assess projects and decide on
the level of grant to be award to groups.

The Grants Panel will consist of representatives of
from the local area.

Applicants will be notified in writing of the
panel’s decision as soon as possible.

If successful, you are legally bound by the terms
and conditions in this application form. Your
application will not be considered unless this
section of the form has been signed and dated.

The full amount of the grant awarded to you
must be spent by 31/3/2011.

Spending on a project must not be incurred
before an offer of grant has been issued.

If your application is unsuccessful, we will provide
you with a valid explanation as to why we could
not support your project and offer information on
alternative funding.

Before the end of March 2011, the group will be
expected to provide a monitoring and evaluation
report for the project. It is therefore essential to
keep up to date accounts with all invoices,
receipts and other documents relating to the

The Grants Officer will arrange a monitoring visit
once all information has been verified against the
original application. The information obtained
from the visit will enable us to evaluate the
success of the project and will be used for audit

Guidance notes                                                 between the total cost and the grant you are
                                                               requesting from the fund.
Completion of the application form
 Read this section before completing the                   08. Please state where the other funding is
   application form. If you require assistance                  coming from e.g. Awards for All, Volunteer
   with this, please contact Derwentside CVS.                   time etc.

   Please do not try to influence decisions by             09. The project description should describe what
    lobbying Grant Panel members, directly or                   your project is designed to do. Any additional
    indirectly. If you do, your application may be              information in support of your project should
    rejected.                                                   be attached to the application.

                                                            10. Tell us when the project will start and finish.
(NB-The numbers relate to the question numbers
on the application form.)                                   11. Tell us about the people who will benefit from
                                                                the project. Only tick the boxes that really
01. The main contact for the project should be                  apply.
    someone who can be contacted during office
    hours and is able to talk about the project in          12. This section should show where the
    detail.                                                     project/activity will take place and how the
                                                                need for the project/activity has been
02. Please indicate if you are a branch of a larger             established, eg through a community
    organisation.                                               appraisal, survey etc. Information regarding
                                                                community appraisals for each ward is
03. You do not need to be registered as a charity               available from the Community Resources
    by the Charity Commission to apply for a                    Officer or from the local partnership.
    grant, but if you are registered, we need your
    registration number. If your organisation is            13. You need to demonstrate what you intend to
    not a registered charity, you will need to                  do with the grant to help tackle worklessness
    provide a constitution (or a similar document               and improve employability. We have included
    that gives the aims of the organisation, how it             some examples of the type of targets we
    operates and how it is managed).                            expect you to have – you need to enter
                                                                numbers in the relevant boxes to show ‘the
04. Tell us when your group was set up.                         numbers’ that you intend to achieve (eg how
                                                                many qualifications will be gained, how many
05. Briefly describe the activities of your group. If           people you will provide with employability
    you are a new group, describe the activities or             support etc). If your targets are not covered
    services you plan to provide.                               by the examples that we have included,
                                                                please clearly state your targets in the ‘other’
06. Count everyone involved in running your                     section and also include specific numbers.
                                                            14. Tell us how the project/activity fits the aims
07. Please state how much money you are                         of the Grants for Groups fund that you have
    requesting from this fund in column A. Use                  applied to. We will look carefully at how your
    column B to tell us the total cost of the item              project will help to meet this aim.
    or activity. If you are requesting the full
    amount from Grants for Groups you must fill             15. Please give a realistic figure for the number of
    in both columns. Remember to include VAT                    people who will directly benefit from the
    where it applies. Please total both columns.                project. Do not state the number of residents
    These totals will indicate where there is a gap             in the area.

16. Give details of any other funding received by
    the group.

17. Please complete all parts of this section. A
    grant will only be payable into an account
    which requires at least 2 people to sign each
    cheque or withdrawal from the account.

18. Please answer this fully. If your group has
    been running for 12 months or more, please
    refer to your latest annual accounts, income
    and expenditure or bank statements for the
    past year. A copy of the most recent set of
    annual accounts should also be attached for
    the group. If you have free reserves or savings
    that you are not spending on this project,
    please explain why. If your group has been
    running for less than 12 months or is a new
    group, please give details of all your income
    and expenditure since you started, together
    with an estimate of income and expenditure
    for the next 12 months.

19. Please ensure that all of the listed documents
    are enclosed with the application.

20. The Chair, Secretary or Treasurer of the group
    should sign the form and state his/her
    position in the group.


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