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                  Course Feedback form
                  Please help us improve our courses by giving us two minutes of your time to
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    Please rate the aspects of the training course please rate 1-10 where 1 is poor 10 is excellent                                                  If less than 6 please state why

    Category                                                                                    N/a 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10                  Comments
     1    How easy was it to complete your booking?
     2    How clear were the joining instructions?
     3    In terms of quality how would you rate our boat?
      4   Please rate your overall impression of the course?
      5   Where applicable, were the notes clear, professionally presented, and supplied on
      6   If supplied were the support materials suitable
      7   How appropriate were the training materials provided
      8   Was the course run in a pleasant and positive atmosphere?
      9   If not already an SOYC member how likely is it you will join?
     10   How likely is it you'd recommend a friend/relative to join?
     11   What subjects/sessions did you most enjoy?
     12   What subjects/sessions did you most learn from?
     13   What subjects/sessions have you been most able to apply?
     14    What subjects/sessions did you least enjoy?
     15   What subjects/sessions were not covered fully enough?
     16   What subjects and sessions were not covered that you would have liked?
     17   What other changes would you make to the course?
     18   Did you pass?
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