Easy Writer: Ways to Order, Pricing and Order Form by y9wX3ZT


									Easy Writer Deluxe: Ways to Order, Pricing and Order Form (2012)
Legacy 5 Consultants Inc, 783 Avondale Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2M 2W7
Tel: 519-570-4904      Fax: 519-570-3730       Email: legacy5@golden.net

Ways to Order

  Purchase Orders – Legacy 5 Consultants Incorporated accepts purchase orders from schools and other
   educational institutions. Institutional purchase orders can be mailed or faxed to us. Legacy 5 Consultants
   Incorporated accepts payment by cheque, money order, and accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American

  FAX Orders – To fax your order to us, print out the order form page, complete it, and fax it to us at 1-519-
   570-3730. If you are a school ordering with a purchase order, you do not need to include the order form.

  E-mail Orders – Fill out the order form and return to us at legacy5@golden.net

  Mail Orders – Legacy 5 Consultants Incorporated, 783 Avondale Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario, N2M 2W7

  Telephone Orders – Please have your credit card information ready and telephone 1-519-570-4904

Instructions for Completing the Order Form Electronically

Open this file (Easy Writer) in MS Word. Using the order table on page two, click inside each form field
(small grey area, page two of this file) and type your answers. When you have completed all form fields,
save the file under a new file name. For example, in MS Word click File > Save As > save to Desktop >
with file name EasyWriterOrder-Joe.doc (where Joe is your first name). After it is saved, e-mail the
EasyWriterOrder-Joe.doc file to legacy5@golden.net as an attachment.

Easy Writer Deluxe Pricing and Order Form – see page two
Easy Writer Deluxe Pricing and Order Form (2012)

Instructions for completing this form electronically appear on page one.

Easy Writer Deluxe Software Description/ Price                                      Quantity      Sub-total ($)
1 - 4 Workstations* @ $112.95 per workstation
5-pack (Licence for 5 Workstations) @ $515.00
10-pack (Licence for 10 Workstations) @ $949.00
Lab Licence (30 workstations max.) @ $1675.00* Checklist and
Concordance included
Student/Teacher Resource Package @ $19.50. Includes Checklist of
Stories (Blackline Masters) and Concordance of Errors
Building Licence/Campus Licence @ call for quote
NEW! Grammar HELP! Student Handbook @ $28.50 each. Contact us for
shipping/handling rates.
Shipping and Handling (on all orders): Software: $14 for single licences
and 5-pack; $17 for 10-pack: $24 lab. licence. Book: Contact for rates*
13% HST (87104 – 53400)
ORDER TOTAL (to be charged to credit card)

Credit Card Information
Name as It Appears on the Credit Card
Address                                                                          City/Town
Province/Territory                      Postal Code
Type of Credit Card: (select one) Visa        Master Card        American Express
Card number (16 digits; 4 groups of 4):         -      -     -        Card expiry date (mo/yr):      /

Ship to
City                                        Province                         Postal Code

Contact Information/Ordered by:
Name (if different from above)
Address (if different from above)

Telephone (required) 1–      –          –                   Fax No. 1–       –      –
E-mail address (required)           @

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