ACS Polymer Division Industrial Advisory Board by HC12091305371


									                        ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry
                            Industrial Advisory Board

Strategic amplification of the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry’s (POLY’s) industrial voice in
programming, education and award recognition

  - Provide strategic recommendations to the ACS POLY on future programming topics

  - Structure future educational initiatives relative to industrial hiring & continuing education
  - Lead the polymer community through funding of K-12 educational programs Intersociety
  Polymer Education Council (IPEC)
   - Participate in PolyEd – The national information center for polymer education

  - Provide direction for future and current industrial awards
  - Foster graduate student involvement (through travel and presentation awards)
  - Support undergraduate symposia at national meetings (presentation awards)
  - Reward outstanding industrial polymer scientists (Industrial Polymer Scientist Award)

- Increased visibility within the polymer community, particularly in the USA
- Increased ability to scout and recruit talent
- Increased knowledge of what is on the forefront of polymer science & collaborative research
- Advanced notice of symposia topics
- Involvement in the development of scientific presentations at pertinent symposia
- Corporate logos are displayed on ACS meeting posters, the POLY Newsletter & at sponsored

Next Board meeting: Tuesday, March 27, 2012, Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, “Annie
A” 7:30AM

Board dues: $1000/year

Board Officers: Co-Chairman: Travis Baughman (DSM,
                Co-Chairman: Diana Gerbi (3M Company,

Current Members:
3M                                                  Johnson & Johnson
Archer Daniels Midland                              JohnsonDiversey
Arkema Group                                        Kimberly-Clark
BASF                                                PolyMaterials
Bayer MaterialScience                               PPG Industries
The Dow Chemical Company                            Rochal Industries
DSM                                                 TycoElectronics
Eastman Chemical Company                            United Technologies Research Center
Eastman Kodak                                       Wyatt Technology Corporation

                                          March 2012

IAB Newsletter
A Committee Newsletter has been developed to keep Board Members informed of committee
activities and POLY events of interest to Industrial Members.

IAB Hosted Programming Reception
5:30 pm Tuesday, March 27, 2012, Manchester Ballroom B of the Manchester Grand Hyatt
~ACS Meeting in San Diego

Do you have ideas for programming in the Division of Polymer Chemistry but aren't sure where
to start? Join us to learn about programming opportunities and to meet program and
workshop committee members. We welcome your participation!

2012 Programs/Awards Supported by IAB
2012 Industrial Polymer Scientist Award
       Congratulations to Dr. Babu N. Gaddam of 3M, the 2012 IAB industrial polymer
       scientist award recipient

2012, Spring
   • Graduate Student Travel Awards
       o 2 awards $500.00 each tba later this year
               X. WANG, U OF TENN.
               R. L. WEBER, U OF WIS
   • Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research 8:30 am (AM Session), Sun. March 25, Gallery
   • Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science All Day Sessions starting at 8:00 am, Sun.
       March 25 and Mon. March 26, Maggie Room
   • POLY-PMSE Hospitality Suite 9 pm, Tues. March 27, Madeleine D Room

   •   20th National Graduate Research Polymer Conference, Case Western Reserve (co-
       sponsored by IAB) May 21 – 24, 2012

2012, Fall
   • Industrial Polymer Scientist Award and Symposium, Announcement of award Plaque,
      $2,000.00 honorarium , and Travel Expenses
           o DR. BABU N. GADDAM, 3M
   • Polymer Science of Everyday Things TBA
   • DSM Polymer Technology Award Symposium 1:30 pm Tues. August 21
   • Graduate Student Travel Awards
           o 2 awards $500.00 each tba later this year

                                        March 2012

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