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					                        President’s Council Meeting Minutes

                               June 8, 2011 – 09:00 a.m.

                      Room 108 President’s Conference Room

Present:     Randy Wooten, Brett Bright, Jeff Bell, Annette Ellis, Deborah Sanders,
             Jason Beach, Jason Robertson, Irene Cravey, Dennis Burrer, & April

Absent:       Colleen Halupa & Mittie Hutchins

Guests:      None

Note taker: Marshal V. Joslin

      The previous meeting minutes were reviewed and approved with little or no

      The Event Calendar was presented for June & July.

      Next meeting will be June 15, 2011, at 09:00 a.m.

      April Graham was presented a TSTC Presidential coin for the Killin N Grillin

Jason Robertson: reported Reed and Sloane will be done in a week. Air Tech will
start the first of July and estimate 2 weeks for completion.

Irene Cravey: opened a topic of discussion on a recent piece of legislation, “Rights of
firearms carrier—Employee Parking lot.” Some options were presented but overall
conclusion was to investigate further and make a decision when final bill is signed.

Around the room:

Jason Beach on behalf of Mittie Hutchins reported they are working on Perkins basic
grant goals.

Marshal V. Joslin reported the venue for the BOR dinner has been moved from Civic
Center to ETBU.
Jeff bell reported that the EEOC package has been submitted to the appropriate offices.
Interviews for the new HOD have been completed. He also supplied organizational
charts for review and corrections.

April Graham reported on the successful meeting with the crew from “Killin N Grillin.”
They are interested in interns and working with TSTC on future endeavors. They have
also opened the door to other organizations like the Shreveport Film Advisory Group.
CIC meeting in the near future and working with NWLA for cooperation in cyber
forensics. There will be an IT symposium on 21 Sep 2011 involving a Super Smash
Brothers Brawl video game tournament. There will be a vintage game display exhibit.

President Wooten gave a huge KUDOS to all that was involved in making the Killin N
Grillin event a big success. He advised division chiefs and to pass on to sub-ordinates
that if you have not received your IRS check to check with them to make sure they were
not filed on improperly.

Meeting adjourned at 09:33 a.m.


Police Dept.

      Had meeting with the officers on cleaning, and finishing what they start.
      Received shoulder patches for uniforms
      New hire Gina Breseman started on 06/01/2011
      Certify Cohn (K-9) on levels one and two narcotics
      Cleaned up the office by moving the old chair out of the lobby and moving the table out of
       the office. Cleaned out the file cabinets and cleaned out the back office. Moved the key box
       out of the evidence room and got it cleaned.
      Worked on Crime Star getting files put in the system and cleaning up old files.
      Worked on year end Clery report, received info from Marshall Police and fire on call list for
       the campus and surrounding area.
      Met with Auditor regarding Clery report to go over protocol for the report.

Student Services

      Working on student complaints
      Working on student disciplinary issues
      Recruiting – Walk-ins, phone calls
      Submitting fines to the business office – housing fines
      Working the switchboard
       Working on SACS
       Setting up student’s disciplinary appeal
       Setting up student’s appeal --Housing
       Working on mail-outs for African American Committee
       Attended the employee recognition team meeting 6/07
       Visited with Damiya Pentecost concerning grant for the outreach committees


       Conducted walk-in tours with new students
       Conducted the student ambassador meeting on 6/07
       Recruiting – Walk-ins, phone calls

Admissions and Registration

       Entering corporate college applications.
       Covering testing and setting appointments for upcoming dates
       Recording course substitutions for summer graduates .Recording transcript transfers on a
         daily basis.
       Working with VA students and on file completions.
       Helping students get transcript from other colleges to complete admissions requirements.
       Completed getting validation rosters certified.
       Testing students and setting future appointments.
       Entering Continuing education applications.
       Recording course substitutions for summer graduates and other students.
       Recording major changes and address changes.
       Completing enrollment verifications.
       Processing outgoing transcripts.
       Linking Documents.
       Mailing letters to prospective fall students.
       Made flyers and posted for upcoming events.
       Summer graduation, deadline date June 10,2011
       Happy Hour Thirsty Thursday, June 9, 2011
       Mellon Mania Picnic, Tuesday, June 14, 2011


       Have 3 confirmed STAR Sponsors for the Summer 2011 Industry Career Day & Transfer
        Fair: General Cable, Trinity Rail, & Eastman Chemical
      Hosting meeting with Killin' & Grillin' and Multimedia Department in my office to discuss
       internships today around 2:00 PM.
      Still signing off on graduate applications and getting placement forms filled out at the same
      Contact the Economic Development Corporations of Marshall, Longview, Kilgore,
       Jacksonville, and Henderson and got the address of all their business partners so that I can
       send out invites for Career Days in the future. The list helps me to make contact with all
       East Texas businesses that might be looking to fill positions with our students.
      Mailing out OFFICIAL Invites to Industry Career Day & Transfer Fair to guests that I do
       not have emails for and to my new mailing list with Economic Development companies
       from the cities above.

Student Services-Marty

    Requisitions for Student Activities, Housing, Police Department, and Marketing
    Vendor applications to new vendors
    Place orders once a PO is assigned
    Sent e-mails to student body regarding activities
    Contact vendors regarding orders and quotes
    Letters mailed to prospective students regarding housing apartments
    Helped with Killin & Grillin
Residence Life/Student Activities

      Killin n Grillin is scheduled to make a visit on Tuesday for Time out Tuesday. The event will
       be held at the TNT building starting at noon. Bar B Q and refreshments provided.
      Arrangements have been made to allow TSTC students to swim at Sam Birmingham
       Municipal pool by showing their student ID. Swim hours are 2:00pm -6:00pm, closed on
       Wednesday and Sunday. Swimming lessons will also be offered. For more information on
       swimming lessons, call 903-935-4477.
      Room checks were last Friday, June 3rd- 5 apartments needed minor attention
      This Thursday, June 9th is Thirsty Thursday and Happy Hour is 3:00pm-5:00pm, drinks are
       on the house.
      Waiting on bids for mattresses and some furniture to be released.
      We currently have Wiley guests in A building.
      Work has been rescheduled to remove carpet and replace it with tile to later this month.
      Work is nearing completion on the kitchen renovation in the housing commons.
      After meeting with Marshall Parks and Recreation Director, I talked to Bryan Partee (Boys
       and Girls Club) to get contact numbers of current softball teams about “pick up” games.
       Teams were instructed to make contact with me via email if they were interested or not. No
       team has made contact.
      Met with RHA officers last week and is waiting on list of events for June.
      Michelle recently returned from an SGA advisory meeting at TJC. Advisors introduced
       themselves and talked about their position on campus. The discussion was about student
       activity will having to do an assessment on the activities provided to the students. They also
       gave information on how to do an assessment. They did not say when it would be
       implemented. They also discussed meeting again the first week in August.


      Invited Radio, Newspaper and TV to attend Killn’ N’ Grillin”
      Approved proofs and ordered promotional items
      Developing advertisement for mini-mester
      Completing the commercial for the system institutions


   Another company has agreed to be part of the consortium for Express Energy skills
    grant. This grant would be for the state of Texas and would be about a $600,000
   On July 22-24th Hector De Larosa will be going to Waco to meet with other program
    directors to standardize curriculum for Biomedical Equipment Technology.

   Professional Development
        o Plan being formulated for training in online course design in collaboration
           with the LeCroy Center with the DCCCD (Dallas County Community College
           District). The LeCroy Center is the hub for online course development for
           Dallas Tele-Learning.
   PBL Update
        o PBL workshop being held for local ISD grant partners 16-17 June in Room
           515 South. The members of the Campus PBL team will each serve as mentor
           contacts to each of the following participating ISD’s: Harleton, Waskom,
           Beckville, TECHS (Texas Early College High School).
   Technology
        o Bryan Maertins attended the NETnet pre-conference sessions 8 June, and will
           have several Web 2.0 tools to share during the coming year.

   DET
          o Arlis Elkins and Phil Henson are busy teaching classes and working on the
            layout of the two labs in the TNT building. Pat Ormiston, Lab Assitant, is
            working on equipment that needs to be moved.
      ITEC
          o Maurice Warren's Hydraulics and Pneumatics class ran air lines for the air
            drops in the new TNT building. Richard McFarland's HART 1307 class is
            preparing for the EPA Certification. This will allow the recovery and charging
            of refrigerants. Crockett Reed, an Industrial Maintenance student, was a main
            player or cooker in Tuesday's Killin N Grillin Time Out Tuesday event.
      EHS
          o An advisory committee meeting on Wednesday was attended by Richard
            Bure and James Wilson of Eastman, Jason Ousley of Madden Contracting, Rick
            Wall of Safety Council of East Texas, and James Harbaugh of CABASS. Two of
            our own students who are also officers in the on campus EHS Chapter, Christi
            Spradlin-Coleman and Karen Linville attended and participated in the ac
            meeting. Placement and internships were talked about and Damiya
            Penetecost spoke to the guests about grant and training opportunities.

    Aviation research continues; Air Traffic Control is still looking good for the fall
    Received some letters of support for TSSB-lineman program. We are still waiting on
     the rest. This looks like a great opportunity for our lineman program to be listed as
     the leader for lineman training in Texas.
    Jimmie Wilson received 7 Yokogawa smart transmitters at a value of $7000. These
     transmitters will go a long way toward helping us modernize our Instrumentation

    ITSE-1392-50ZA, Special Topics in Computer Programming, is allowing four ITS
      students to utilize the PBL process as they build two Linux-based servers for the
      Webmastering Technology and Multimedia Technology programs.
    Killin’ N’ Grillin’ visited the campus with intent of looking into Multimedia
      Technology interns for their show on June 7th. Part of the cast and crew visited the
      campus and helped forge new and exciting relationships as well as great
      opportunities for students.
    Robert Cuthbert has a meeting with Encore Multimedia in Longview in the early
      part of July where he will be discussing their documentation process for their
      projects. He will then implement that documentation into his classes. They also
      informed him that they had to turn away work because they don't have enough
      developers to handle it all. They seemed open to the idea that under his
      supervision, advanced students looking for an internship/capstone course to finish
      their degree would be able to group up and work on one of these LIVE projects for
      Encore. The details will be cleared up in July.

    Developmental Education
        o Working on the development of new DMTH classes for the fall semester.
        o Robbie Anderson attended NISOD conference to receive her award of
    General Academics
        o Developed classes for the mini semester and working on developing Match
            1332 for fall semester.
    Learning Success Center
        o Just completed a motivational event “Eye on the Prize” and in the process of
            completing the CRLA recertification process.
        o Students are now required to purchase a “Print/Copy” card for their printing
            and copying services.
    Library
        o The library is offering a new service to our faculty called a “Walk-about”
            where we visit with our faculty and offer our assistance in any way possible.
            Currently we have 5 Library Orientation sessions scheduled for the summer.
            Library staff assisted in the Women in Technology event on May 25th.
        o They are working on the Retro-Gaming Tournament with the IT faculty.

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