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					                      2009 Willoughby South Athletic Department

                          MULCH MADNESS!

                  To Benefit ALL Willoughby South High School
                                 Athletic Teams!

       Order Black or Dark Hardwood (bulk); Dark Hardwood Mulch by the by the BAG!

       Once your bulk mulch order is processed with the school, you will receive a
        confirmation order number. Upon receipt, please call Willoughby Coal & Garden
        Center at 440-942-3700 to schedule all bulk mulch delivery. Refer to the order
        number that will be e-mailed to you.

            Order deadline for bag mulch is Friday, May 8th - Pick up date at
             Willoughby Coal & Garden Center, 3872 Erie St., Willoughby on
                    Saturday, May 16th from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

                Call 440-975-3631 or visit the Athletic Department website at
               www.weschools.org/southhigh for additional information.
            Bulk - Black Mulch / Dark Hardwood Mulch
    # of cubic yards ____________ @ $27.00 for bulk mulch = $ __________
All Willowick, Willoughby Eastlake area Bulk orders Delivery Fee Add +$ 20.00
All Willoughby Hills area Bulk orders Delivery Fee Add               +$ 30.00

   Minimum of 2 yards per order (MAX 5 yards) for all bulk mulch- Delivery
    Location _______________________

# of bags –Dark Hardwood (2 cu. ft/bag) _____@ $3.25 bag = $___________

Check # __________ Cash $ __________ Donation Amount $ __________

            Make checks payable to: Willoughby South Athletic Boosters


Address: _______________________________City:_______________ Zip:_________

Home phone: _________________________ e-mail: ____________________________
Please print legibly – your confirmation order number will be e-mailed to you.Mail completed
 form & payment to Athletic Mulch Fundraiser, 5000 Shankland Rd., Willoughby, OH 44094
                   FAQ’s – Facts & Answers on Mulch

          Why should I buy my mulch from South Athletics?

    Willoughby South Athletics only sells fine quality Dark & Hardwood mulch. You
     are purchasing some of the best quality mulch that money can buy.

    Your purchase will also make a VALUABLE contribution to the Athletic
     Department of Willoughby South High School.

    100% of the proceeds of this fund raising effort go directly to support the
     athletes of South!

                How do I order my mulch from South Athletics?

    From South High School athletes – they will be canvassing the community in
     March, April & May. You can print an order form from
     www.weschools.org/southhigh and clicking on the athletics button on the left
     side of the screen

    Return the flyer you receive (with payment) by mailing to Athletic Mulch
     Fundraiser, 5000 Shankland Rd., Willoughby, OH 44094 – or simply drop off your
     order and payment at the school.

What are the choices of mulch I can buy, what are the costs and coverage areas?

    Two ways – Bagged or Bulk

    Bulk Mulch - $ 27.00 a cubic yard – 2 -yard minimum per order – call Willoughby
     Coal & Garden Center at 440-942-3700 to schedule delivery by using your
     ORDER NUMBER that will be e-mail to you. Bulk Deliveries can be scheduled
     through the month of May.

    Bag Mulch – Large 2 cubic ft. bags. Bags are $ 3.25 each. Pick up on Saturday,
     May 16th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. South athletes will load vehicles to assist
     in your pick up. Bag mulch orders must be placed by Friday, May 8th

    Bulk Mulch – 1 cubic yard will cover approximately 5 ft. x 10 ft. x 2 in. thick.

        Bag Mulch – 1 bag will cover approximately 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 2 in. thick.
                  Can I buy mulch from other vendors cheaper?

  You can always buy something cheaper if you look hard enough. The cheapest
  price doesn’t always mean the best value on investment. Please consider these
  facts before you buy a “cheaper” product.

        Is the competing product of high quality? South Athletics is providing bagged
         mulch and bulk mulch from Willoughby Coal & Garden Center. Willoughby
         Coal & Garden Supply uses only top quality resources for their products, and
         has been doing so for many years. “Other” companies products use leaves,
         branches & pallets, which cost less, but decompose at a much faster rate.

        South Athletics is providing a “natural” fertilizing mulch for flower beds and

        The benefits of mulch are weed control and holding moisture for plants and
         flowers during those dry summer months. It is also beautiful and enhances
         the overall appearance of your yard – CURB APPEAL!

        Do all of the other company’s proceeds go directly to support the athletes
         and their sports programs of the high school in our great community?

        “Our landscaper does our mulching.” That’s fine, you can support South High
         Athletics and coordinate the purchase of our mulch with your landscaper’s
         schedule. Our pricing is very competitive and our mulch is top quality.

Thank you in advance for participating in this year’s
    Mulch Madness fundraising campaign. The
athletes, coaches, and staff members of Willoughby
  South High School appreciate your support and

                                      Go REBS!

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