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					                                                                                                                 Return Application to:
                                                                                                         Fund Development Department
                                                                                                       Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma
                                            Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma                               2432 E 51 St, Tulsa OK 74105
                                                                                                  918/745-5201 or 800/707-9914 ext 201
                                 JULIETTE LOW LEADERSHIP SOCIETY
                                               Application for Scholarship
Legal Name of Applicant:     Goes by:
Day Phone:       Evening Phone:       Cell Phone:
Email:                             Social Security Number:

 “The women of tomorrow, need more than ever, a place where they are given every opportunity, not
   just an equal opportunity.” – Nannerl Overholser Keohane, Former President of Duke University
         Girl Scouting is such a place. In a supportive environment, girls learn to stretch their abilities and test their skills.
They learn to plan and carry out projects. They learn to follow through. Girls learn to work with a wide variety of people. In
short, they learn valuable life skills and are encouraged to practice them.
         Senator Carol Moseley-Braun, Justice Sandra Day O’Conner, Astronaut Sally Ride, and Actress Kathleen Turner
are women who have been Girl Scouts and are comfortable in leadership positions. The purpose of the Juliette Low
Leadership Society Scholarship is to further that leadership by assisting selected, active Girl Scouts in the next step of
their journey. It is also the purpose of the scholarship program to reward exceptional Girl Scouts for their commitment to
the program and to themselves.
       The scholarship may be used for any accredited college, university or technical/trade school.
       You must have a 2.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. One official high school transcript is required (plus five
        copies). Either an ACT or SAT test score is required.
       Merit will be considered—involvement in Girl Scouting activities, school activities, clubs, sports, accomplishments
        and positions of leadership.
       Financial need will be considered.
       You must be a current, active Girl Scout in your final year of high school.
       Applications must be typed and signed. NO handwritten applications will be accepted.
       Personal interviews ARE required of finalists; to be held on Saturday, March 6, 2010.
       Original plus 5 copies of application AND support documentation must be submitted. Copies are to be paper
        clipped, no staples.
       Applications must be postmarked no later than January 29, 2010 to the Tulsa Girl Scout Service Center,
        2432 E 51 St, Tulsa OK 74105. NO faxed, NO electronic and NO walk-in applications accepted.
       You must have two reference letters, one from a Girl Scout adult who has worked closely with you (no relatives,
        no staff). This could be your advisor, an event leader, a camp counselor, or trainer. And one letter must be from
        an adult who works with you in the community, such as a teacher, religious instructor, supervisor, or employer (no
        friends of the family or peers). Be sure to let your references know about the skills you have and why you want to
        apply for this Girl Scout scholarship. Also, make sure your references know their reference letter must be
        postmarked by January 29, 2010. Give your references one of the addressed envelopes enclosed with this
        scholarship packet. Reference letters must be sent directly to the Tulsa Girl Scout Service Center, 2432 E 51 St,
        Tulsa OK 74105. It would be best for you to provide postage on the envelope.
       Incomplete applications OR inability to follow these directions will immediately disqualify your application.
In 2010, a minimum of seven Juliette Low Leadership Society Scholarships and two Janet Zink Memorial
Scholarships will be awarded.
These scholarships are awarded through the Bartlesville, McAlester, Muskogee, Stillwater or Tulsa Juliette Low
Leadership Society. If you are selected as a finalist, you agree to interview in Tulsa on Saturday, March 6, 2010.
Deadline:          January 29, 2010. NO faxes. NO walk-ins. NO electronic submissions.
                   Applications will not be accepted unless they are postmarked by January 29, 2010, typed, signed
                   and accompanied by your most current transcript and test scores (ACT and/or SAT), along with
                   your original application plus 5 copies. Applications will not be considered without two reference
                   letters (as outlined above). Applications may be downloaded at and typed using
                   Microsoft Word.
I certify the information provided on this application is accurate, complete, and honestly presented. I understand that any
inaccurate information or omission will be cause for disqualification from further consideration.

Signature of Applicant ________________________________________________ Date _________________________
                                                 PERSONAL INFORMATION
                                             Please type and give all full information

Last Name:     First Name:                         Middle:             Date of Birth:
Home Address: Number and Street                  City, State, Zip
GPA (on a 4.0 scale):                ACT Score:                SAT Score:                 Distinguished Graduate YES      NO
(Please attach official transcript.)

Father’s Name:                                                              Mother’s Name:
Father’s Address:                                                           Mother’s Address:

Father’s Occupation:                                                        Mother’s Occupation:

             Number of siblings living at home:                       Number of others dependents in the home:

        Parents’ combined Adjusted Gross Income as shown on last year’s tax return: (check one)
        *Please include the amount for both parents, if both parents will be contributing to your college expenses.
   below $25,000                 $35,000-45,000                 $55,000-65,000                 $85,000-100,000
   $25,000-35,000                $45,000-55,000                 $65,000-85,000                 over $100,000

        Additional sources of income and approximate annual amount: (check all that apply)
                  Trust Fund
                  Non-Custodial Parent Support
                  Grandparent Support
                  Support From Other Relatives

Explain any special circumstances which limit family income available for your education or conditions in your personal life
or in your family situation that might help the committee know you and understand your needs better. (I.e., care of elderly
relative in nursing home, divorce of parents resulting in financial stress, brothers/sisters in college, etc.)

In order for you to attend college, what percentage of financial assistance must you receive? What percentage of your
college expenses do you plan to provide?

Are you applying for additional financial aid? YES                NO        If yes, what?

Have you applied for other scholarships? YES                  NO        If so, please provide a status of those applications.
                                      EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES
                                       Please type and give all full information

Current Troop Leader:                                            Girl Scout Member for      years
Received Silver Award? YES          NO      Year:                Received Gold Award? YES       NO     Year:
Currently Completing Gold Award? YES           NO                Month/year of expected Gold Award completion:

List Girl Scout, school and community activities during grades 9 through 12.
               Activities                      Grade (9-12)                Offices Held              Awards Won

                                                WORK EXPERIENCE
                                       Please type and give all full information

              Employer                                      Duties                            Dates from/to

Other information to help describe the significance of your extra curricular activities:

What are you college preferences:

What are your career interests:
                                                            ESSAY SECTION
                                              Please type and give all full information

In what ways has Girl Scouting helped you to become the person you are today?
(Approximately 100 words. Attach additional sheet, if needed.)

What qualities of leadership do you feel are important for women to have in the 21st Century?
(Approximately 100 words. Attach additional sheet, if needed.)

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