American Air Flight 77 by y9wX3ZT


									    American Air Flight 77

                    A very real ghost
                         Part 1
                  Audio clips from NARA records
                    RG. 148.RFAA.03012527a
                    ZDC OMIC 1300-1400 UTC
A copy of certified air traffic control tapes provided by FAA to the 9-11 Commission
                   Transcribed by Miles Kara, November 18, 2009
         ZDC OMIC contacts ZID
ZID:   9:17:20 Indy

ZDC:           Indy, Wash Center watch desk, I need to, I need to find out if
               you have; on the TSD, I got a ghost target but it shows
               American 77 right in the middle of Indiana. I want a, I need to
               know if he is really there or not.

ZID:           Ah, can I ask why?

ZDC:           Well, because, you know, yeah, this is, I need to know if you
               are working

ZID:           Well, we are trying to find him right now

ZDC:           Oh, you are?

ZID:           Yeah,

ZDC:           OK

ZID            Hang on a second
       ZID checks with its OMIC

ZID:     What is the reason for..? I mean, have
         you guys talked to him?, or..

ZDC:     Well, I don’t know what, I don’t know what is
         going on; we don’t have a flight plan stored on
         him now and I’m not so sure that (pause) the
         Region is calling us about him.

ZID:     OK, hang on
                ZID OMIC Picks Up
ZID:   (9:18) This is the ops manager, John Thomas

ZDC:   Hey John, this is ops manager Cary Johnson, Washington Center.
       Hey, I got the Region on the line and we show a ghost target on
       American Seventy Seven in the middle of, ah, Indiana; I just, I
       need to know if you guys are actually working him. I don’t think
       he’s there.

ZID:   We are not. We were working him in our Henderson High Sector
       just East of York VOR; disappeared off the scope at 35,000 and
       lost communications with him at the same time. Ah we’ve
       (pause) American Airlines doesn’t know, they say they’ve had an
       aircraft hijacked, at least one, they suspect that this may be the
             Conversation Concludes
ZID:   We’re trying to notify the state police, and assume that, you know and block
       airspace, but we really assume that he’s turned around and headed somewhere

ZID:   So right now I would think, everybody needs to be on the lookout for another
       possible loose aircraft

ZDC:   at 35 huh?

ZID:   Yep

ZDC:   That’s last altitude?

ZID:   Well, we don’t know what altitude he would be at now

ZDC:   OK, all right, thanks

ZID:   Thank you

ZDC:   Bye bye (time is 9:18:50)
   Real time conversation at 9:18 EDT between operations
    managers at Indianapolis ATC (ZID) and Washington
    ATC (ZDC)
   ZDC asks about a ghost AA77 over Indiana at the
    request of FAA Eastern Region
   ZDC takes away that AA 77 is at flight level 35
   According to 84th RADES radar and the Flight Data
    Recorder, AA 77 is at flight level 25, just crossing the
    mountains into Virginia near Harrisonburg
   ZDC manager will next consult with his area supervisors,
    Part 2 in this series
Google Earth Plot of RADES Radar
    ZDC OMIC Briefs Area Supervisors
Seven: Seven

OMIC: Stand by one please…Hey Dennis, if you’re on four, get three,
      thank you, all right.

OMIC: 9:21:36. I’ve got all the areas but area two.

OMIC: All right, listen guys, this thing seems to be escalating a little bit,
      we have a couple of aircraft, one in Indy Center that they lost on
      radar at 35 thousand, that’s American 77, they don’t know where
      he is so be on the lookout for a limited target at 35, he could be
      reversing course, and also one up in New Jersey, United, at 31,
      they lost him also. His last altitude was at 31 thousand feet, so
      they could be some deceiving. Tell everyone heads up for
      limited data tags.
              Area Supervisors Clarify
SUP:    Have you got a code, Cary?

OMIC:   Well, they’ve probably turned the codes, you know

SUP:    To seventy-seven, or something

OMIC:   Yeah, I’m sure there’s no, ah, probably no beacon code assigned, if it is I’m
        sure they’ve changed it

SUP:    OK, and what’s the numbers again?

OMIC:   Well, one of them, one was United seventy-seven, the other was, I mean
        American seventy-seven, United one-seventy-five

SUP:    OK

OMIC:   All right

SUP:    Thanks (time is 9:22:30)
Google Earth Plot, Continued
   Real time conversation at 9:22 EDT between
    operations manager at Washington ATC (ZDC)
    and his Area Supervisors
   Estimate of the situation is provided
   Emphasis is on looking for limited data tags and
    a beacon code change
   ZDC is concerned about both AA 77 and UA 175
AA 77 Flight Data Recorder
       partial data




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