The Mountbatten Made Easy by 4U1mf0


									The Mountbatten Brailler Made Easy?

If you are considering purchasing a Mountbatten Brailler, or just considering what to do
with the one you have, join us for “The Mountbatten Made Easy” to get your questions
answered. Dave Wilkinson, HumanWare Western Regional Blindness Product Specialist
will join Dawn Wilkinson, Assistive Technology Consultant of Easter Seals Arkansas for
a half-day workshop discussing this multifaceted machine geared primarily for young
students grades pre-K-4. Learn how the Mountbatten can bridge the gap that exists
between blind and sighted children during the crucial development of emergent literacy
providing a much needed link for blind toddlers and family members. If your student
seems to have outgrown this Mountbatten, find out how this versatile machine can still be
of service to you and your student. From math to music to embossing, come discover the
often overlooked features of the Mountbatten. Please let us know upon registration if you
are able to bring a working Mountbatten Brailler with you. Also, it is recommended
that you refer to the on line tutorial before the conference from the following web site:

Date: December 9, 2008       Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.     Fee: $50

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