Technical Malfunctions

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					Technical Malfunctions
Technical malfunctions are so annoying, aren’t they? Computer glitches, software
crashes, and a variety of other things regularly screw up your nice even workflow that
you’d like to maintain all day long.
Here are some tips to help keep your temper even when technical malfunctions are not
                                          Keep backups ready. This means backing up
                                          files and it means having back up computer
                                          equipment and/or power sources so that you can
                                          continue working while your technical problems
                                          are being fixed.
                                          Be very warm and appreciative of technical
                                          crews. They may have made this their job of
                                          choice, but there is nothing more likely to make
                                          them work slow than an irritated and frustrated
                                          client. Be very warm and appreciative and nice
                                          and grateful and helpful. Ask them if there is
anything you can get them and, if all else is politely rejected, at least bring them a cup of
iced tea.
Be willing to help out. Do not attempt to take control of the situation, but instead tell
them that you are their gopher and if they need anything, to just ask you, and then be sure
to stand by to help them, just in case. When they are finishing up and after their work is
complete, be very appreciative and offer them some more tea. Make their job pleasant
and, next time you have an issue, they are far more likely to help you out first, even if
you were at the end of the line when you phoned them.
Check their work. Be sure that you will not have to call them back right away, albeit
politely. A good way to do this without seeming to be too insulting is to “have them show
you what you can do now.” This way, it is appearing as if they are demonstrating
something to you, when in fact you both know that you are just checking on their work.
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