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									Pippins Pre-school, East Markham


Aim - As a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance we aim to ensure a
fair and clear admissions procedure to our pre-school, and operate an
inclusion policy wherever possible. We aim to ensure that all sections of
our community have access to the setting through open, fair and clearly
communicated procedures.

Procedure - In order to achieve this aim, we operate the following
admissions policy:

    The pre-school waiting list will be managed and maintained by the
   Secretary of Pippins Pre-school committee. The Secretary of such
   committee has been fairly nominated and allocated to their position,
   and as such should be given trust and respect to operate fairly and
   honestly in all matters relating to Pippins Pre-school.
    As names are forwarded to the pre-school for inclusion on the
   waiting list, either directly to the Secretary or via a committee
   member, each name will be added to the list in strict chronological
   order. The age of the child will be irrelevant (in terms of entry on to
   the waiting list), and a child’s name can be added as soon as they are
    When a vacancy arises at pre-school, the place will be given to the
   child at the top of the waiting list. If this child is not yet 2 ½ years
   old, then the place will offered to the next child on the list who is 2 ½
   years or older. Discretion will be given to the Chair where a child at
   the top of the list is just a few days short of being 2 ½ years old.
    Vacancies can arise at any point in a term.
    Each child should be offered a minimum of 2 sessions per week. This
   enables them to benefit fully from the opportunities available, and will
   enable staff to monitor progress and plan future development on an
   individual basis. Children present for only one session may not benefit
   in this way.
    There will not be a catchment area for the pre-school. Children
   from anywhere in the area are welcome to add their name to the
   waiting list.
    Children do not need to be toilet trained in order to attend the pre-
    The pre-school is officially registered for 16 children, aged 2-5
   years, or 12 children aged 2-3 years. This is a maximum limit and not a
   recommended number.
    We will aim to keep a place vacant, if this is financially viable, to
   accommodate an emergency admission
    We will ensure that the preschool welcomes all children and
   families, regardless of social background, special educational needs,
   disabilities, religion or ethnicity.

This policy was adopted at a meeting of Pippins Pre-school on

Signed on behalf of the pre-school

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