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									                                                                                                                                              July 2012
                                                                                                                                               May 2012

                          July 2012 Activities                                                              Upcoming Work
                                                                                        Continue to build upon existing Frequently Asked Questions
   Following feedback which acknowledged the tight timeline, taking into                (FAQs) and cascade to support Project Members routine
    account the summer holidays and the NHS’ transition arrangements:                    communications with stakeholders.
    revisions have been made to the Review’s timeline:
                                                                                         EEAG to meet on 21 August and consider local systems
   New Timeline:                                                                        proposals. Feedback on outline submissions to Network
    - 10th August 2012: Wave 1 submission of outline summaries from all health           Directors due by 28th August.
    systems progressed as far as possible.
                                                                                        EEAG will feedback from each Wave as appropriate.
    - 5th October 2012: Wave 2 detailed summary or questions/developed
                                                                                        A sub-group is being set up to look at the unbundling of stroke
    summary submitted (can be submitted earlier if ready to do so)
                                                                                         tariff at two points: hyper-acute to acute and acute to ESD. A
    - 31st November 2012: Wave 3 submission (must be a detailed submission
                                                                                         proxy for the tariff split will be used to inform August modeling
    if not submitted in Wave 2)
                                                                                         of activity and finance implications of systems proposals
    - 18th January 2013 All submissions to be finalised and submitted
                                                                                        Need to ensure have right membership for Tariff sub-group.
   All systems within the 9 networks are still required to have a clear plan for
    delivery of a step change in stroke services by March 2013.                         Next Project Board meeting - Tuesday 11th September.
   High level criteria has been amended and re-circulated following feedback           Data Sub-Group meets on 1st August to validate assumptions.
    from service users and carers, and other stakeholders. All criteria are             Data Sub-Group to look at potential impact on other key
    equally weighted.                                                                    specialties e.g. ITU, critical care and neuro-surgery.
   Education and Training Group nearing completion of first phase, collating           Education , Training and Workforce group meeting- 6 August;
    examples of best practice.                                                           working on the local system toolkit to support implementation
   Data Sub-Group work is progressing and modeling is on track.                        Communications distribution list to be circulated to networks to
                                                                                         identify lead PCT contacts.
   Arrangements for evaluation of the review are being developed.

                              Key messages                                                                   Network upate
   This review aims to achieve a step change in stroke care for people across        Outline summaries due to by mid day
    the Midlands and East by improving the quality of life following stroke and         on Friday 10 August
    the experience of patients;                                                       Response from EEAG and next steps will be discussed on
   It covers the entire pathway of stroke care for adults, from pre-hospital care      Tuesday 4 September. 2.00-5.00 at Abington Hall near
    through to rehabilitation/social care and end of life                               Cambridge. Further details to follow
   Stroke services have improved in the region and this review intends to,           Tariff Working Group nominations to
    wherever possible, keep good practice and only make changes that will            Contacts:
    lead to improvements.                                                            Network Director : Genevieve Dalton
   The Review will build on existing good practice in the NHS                       Stroke Network Manager :Liz Bennett
                                                                                     Review web-site

                          Working in collaboration - NHS Midlands & East and the Stroke Networks

Stroke flash report - Issue 3

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