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									                                                        East Cobb Middle School
                                                        7th Grade AC Life Science
                                                        Course Syllabus 2011-2012

                                     Mrs. McMullan (twila.mcmullan@cobbk12.org)
                                    Website: www.teacherweb.com/ga/eastcobb/ac

The 7th grade AC science program is an inquiry-based introduction to Life Science. The end
result is the ability to think critically, to solve problems, to gain competence in laboratory
techniques, and to understand the relationships of living organisms to their environment.

Textbook: Holt Science and Technology Life Science, 2008 ($70.75)—online text is recommended.

Course Guide:
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    First Nine Weeks                     Second Nine Weeks                                  Third Nine Weeks                          Fourth Nine Weeks

*Science exams will be scheduled for Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
*Help sessions will be held on Tuesday mornings at 8:15 a.m. (please make an appointment if
need additional science tutoring or need to do makeup work other days/times).
*Mrs. McMullan’s planning times are 9:30-10:15am and 1:30-2pm.

Grading Policy: In an effort to give each student an opportunity to experience success,
grades will be calculated based on the following criteria:

            Formal Assessments (Tests/Major Projects)                                                            40%
            Labs/Quizzes/mini-projects                                                                           35%
            Classwork/Spiral Science Journal (notebook)                                                          15%
            Homework                                                                                             10%

LIMITED extra credit may be available only as announced.
Students can retest (I will average both grades), but they cannot requiz.
Be sure to check Pinnacle at least once a week.
Students are required to turn assignments in on time. Mrs. McMullan will deduct 30% from the
assignment grade if it is one day late, then no credit will be given unless the student is able to
come in before or after school to makeup/redo the assignment for half credit (appointment
required). Once a chapter is finished, work cannot be redone or made up.

Students who miss assignments because of an absence will an opportunity to make up
missed work. Upon returning to school following an absence, it is a student’s responsibility to
check with the teacher to ensure that all work is made up. Students are given one calendar
day for each day absence + one day to turn in the work.

Our Cheating Policy:
There is zero tolerance for cheating or plagiarism. Cheating or plagiarism earns a “0” for the
assignment and parent/guardian contact.

You are responsible for your own work- even copying one answer from a homework
assignment is considered cheating! Both the student caught cheating and the student who
allowed his/her work to be copied will be given zeroes for the assignment. Protect your work!

Lab Donations:

             A detailed supply list can be found at:

My child, _________________________________, has permission to watch movies that are rated
_____ PG       _____PG-13        (please initial one, none, or both)
                                                             ________________________ (parent)

Advanced Content (AC): The curriculum and instructional strategies for this course are
differentiated in content, pacing, process skills emphasis, and expectation of student
outcomes from the typical science course. Curriculum content has been designated for
mastery and extension of state and district content standards. The course is appropriate for
students who have high achievement and interest in science. The district has established
criteria and guidelines that identify students who will be successful with advanced curriculum
offered in science. Students are placed in this class according to specified indicators of
demonstrated ability and motivation. Students must meet continuation criteria (see below) to
remain in the class. Students are expected to MEET or EXCEEED STANDARDS on the CRCT.

The following criteria will be used to remain in a AC class;
              Students must receive an 80% or above at the end of the marking period
              (quarter), or the student will be placed on probation. This probation continues
              for the remainder of the school year. If the science grade drops below an 80%
              again, the student will be removed from gifted/AC science.

I have read the above continuation criteria and the AC Life Science Syllabus:

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          (student signature)                                    (parent signature)

*This syllabus is a guide and is subject to change.

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