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									                                                     Regulation & Licensing Committee
                                                     5th May, 2009
                                                     Agenda Item No. 5

                       FIFE COUNCIL
                      FLEET SERVICES
                  FOR THE EAST FIFE AREA


     This report, prepared by Fleet Services gives details of the results of
     inspections carried out on vehicles in the East Fife Area during the period 3rd
     February to 23rd April, 2009.


     Of the 180 plates issued to ply for hire in the East Fife Area:

                                                                  % age          % age
                                                                                 last year

                    158     Passed first time                          88%            83%

                     12     Failed but passed on retest                7%             16%

                     1      Failed twice then passed on                0.5%          0.5%

                     1      Failed and still has to be retested        0.5%

                     8      Plates temp. surrendered                   4%            0.5%


     This report is extremely disappointing considering that Operators were invited
     to a meeting with members of the Regulation & Licensing Committee in
     November last year and were advised at that time that their maintenance
     standards needed to improve.

     The slight improvement from last year’s report is not enough and further
     action is required to be taken by the Committee, against the Operators who
     have failed their test, as this result is lowering the overall standards of licensed
     vehicles in Fife and the Committee need to ensure that public safety is
     maintained at all times.

                                              FIFE COUNCIL
                                             FLEET SERVICES
                               ANNUAL TAXI / PRIVATE HIRE CAR INSPECTION
                                  RESULTS FOR THE EAST FIFE SECTOR

OPERATOR                        REG. NO.   VEHICLE MAKE     PLATE   YEAR OF   TEST       RESULT
                                                            NO.     REG.      DATE
Mr George Aimer                 S8ODC      VOLVO S80        T139    2002      03.04.09   Pass
82 Kinghorne Road, Dundee.

Mr James Aitken              SH04FHW       SKODA SUPERB     T137    2004      16.04.09   Pass
The Cottage, Kedlock, Cupar.
KY15 4PY

Mr Edward Allan                 SE07VDX    VW               T064    2007      17.03.09   Pass
14 The Mount, Balmullo, St                 TRANSPORTER
KY16 0DA

Mr Steven Anderson              N14OND     VW SHARAN        T077    2004      19.03.09   Pass
Club Cars, Unit 4, Avalon
Business Park, Guardbridge.
KY16 0UB

Mr William Andrews           LD07UZX       KIA SEDONA       T057    2007      16.03.09   Pass
29 The Riggs, Auchtermuchty,
Cupar, Fife.                 SG09FBV       VAUXHALL         T083    2009      09.04.09   Pass
KY17 7DX                                   VIVARO

Mrs Joanna Auld                 SP58XKE    SKODA SUPERB     T109    2008      26.03.09   Pass
13 Parkview, Balmullo, Fife.
KY16 0DN

Mr Stuart Backhouse             ET06ZPE    HYUNDAI TRAJET   T116    2006      30.03.09   Pass
Craigvinean, Bridge End,
KY15 5LS
Mr William Bain                 KD07LUH    FORD MONDEO      T097    2007      03.02.09   Pass
10 Shoolbraids, St Andrews.
KY16 8ER                        SA53UUO    FORD MONDEO      T098    2003      24.03.09   Pass

Mr Peter Baker                  SP09MPZ    SKODA OCTAVIA    T135    2009      02.03.09   Pass
38 Banknowe Drive,

Mr Bernard Barrett              MX06 KWA   IVECO DAILY      P027    2006      No Test    Plate
On Course Golf, St Andrews                                                               Surrend.
Ltd, 5 Armit Place, St
KY16 8RE

Miss Jane Batchelor             KN05CDE    FORD MONDEO      T147    2005      24.03.09   Pass
8 Main Street, Guardbridge,
KY16 0UG
Mr Norman Bateson               H17OWE    VAUXHALL         T110   2007   24.02.09   Pass
4 The Bunglalows, Cults,                  ZAFIRA
KY15 7TF

Mr David Bayne                  SP09MUY   SKODA OCTAVIA    P002   2009   01.04.09   Pass
Bayne's Tayport Taxis, 5
Castle Street, Tayport.         SP08VRU   FORD TOURNEO     P026   2008   13.04.09   Pass
                                SP09MUW   SKODA OCTAVIA    T138   2009   02.03.09   Pass

Mr David Andrew Beat            PX56UED   RENAULT TRAFIC   P001   2006   07.04.09   Pass
34 Elizabeth Street, Tayport.

Mr William Patrick Behan        OY05HXN   VOLVO V70        T015   2005   04.03.09   Pass
Lundie Cottage, Sunnyside,
Strathkinness, St Andrews.
KY16 9XP

Mr James Bell                   SP51HXE   SKODA OCTAVIA    T044   2001   11.03.09   Pass
Fern Cottage, Dunolly
Gardens, Windygates,

Mr Allan Biggar                 KL06EER   VAUXHALL         T149   2006   23.03.09   Pass
Golf City Taxi Office, 13                 ZAFIRA
Argyle Street, St Andrews.
KY16 9BX

Mr William Bissett              SE57KXM   VAUXHALL         T121   2008   31.03.09   Pass
299 Cluny Place, Glenrothes.              VECTRA

Mr Andrew Brown                 SH04HXX   FORD MONDEO      T011   2004   03.03.09   Pass
Firbank Cottage, Chance Inn,
By Cupar.                       BN56OUH   VW TOURAN        T062   2006   16.03.09   Pass
KY15 5QJ
                                ST08HBG   SKODA OCTAVIA    T065   2008   17.03.09   Pass

Mr William Brown                NG06GGO   FORD MONDEO      T023   2006   05.03.09   Pass
62D Main Street,
Strathkinness, Fife.
KY16 9SA

Mr Gordon Byrne                 BD04JJV   JAGUAR X-TYPE    T075   2004   18.03.09   Pass
131 Lamond Drive, St
Andrews, Fife.                  SL05RFO   VW               T144   2005   06.04.09   Pass
KY16 8DA                                  TRANSPORTER

Mr Martin Byrne                 SG58UNL   VW               T060   2008   16.03.09   Pass
63 Haldane Terrace, Kirkton,              TRANSPORTER

Mr George John Campbell         CHZ4827   VW               P030   2007   16.04.09   Pass
29 Braehead, Cupar, Fife.                 TRANSPORTER
KY15 4BG

Miss Wendy Cavanagh             ST02HMF   VW               T027   2002   25.03.09   Fail
3 Berryside Terrace, New                  TRANSPORTER
Gilston, Fife.
Mr James Chalmers               EJ06EAO    HYUNDAI TRAJET   T018   2006   04.03.09   Pass
10 Innerbridge Street,
Guardbridge, Fife.
KY16 0UZ

Mr Hugh Christie                PV55BTL    FORD MONDEO      T128   2005   19.03.09   Pass
76 Kinloss Crescent, Cupar,
KY15 4ED

Mr John Iain Christie           NJ51XYX    ROVER 75         T114   2001   15.04.09   Pass
Ivy Cottage, Main Road,
Gauldry, Fife.

Mr Ali Ciftci                   R522DTM    BMW 728          T066   1998   17.03.09   Pass
42 Radernie Place, St
Andrews, Fife.
KY16 8QR

Mr Thomas Cook                  SF03YTX    PEUGEOT          P012   2003   09.04.09   Pass
15 Whitecraig Road,                        EUROBUS
KY14 6BP

Mr Robert Cowan                 KP55LMX    VAUXHALL         T132   2006   02.04.09   Pass
44 Elizabeth Street, Tayport,              VECTRA

Mr Andrew Coyle                 LT55VVA    VOLVO S80        T129   2005   14.04.09   Pass
C/o Wright, 2 Arrighan
Crescent, Crail.
KY10 3SB

Crail and East Neuk Taxis       LN02KLP    DAEWOO NUBRIA    T061   2002   03.02.09   Pass
2 Glebe Park, Pittenweem,
Fife.                           T51TPT     MERCEDES VITO    T123   1999   14.04.09   Pass

                                ND02 BLX   KIA MAGENTIS     T134   2002   20.04.09   Fail

Mr Grant Cromar                 SP04ZWD    FORD GALAXY      T046   2004   11.03.09   Pass
2 March Crescent,
Anstruther, Fife.
KY10 3AF

D & S Transport                 SG08FFT    VW               T145   2008   06.04.09   Fail
Unit 4, Avalon Business                    TRANSPORTER
Park, Guardbridge.
KY16 0AB

Mr Brian Davidson               SR06DOU    VW TOURAN        T118   2006   30.03.09   Pass
8 Union Terrace, Dundee.

Mr James Davidson               DY08CWN    VAUXHALL         T048   2008   24.03.09   Fail
48B Elizabeth Street,                      ZAFIRA
Tayport, Fife.

Miss Fiona Ann Dick             SA58VWG    FORD TOURNEO     T125   2008   01.04.09   Pass
Flat 2, Southbridge House,
South Bridge, Cupar.
KY15 5HQ
Mrs Marian Diplexcito        DK56 YCL   SKODA OCTAVIA    T141   2006   07.04.09   Pass
8 Dunedin Park, Balmullo,
KY16 0BZ

Mr Frank Dodsley             AE52XKF    PEUGEOT 607      T067   2003   17.03.09   Pass
173 Keith Drive

Mr William Donnelly          T750GSL    VOLVO S80        T013   2000   03.03.09   Pass
B & M Taxis, 137 Balgarvie
Crescent, Cupar.             SP54WYV    SKODA OCTAVIA    T030   2004   09.03.09   Pass
KY15 4EQ
                             SH54UEA    ROVER 75         T102   2004   05.02.09   Pass

                             SJ55AHK    PEUGEOT EXPERT   T127   2005   01.04.09   Pass

                             SK03SVZ    VW PASSAT        T133   2003   01.04.09   Fail

                             SP05DCX    FIAT DUCATO      P011   2005   02.04.09   Pass

Mr Magnus Doull              CE52HTL    VW SHARAN        P003   2002   20.04.09   Pass
M & H Contracts, 54A High
Road, Auchtermuchty.         LF54XCO    FORD GALAXY      P038   2004   20.04.09   Pass
KY14 7BE
                             NH04DXT    VW TOURAN        P056   2004   20.04.09   Pass

                             R334SST    FORD TOURNEO     P069   1998   08.04.09   Pass

Miss Irene Ford              SR02LMK    RENAULT          T016   2002   04.03.09   Pass
Upper Flat                              LAGUNA
Cambo Farm

Mr Gordon Fraser             H12FWT     VW SHARAN        T140   2007   06.04.09   Pass
69 Younger Gardens, St
KY16 8AB

G S Enterprises (St          X733 TOC   VOLVO S80        T009          No test    Plate temp
Andrews) Ltd                                                                      surrend.
29 Winram Place, St          MA02BSO    PEUGEOT 406      T019   2002   23.04.09   Pass
KY16 8XH                     CA03PWJ    VOLVO S80        T028   2003   06.03.09   Pass

                             N500JYS    VOLVO S80        T038   2001   10.03.09   Fail

                             SP53VZK    RENAULT          T055   2003   13.03.09   Pass

                             SC52CXK    PEUGEOT 406      T070   2003   No test    Plate temp
                             SV55YHE    VW               T073   2005   No test    Plate to
                                        TRANSPORTER                               come in

                             MT05ODW    VW               T090   2005   27.03.09   Fail

                             K6JYS      VOLVO S80        T093   2001   15.04.09   Fail

                             S929KSP    VOLVO S80        T101   1998   24.03.09   Pass

                             SV55VZD    VW               T131   2005   No test    Plate temp
                                        TRANSPORTER                               surrend.

                             DN05CYV    FORD MONDEO      T143   2005   06.04.09   Fail
Mr David Gibb                  DK02DHE   VAUXHALL         T021   2002   05.03.09   Fail
Sycamore Cottage,                        ZAFIRA
Radernie, Cupar.
KY15 5LN

Mr Ian Gibb                    SG53UHN   VAUXHALL         T069   2003   18.03.09   Pass
Sycamore Cottage,                        VECTRA
Radernie, Cupar.
KY15 5LN                       Y552DGE   VAUXHALL         T074   2001   18.03.09   Pass

Mr Stephen Glass               SE57LGJ   VAUXHALL         T108   2008   01.04.09   Pass
31 Albany Crescent,                      VECTRA
Freuchie, Fife.
KY15 7EH                       SP08WHW   VAUXHALL         T126   2008   26.03.09   Pass

Mr Dogan Gunes                 MV57NPP   VAUXHALL         T053   2007   12.03.09   Pass
7 Pitcairn Drive, Balmullo,              ZAFIRA
KY16 0DZ                       EX54SWF   HYUNDAI TRAJET   T058   2004   16.03.09   Pass

Mrs Lesley Hamilton            SP05TJV   SKODA OCTAVIA    T112   2005   15.04.09   Pass
10 Crawley Crescent,
Springfield, Cupar.
KY15 5SF

Mr Roland Harrow               BV05WSW   VW PASSAT        T142   2005   06.04.09   Pass
3 Melville Close, Balmullo,
St Andrews.
KY16 0EH

Mr Terry Hegg                  SM07RHF   VW PASSAT        T047   2007   11.03.09   Pass
95 St Michaels Drive,

Mr James Herkes                PY06ERU   VW               T051   2006   12.03.09   Pass
Lical Cottage, Baldinnie, By             TRANSPORTER
KY15 5LD                       PY06LXZ   VW               T071   2006   23.03.09   Pass

                               BG04XOM   JAGUAR X TYPE    T088   2004   18.03.09   Pass

                               SC06ZGU   MERCEDES VITO    T099   2006   25.03.09   Pass

                               SA05SKX   VW               T115   2005   30.03.09   Pass

Mr Graham Honeyman             SP56LPX   SKODA OCTAVIA    T001   2006   14.04.09   Pass
2 Well Place, Cupar.
KY15 4BA                       SP57SJX   SKODA OCTAVIA    T002   2007   02.03.09   Pass

                               SP55YFX   SKODA OCTAVIA    T079   2005   19.03.09   Pass

                               SP53EOM   SKODA OCTAVIA    T084   2003   20.03.09   Fail

Mr Ian Hopkinson               KJ57XCR   VAUXHALL         T006   2007   06.03.09   Pass
Scira Cottage, Duraden                   VECTRA
Road, Pitscottie.
KY15 5TG

Mr Frank Hughes                SD57HMZ   SKODA SUPERB     T005   2007   05.03.09   Fail
37 William Street, Tayport.
DD6 9HR                        PX03GDE   SKODA OCTAVIA    T103   2003   25.03.09   Pass
J & S Transport              SP08PYV    SKODA SUPERB     T029   2008   06.03.09   Pass
Unit 4, Avalon Business
Park, Guardbridge.
KY16 0UB

Miss Sarah May Jarrett       AE52GFO    FORD MONDEO      T043   2002   11.03.09   Pass
45 Naughton Road, Wormit.

Mr Alexander Jenkins         SJ56VOK    SKODA OCTAVIA    T004   2006   02.03.09   Pass
20 Findhorn Place,

Mr Gordon Jenkins            SC06AVE    RENAULT TRAFIC   T081   2006   02.04.09   Pass
The Bungalow, Langraw
Farm, St Andrews.
KY16 8NR

Mr James Johnston            DY04RMX    VAUXHALL         T042   2004   11.03.09   Pass
9 Motray Crescent,                      ZAFIRA
Guardbridge, St Andrews.
KY16 0YD

Mr Paul Jukes                SH58LCN    SKODA SUPERB     T039   2008   10.03.09   Pass
4 Collier Row, Peat Inn,
Cupar, Fife.
KY15 5LN

Mr Frank Kidd                BT02PFY    FORD MONDEO      T017   2002   04.03.09   Pass
2 Taeping Close,
Cellardyke, Anstruther.      SJ55LJA    PEUGEOT EXPERT   T105   2005   26.03.09   Pass
KY10 3YL
                             MJ07XKE    CHRYSLER         T120   2007   31.03.09   Pass
                                        GRAND VOYAGER

Mr Derek Robert Lockhart     EN04VDL    HYUNDAI TRAJET   P014   2004   13.04.09   Pass
Burnside Auto Centre, 10
Low Road, Auchtermuchty.     SM53GTF    NISSAN           P015   2003   09.04.09   Pass
KY14 7AJ                                INTERSTAR

                             Y264PAB    CITROEN RELAY    P025   2001   31.03.09   Pass

                             V947ESC    LDV CONVOY       P071   1999   14.04.09   Pass

Mr Alister McDonald          SP57XGX    SKODA OCTAVIA    T020   2009   14.04.09   Pass
1 Upper Dalgairn, Cupar.
KY15 4JJ                     SP09 MRU   SKODA OCTAVIA    T063   2009   17.04.09   Pass

Mr Donald McIntyre           FP56NMU    TOYOTA AVENSIS   T040   2006   10.03.09   Pass
7 Craig Road, Tayport.

Mr Robert William McKee      KEE141     MERCEDES VITO    P019   2005   10.04.09   Pass
5 High Street, Anstruther.
KY10 3DQ                     SP02EWH    KIA SEDONA       T080   2002   19.03.09   Pass

Mr Hamish McNicoll           SK08JHH    MERCEDES VITO    T050   2008   12.03.09   Pass
11 Lamberton Place, St
KY16 8YE

Mr Kevin McNicoll            ST07OBM    SKODA OCTAVIA    T033   2007   09.03.09   Pass
11 Lamberton Place, St
KY16 8YE
Mr Gordon Makin              SL05ELC   VAUXHALL         T089   2005   23.03.09   Pass
16 Findlay Douglas Court,              VECTRA
John Knox Road,
St Andrews

Mr Leslie Makin              ET57GTZ   VAUXHALL         T034   2008   09.03.09   Pass
6 North Carr View,                     VECTRA
KY16 8SX

Mr George Malcolm            SM06UFS   VW               P013   2006   05.03.09   Pass
G Malcolm Taxis, 25                    TRANSPORTER
Smithy Road, Balmullo.
KY16 0BG                     EK07DXD   FORD GALAXY      T024   2007   17.02.09   Pass

Mr Colin Milligan            AJ07UTB   VW SHARAN        T094   2007   02.04.09   Pass
43 Park View, Balmullo, St
Andrews.                     SP55VCM   VAUXHALL         T113   2005   30.03.09   Pass
KY16 0DN                               ZAFIRA

Ms Sarah Milne               SP08PYW   SKODA SUPERB     T082   2008   20.03.09   Pass
4 Milton Farm Cottages,
Balmullo, Fife.
KY16 0AB

Mr Alan Mitchell             TK07EBD   VW               T148   2007   07.04.09   Pass
A & H Taxis, 3 Pitillock               TRANSPORTER
Farm Cottage, Freuchie,
KY15 7JQ

Mr Paul Moran                SD07EWX   VAUXHALL         P010   2007   09.04.09   Pass
37 Newark Street, St                   VECTRA
KY10 2BE                     SJ09ZNG   RENAULT TRAFIC   P024   2009   18.03.09   Pass

Mr Graham Morris             DS57WGG   VAUXHALL         T124   2007   31.03.09   Pass
c/o Golf City Taxis, 13                VECTRA
Argyle Street, St Andrews,
KY16 9BX

Mr Youssef Mosseddaq         SP56YUR   VAUXHALL         T025   2006   05.03.09   Pass
5 Fincraig Farm Cottages,              VECTRA
By Cupar, Fife.
KY15 4QQ

Mr Alan Muir                 SG08UDY   VAUXHALL         P006   2008   08.04.09   Pass
Falkland Taxis, 20 Albany              ZAFIRA
Crescent, Freuchie, Cupar.
KY15 7EH                     SD07EOX   VAUXHALL         T092   2007   24.03.09   Pass

Mrs Heather Muir             SD08EJY   FORD MONDEO      P008   2008   08.04.09   Pass
H & S Cabs, 34 Viewforth
Place, Pittenweem,           ST03PJV   FORD GALAXY      P009   2003   09.04.09   Pass
KY10 2PZ                     DC04EGE   MERCEDES VITO    P055   2004              Plate temp
                             AG53CNU   FORD MONDEO      T054   2004   13.03.09   Pass
Mr James Munro                 ST05FSZ    SKODA OCTAVIA   T100   2005   25.03.09   Pass
M & M Taxis, 14 Kirklands
Park, Cupar.                   ST06NJU    SKODA OCTAVIA   T150   2006   07.04.09   Pass
KY15 4EP
                               SP57XGM    SKODA OCTAVIA   T026   2007   05.03.09   Pass

Mr Alistair Scott Ness         AN08 AYV   VAUXHALL        P004   2008   10.04.09   Pass
17 Back Dykes,                            ZAFIRA
Auchtermuchty, Fife.

Mr William Reid Nicoll         SK54BKL    MERCEDES VITO   T008   2004   03.03.09   Pass
Bills Taxi, 7 Anderson
Drive, Balmullo, St
KY16 0ED

Ms Agnes Parry                 CK08AYA    FORD GALAXY     T049   2008   12.03.09   Pass
47 Briad Crescent
St Andrews
KY16 8JO

Mr C Russell Paton             P44LBA     MERCEDES        P017   1997   10.04.09   Pass
Mayview House, Ladywalk,                  SPRINTER
KY10 3EX                       RU54LBA    MERCEDES VITO   T010   2005   04.03.09   Pass

                               T14 LBA    MERCEDES VITO   T014   2006   04.03.09   Pass

                               T24LBA     MERCEDES VITO   T095   2006   24.03.09   Pass

                               P14LBA     MERCEDES VITO   T146   2006   07.04.09   Pass

Mr Randall Philip              DK08BYW    MERCEDES VITO   T136   2008   13.04.09   Pass
16 Hepburn Gardens, St

R & C Transport                SK06YZE    VW              T122   2006   31.03.09   Pass
Unit 4, Avalon Business                   TRANSPORTER
Park, Guardbridge.
KY16 0UB

Mr David John Rabbitt          DU06TVM    VAUXHALL        T007   2006   03.03.09   Pass
7 Kilrymont Place, St                     VECTRA
KY16 8DH

Mr Andrew Taylor Ramsay        SJ51JXB    PEUGEOT         T078   2001   No test    Plate temp
23 Ogilvy Street, Tayport.                EUROTAXI                                 surrend.
                               SA54JKF    FIAT DOBLO      T117   2004   19.03.09   Pass

Mr David Fredrick Raynor       ST04CXA    FORD MONDEO     T104   2004   26.03.09   Pass
40 Roundhill Road, St
KY16 8HE

Mr John Reaper                 KX02 FND   PEUGEOT 406     T096   2002   No Test    Plate temp
Loanfoot Farm,                                                                     surrend.
Lucklawhill, Balmullo, Fife.
KY16 0BL

Mr Alexander Robertson         ST04GNP    SKODA OCTAVIA   P007   2004   08.04.09   Pass
12 South Street,
KY15 7PL
Mr John Douglas Ross          F21DUG     VAUXHALL         T107   2001   26.03.09   Pass
Ross Taxis, 1 Wilson Place,              VECTRA
Strathkinness, St Andrews.
KY16 9XJ

Mr John Winepress Roy         ST53OBC    TOYOTA AVENSIS   T045   2003   11.03.09   Pass
Top Flat Right, 18 Arbroath
Road, Dundee.

Mr Hasan Sas                  AO53 WLF   VW               T036   2003   17.04.09   Pass
28 Tom Morris Drive                      TRANSPORTER
St Andrews
KY16 8EW

Mr James Andrew Scotland      SP06UOF    SKODA SUPERB     T059   2006   16.03.09   Pass
5B Main Street,
Guardbridge, St Andrews.
KY16 0UG

Mr George Seath               SA56XSW    PEUGEOT 407      T003   2006   02.03.09   Pass
Seath Taxis, 2 Waggon
Road, Pittenweem.
KY10 2LL

Mr Steven Skilbeck            MF03LUJ    VAUXHALL         T091   2003   24.03.09   Pass
Caddie Cabs, 12 Elizabeth                ZAFIRA
Street, Tayport.
DD6 9LT                       YT03OZB    ROVER 75         P005   2003   02.04.09   Pass

Mr Nigel Snow                 SP03VBE    FORD MONDEO      T035   2003   17.03.09   Pass
3 Brewster Place, St
KY16 8JY

Mr Patrick Marshall Steel     SP52DNN    FORD TRANSIT     T119   2002   31.03.09   Pass
3 Hycroft, Lodge Walk,                   TOURNEO
Elie, Leven.

Mr Alan James Sturrock        LD53DGZ    PEUGEOT 406      T032   2003   09.03.09   Pass
St Andrews Taxis, 11
Kinnear Court,                KX53YSP    PEUGEOT 406      T037   2003   22.04.09   Pass
Guardbridge, St Andrews.
KY16 0UE                      T26STA     VW CARAVELLE     T086   1999   23.03.09   Pass

Mr Alan John Symington        SE07UBO    VW SHARAN        T052   2007   12.03.09   Pass
7 Toll Road, Guardbridge,
St Andrews.
KY16 0XF

Mr Michael Leonard Taylor     SK58NYH    CHRYSLER         P053   2008   13.04.09   Pass
Burngrains, Kemback                      GRAND VOYAGER
Bridge, Cupar, Fife.
KY15 5TP

Mr James Page Thaw            T66OUR     MERCEDES VIANO   T076   2007   17.02.09   Pass
46 Main Street, Leuchars.
KY16 0HE

Mr Ian Gordon Thompson        SP56NTK    FORD GALAXY      T130   2006   01.04.09   Pass
Westcotside, Barry, By
Carnoustie, Angus.
Mr John Tosh                 S452CFS    RENAULT        P054   1999   13.04.09   Pass
20 Main Street, Dunshalt,               MASTER
By Auchtermuchty, Fife.
KY14 7EU                     YX55ZVJ    FIAT DOBLO     T072   2005   18.03.09   Pass

Mr Michael Vansittart        AK57HCX    VW SHARAN      T087   2007   09.04.09   Pass
6 The Cribbs, St Monans,
KY10 2AD

Mr Fernando Velasquez        YH03OZJ    CITROEN C5     T022   2003   05.03.09   Fail
30 Whyterose Terrace,

Miss Mhairi Wardlaw          KC57OWP    VAUXHALL       T068   2007   09.03.09   Pass
10F South Victoira Dock                 VECTRA
Road, Dundee.
DD1 3AL                      SB08CEJ    VW             T085   2008   07.04.09   Pass

Mr Stuart Watt               Y232UCS    BMW 7 SERIES   T056   2001   03.04.09   Pass
29 Dyke Neuk, Leven.

Mr Thomas Forbes Webber      PF57 ADY   FORD MONDEO    T012   2007   15.04.09   Pass
2 Auldwell Gardens, Crail.
KY10 3UF

Mrs Moira Wilbraham          T31JYM     VAUXHALL       T031   2003   17.03.09   Pass
8 Aikman Place, St                      VECTRA
KY16 8XS

Mr James Williamson          SP51CWC    VW CARAVELLE   T111   2001   27.03.09   Fail
11 Muir Gardens, St                                                  07.04.09   Fail
KY16 9NH

Mr Robert Williamson         DN07LOD    VAUXHALL       T106   2007   26.03.09   Pass
20 Smithy Road, Balmullo,               VECTRA
St Andrews.
KY16 0BG                     PSU910     VAUXHALL       P016   2007   10.04.09   Pass

Mr Stuart Winton             SG06XSZ    VW PASSAT      T041   2006   10.03.09   Pass
Top Flat, 260 Hilltown,
                           FIFE COUNCIL
                          FLEET SERVICES

OPERATOR          REG. NO.      PL. NO   RETEST           FAULTS
Mr Cavanagh       SY02HMF       T027     27.03.09         1. O/S and N/S Rear
                  VW                                      Service brake performance
                  Transporter                             low. Load sensor valve
                                                          inoperable. 2. O/S front
                                                          outer drive shaft door split.

Crail & East      ND02BLX       T134     23.04.09         1. O/S & N/S Front lower
Neuk Taxis        Kia                                     w/bone ball joints have
                  Magentis                                lift.

D & S Transport   SG08FTT       T145     No retest date   1. Middle row N/S
                  VW                     yet.             passenger seat belt buckle
                  Transporter                             incomplete. 2. Oil leaks
                                                          from engine. 3 Number
                                                          plate light inoperable.

Mr James          DY08CWN       T048     24.03.09         1. Number plate light
Davidson          Vauxhall                                inoperable.
Mr Donnelly       SK03SVZ       T133     01.04.09         1. N/S Front tyre below
                  VW Passat                               legal limit.
                                                          2. Servo unit inoperable.
                                                          3. O/S Rear brake hose
                                                          leaking at banjo union.

G S Enterprises   N500 JYS      T038     11.03.09         1. N/s no pattern on dip.
(St Andrews)      Volvo S80                               2. Meter reading too high.
                  MT05ODW       T090     01.04.09         1. Front bumper split. 2.
                  VW                                      Advise scores on body
                  Transporter                             panel. 3. Handbrake
                                                          performance low. 4. Oil
                                                          leak from engine. 5. N/S/F
                                                          lower ball joint worn to
                                                          excess dangerous. 6.
                                                          Headlamp aim O/S too
                                                          low. N/S too far right. 7.
                                                          O/S rear middle outer
                                                          passenger belt damaged.

                  K6 JYS        T093     20.04.09         1. N/S/F tyre cut on side
                  Volvo S80                               wall. 2. N/S mirror cover
                                                          missing. 3. Interior
                                                          requires cleaning. 4. Horn
                                                          not working. 5. Front
                                                          tyres rubbing on inner
                                                          wings on full lock
                                                          (steering stops worn). 6.
                                                          N/S dip beam u/s and main
                                                          beam aim faulty.
                                                7. Extinguisher on
                                               renewal date.
                DN05CYV      T143   10.04.09   1. Handbrake-N/S has low
                Ford                           performance.
                DK02DHE      T021   06.03.09   1. O/S screen wiper
Mr David Gibb
                Vauxhall                       insecure.
                Zafira                         2. Fire extinguisher out of
                                               3. No smoking signs

Mr Graham       SP53EOM      T084   26.03.09   1. O/S Headlight aim
Honeyman        Skoda                          faulty (Lamp interior
                Octavia                        insecure unable to adjust).

Mr Frank        SD57HMZ      T005   16.03.09   1. Rear brake pads worn to
Hughes          Skoda                          limit. 2. O/S lower track
                Superb                         control arm bush worn.3.
                                               O/S drive shaft boot torn.
                                               4. Number plate lights
                                               faulty. 5. N/S dip
                                               headlamp aim low. 6. O/S
                                               dip headlamp inoperable.
                                               7. No smoking signs

Mr Fernando     YH03 OZJ     T022   13.03.09   1. Handbrake sticking on
Velasquez       Citroen C5                     n/s/f (front brake pads

Mr James        SP51CWC      T111   07.04.09   1. Load sensor valve
Williamson      VW                             inoperable.
                Caravelle                      2. Oil leak at engine.

                                    08.04.09   1. Load Sensor valve

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