Jonathan Gilmour Memorial by esOP59



      Jonathan Gilmour Memorial
            Bike Ride: 2009
                                                    3.9 Take first Right onto Gilson Rd.
0.0 With your back to the Lawrence                  5.7 At intersection with Main
     Barn, turn Left onto Depot Rd.                     Dunstable Rd, go Straight across
                                                        onto Buckmeadow Rd.
0.6 Turn Right onto Dow Rd.
                                                    6.6 At intersection, go Left onto Ridge
2.1 Turn Left onto Twiss Lane.                          Rd.

3.1 At T, turn Right onto Depot Rd.                 7.5 (Pass Poliquin Dr. on Right. Look for next
                                                        turn on right.)
3.4 At Stop Light, turn Left onto busy
    Rt. 111                                         7.6 Take Right onto Mid Dunstable
3.5   (Pass straight through next Stop Light.
      Look for next right)
                                                    8.3 (State Line)
3.6 Turn Right onto Old Runnel’s                    9.3 At T, stay Right onto Thorndike
    Bridge Rd.                                      Rd, which becomes High St.


                                                   16.6 (Road becomes Martin’s Pond Rd.   and
10.3 At T, turn Left onto Mass 113                              returns to paved)
     East, (no sign,) leaving Dunstable            17.3   (Pass Baddacook Pond on Left)
     Town Hall on Left.
                                                   18.2 At T, turn Right, continuing
10.4 Take Right onto Westford Rd,                       Martin’s Pond Rd. Do not take
     leaving Cemetery on Left.                          Schoolhouse Rd. to Left.

12.0 (Town Line Tyngsboro and Dunstable)           19.9 At T, take Left onto Hollis St, (no
12.5 (Pass Oregon Rd. on Right. Look for
     next turn.)                                   20.3 (Water stop at American Legion
                                                        on right.) After water stop, turn
13.0 Turn Right onto Groton Rd.                         around and head back out Hollis
                                                        St. (Bathrooms in beautiful Groton.)
14.1 (Pass Massapoag Rd. and Lake on Right.)
                                                   20.8 Turn Left onto Longley Rd.
14.6 At T, turn Left onto Old Dunstable
     Rd. (No Sign)                                 21.5 (History: Note Large Stone with
                                                          inscription on right)
16.2 Turn Right onto Rocky Hill Rd.
(Sign up Rd. dirt for next 0.4 miles)              23.2 (Pass Wattles Pond on Right)


24.3 Enter Pepperrell center. As road                 29.5 At Stop Sign turn Right onto Rt.
     bends to left, Continue Straight                      130 East.
     Ahead toward sign, ”Groton Road
     Bridge is Closed,” It is open for                31.8 (Pass Diamond Casting Factory on Left.
     pedestrians and walking bikers.                       Look for next left.)
     (Bathrooms at, Rite Aid, Kemp’s Service
     Station, and Rail Trail Ice Cream Shop.)         32.2 Turn Left as you start up steep
                                                           hill. onto Rocky Pond Rd.
24.4 (Cross river via pedestrian walk on left.)
                                                      34.1 At T, turn hard Right onto
24.6 Continue straight across Mill St.                     Hayden Rd.

24.8 At Y keep Left on larger road.                   35.5 (Pass straight across Federal Hill Rd.)

24.9 Continue diagonally across Hollis                36.7 At T, turn Left onto Silver Lake
     St. onto Brookline St, which                          Rd.
     becomes Hollis Rd.
                                                      37.1 Bear right onto Witches Spring
26.2 (Pass Prescott Rd. on right)                          Rd.
28.0 State line
                                                      39.0 At T, turn right onto South
                                                           Merrimack Rd.


40.2 Turn hard Left, onto Nevins Rd.          46.8 At T, turn left onto Rideout Rd.

40.9 Continue Straight onto Farley Rd.        48,5 At T, turn Right onto Depot Rd.

41.3 (Pass Swallow Rd. on Left.)              49,6 (Pass Jonathan’s house on Right, #126)

42.7 At T, turn Left onto Pine Hill Rd.       50,5 Turn Right into Lawrence Barn
                                                   Parking Lot.
43.6 At flashing light, turn Right onto
     Colburn Ave.                               CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU’RE
44.2 (Pass Sullivan Farm on right)
                                              Emergencies: 911. Other Problems, call
44.3 Turn Right onto Howe Rd.                                David at
                                               (603) 321-8223 or Roger at (603) 620-
45.3 At Intersection, turn hard Left                           2108
     onto Ranger Rd.

46.3 At T, turn right onto Broad St.

46.6 Turn Left onto Parker Rd, across
     from Kingdom Hall Church.


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