TOWNSHIP OF EAST FERRIS
                                     MARCH 2009

For years our volunteer firemen have been doing double duty, by not only answering fire calls
and auto extrication, but also responding to medical calls. Medical responses are in fact more
than 80% of their call outs. They have never complained and have been there whenever we
needed them. Council and residents from this community are proud of the men and women who
volunteer to help their neighbours. Anyone interested in volunteering to be part of this team is
asked to contact the municipal office. The Fire Department will continue their Smoke Alarm
Inspection Program. Inspections are normally done on Thursday evenings and fire fighters can
be identified by the fire department uniform or t-shirt. Every home in Ontario must have a
working smoke alarm on every storey and outside all sleeping areas. These inspections are
mandatory so we ask for your full co-operation in making your home safer and in saving lives.

Fire permits for larger fires are required from April 1 to October 31 in each year. There is no day
burning allowed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. for open air burning. The fire
department volunteers are your neighbours working for you and giving up of their personal time.
 Please respect them by doing it right and ensuring your burning is done safely.

Summer hours for the landfill site begin on the 1st day of April and are as follows: Tuesdays from
1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Please note that an attendant is
at the gate and that garbage must be sorted at the site. We are not allowed to accept any
refrigerators, freezers or any appliance with freon which has not had the freon removed and
which has not been certified and tagged by a qualified technician. A free dump day (spring clean
up) will be offered again this summer on Saturday, May 23rd at the landfill site. Please note that
there are some restrictions on the amount and the type of garbage accepted at the dump.

The reconstruction of Derland Road was approved under the Ontario Government Municipal
Infrastructure Investment Initiative (MIII) program. The construction started in spring 2008 and
is now 85% complete. The project underwent some delay due to the rain storm event of 2008.
The construction is scheduled to be completed this summer which includes some deficiency
repairs caused by the wet fall and the application of the final surface wear course (surface
treatment). The road will be open to traffic, although signs for “access to local traffic only” and
“fresh gravel / reduced speed – 40 km/hr” will be posted during the curing process of the final
surface treatment application.

The reconstruction of the Corbeil Road and Astorville Road is now complete except for the
installation of a street light at the intersection of Astorville Road and Lake Nosbonsing Road
which is scheduled for early this spring.

The Planning Advisory Committee is continuing with their “in-house” 5 year review of the
Township’s Official Plan. The Committee has completed a review of the Official Plan text and
policies and is now preparing a report which will address the proposed changes to the document.
Most changes are minor and technical in nature. The Official Plan maps are being revised
through the new regional Geographic Information System (GIS) initiative that the Township is
involved in. A Public Open House will be held once the draft documents are available some time
later this year. Notification of the Open House will be provided using the Township Newsletter,
web page, The East Ferris Insight and by advertisement in our local paper. Please contact the
municipal office if you have any comments or questions on the Official Plan or the review

Our web site has undergone major changes over the last year. There are applications for permits,
council minutes, calendar of events, community news and important notices and information for
all of our residents and visitors. Please log on at and let us know if you have
any comments or suggestions on how to further improve the site. In order to receive a monthly
newsletter from the Township you may register your e-mail address with Mr. Cameron Merry at
the East Ferris Community Centre who will add you to the circulation list. This newsletter keeps
you in touch and provides important information on news and programs available throughout the

BUDGET MEETINGS: Budget meetings will be held on March 25th with department managers
beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the Corbeil Park Hall and the public meeting for presentation of the
budget will be held at the regular meeting of Council on April 14th, 2009 beginning at 7:30
p.m. at the Corbeil Park Hall. Your input on the municipal budget is always welcomed and you
may contact the Township of East Ferris municipal office for more information on how to make
a presentation or provide input to Council.

Funding has been approved under the Build Canada Fund in the amount of $2.3 million dollars
which will permit the municipality to undertake major renovations at our community centre. The
overall project cost is estimated to total approximately $3.5 million dollars with each level of
government providing a one third share. The arena was constructed in 1971 and is in dire need
of major repairs to meet today’s standards related to accessibility, fire protection and health and
safety. In addition, with the advent of more girls participating in hockey, additional dressing
rooms are needed. Council has authorized the preparation of the final design to be done by
Mitchell Architects and a public meeting to present this design to the public for their input will
be held on March 12th at 7:00 p.m. at the East Ferris Community Centre. Council would like to
express our sincere appreciation to our Federal and Provincial Government representatives
Anthony Rota and Monique Smith for their assistance in obtaining the necessary funding to
proceed with this important community project.

The housing assessment and needs study is now complete and the municipality will be
undertaking some major changes over the next couple of years in order to replace or renovate the
majority of their facilities which have reached the end of their useful life or have been outgrown.
As part of the implementation of the housing study, the Township will be looking at the purchase
of the St. Theresa School in Corbeil to be used as a municipal office; constructing a sand and salt
dome behind the public works garage, including an expansion of the public works garage; and,
the conversion of the Township offices to enlarge the Corbeil fire hall. In order to provide local
jobs and assist with the recovery of the economy, Council will be considering moving forward
with some of these projects this summer.

Those subscribers to the Persona Cable TV have a local public announcement channel which is
supplied to our community at no charge. Channel 11 is operated by local volunteers who rely on
residents and organizations to submit their requests in writing to be inserted on the cable TV.
Anyone interested in volunteering for this community service may contact the Township office
for more information.

Once again this year we will be having a soccer program on our new field, a swimming program
at the Lake Nosbonsing beach and there will be beach volleyball available at the Corbeil Park.
Information on these programs can be obtained by contacting the East Ferris Community Centre
at 752-3566. (For beach volleyball please contact Mira Pacaud @ 752-3997) The ATV poker run
will be held at the East Ferris Community Centre on May 30th with the mud bog run being held
the next day on the 31st of May. Other events being planned for this summer are a frisbee day, a
fitness day and a water safety seminar sponsored by the OPP.

A committee has recently been established to continue local efforts to build the Voyer trail
linking the hamlet of Corbeil to the Kate Pace Way in North Bay. Working with Discovery
Routes during the past year, a group of interested residents have worked to prepare an
encouraging Action Plan for trail development. It has been a long process, but progress is being
made. When completed this multi-use trail will be a valuable asset to our community.

This newsletter is being presented to you by members of your Council: Mayor Bill
Vrebosch @ 752-1304, Deputy Mayor Robert Point @ 752-3470, Councillor Rick
Champagne @ 752-3005, Councillor Terry Kelly @ 752-4758 and Councillor Dan
Corbeil@ 776-2954.


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