On the Bridge by 6hp9Ow32


									               BLACKFRIARS BRIDGE & APPROACHES
On the Bridge : a 2-way kerb segregated track on the East side would provide a much safer
facility , with better continuity , which would give cyclists a high quality route
( take 1m of carriageway + 1m of pavement + existing lane - currently its too narrow)

North side : crossing over at the end of Blackfriars Lane (red) , would avoid the junction at the
end of New Bridge St (& the access road) ; the traffic light stop lines could be set back - which
would also allow for new pedestrian crossing to the station (green)

             New Bridge St                                   friars

                                                                               Victoria St


Watergate could also be used to provide a 2-way link to Tudor St and thence Shoe Lane
South side : the existing ‘cage’ arrangement is used by no-one and is a barrier to turning right
into Upper Ground : it has (rightly) been widely criticized as one of the least useful ‘facilities’ in
London and cyclists can be observed doing all sorts of illegal & hazardous moves to by-pass it ;
it is also a very poor ped.crossing, which should be single phase;
it could easily be replaced by a simple signalled T-junction

               Queens Walk                                  subway

          Upper Ground

                                                           Blackfriars Rd

There is ample road E-side space (4 lanes S-bound) for the 2-way track to be extended to the
Stamford St traffic lights , and beyond - Blackfriars Rd is well wide enough to accommodate a
kerb segregated cycle track.

The space freed up by scrapping the cage could be used to provide a N-bound bus lane;
there is some dead space just N of Upper Ground which could also be used

Another consideration is the link to the Thames Path which is the only safe E-W link to the Tate
(albeit a ‘dismount section’); the few steps in Marigold Alley should be ramped

Upper Ground is a rat-run and should be closed to through traffic – the simplest place to close it
is at / near its E end : it would then become 2-way throughout but access only ; but the more
creative solution would be by uniting the 2 halves of Bernie Spain Gdns

RA                             version 2                                       July ‘03

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