Reforging relationships

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					Re-forging Relationships
Relationships are delicate plants which need to be loved and nurtured and fed. Without
proper care, they become hard and inflexible. Just like living tissue, relationships need
proper nutrition and cellular flexibility and the
ability to effectively throw off waste products.
Without these properties of living tissue,
relationships can become hard and stressful and
detrimental and even poisonous. It is necessary for
the growing individual to gain wisdom and life
experience in developing and maintaining
relationships, and to continue this learning process
throughout their lives.
If you cannot continue this process of growth in
your relationships, then you may find yourself
becoming increasingly incompetent at maintaining your current relationships with
anyone, and this can result in not having any friends or close buddies. This is an example
of using a muscle, or losing it. You must use it or lose it.
Re-forging broken relationships is another battle entirely. It is on a whole new level of
difficulty. Not only are you trying to replace old, more destructive habits, but you have
all of these emotional ties to the person, all of which makes reason and common sense
rarely seen. Fortunately, having a stable work environment can build these relationships
more easily and more effectively. It is like having a safe environment in which to
experiment about what you would or would not do for yourself and your loved ones. At
work, there is a certain amount of leeway or human error that is allowed. This
corresponds to the work to be done and the skill required to do it. Individuals with the
most responsibility really have the most leeway and therefore can take on extra
“experimentation” points.
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