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					                        EAST DEAN & FRISTON PARISH COUNCIL
MINUTES of a MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL held 8th January 2008 in the Village Hall.


PRESENT Councillors:- Mr P Hobbs (Chairman), Mr J Taylor (Vice-Chairman), Mr B Alstin,
Mrs L Charlwood, Mrs J Foster, Mr K Gerry, Mr M Delaney, Mr T Hervey, Mr G Simcox, Mr D Windsor.
County Councillor Mr R Martin.


2. APOLOGIES       Mr S Wilcox, Cllr Peck (arriving later) and County Councillor Mr S Shing.

3. DECLARATION OF INTERESTS Cllrs Hobbs and Taylor declared an interest in Item 14.

4. CO-OPTION OF NEW COUNCILLOR - New Councillors still required.


6. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 6th December 2007,
having been circulated to all Councillors were considered. It was Resolved that these Minutes be signed by
the Chairman as a correct record. All agreed.

Cllr Peck Joined the Meeting

a) Cllr Charlwood requested that the Sussex Downs Conservation Board be consulted regarding the Friston
Pond future management strategy.
b) Downlands Way, Bin Area Fencing renewal was now complete. Protruding nails had been reported in
places and these would be rectified.
c) The Christmas Tree had to be moved from it’s original agreed position, due to limited power options.

8. REPORT OF THE COUNTY COUNCILLOR Cllr Martin reported that ESCC had won their recent Court
case regarding the Newhaven Incinerator. The proposed Cuckmere flooding plan, was not well received in
the local area, more details regarding objections to the Environment Agency Plans were awaited. No official
response has been made by the PC but Cllr Charlwood has been attending various meetings to keep the
Council informed on this matter.

9. REPORT OF THE DISTRICT COUNCILLOR Further to Item 8, Cllr Peck confirmed that the
Environment Agency had been consulting for some time now with the Parishes of West Dean, Lullington
and Cuckmere who have all expressed deep concern for the proposals. Various options have been
suggested from full maintenance to no maintenance, WDC Cllrs originally chose the option of partial
flooding, breeching the bank in two places on the Eastern side, which would eventually flood all the
meanders and protection of the causeway, this was totally opposed by Cuckmere PC. At their request Cllr
Peck called the decision in, to be presented to a scrutiny committee at WDC. The Environment Agency
agreed to allow WDC further time to consult and at a vote of 9-0 a re-think of the Plans was agreed. The
possibility of a local management group has been suggested by Cuckmere Parish Council, without
Environment Agency involvement.

Councillors Peck and Martin, apologised and left the Meeting.
                                                                  Chairman ………………………….

a) Planning Committee. Cllr Alstin proposed the adoption of the Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on
19th November 2007. Agreed. All In Favour.
Planning Applications dealt with under Delegated Powers
WD/2007/3511/F - The Outlook, Friston. Proposed replacement side entrance porch. No Objections
WD/2007/3811/F - Meriden, 24a The Ridgeway, Friston. First floor extension-dormer, plus alterations to
provide pitch roof over garage. No Objections
WD/2007/3561/RM - Land adjoining Field House, Old Willingdon Road. Erection of Detached 4/5 bedroom
dwelling with separate 3-car garage facility. We note this application has increased the garage size. No

Planning Decisions Approved
WD/2007/3154/LB - Birling Manor Farm, East Dean. Construction of new access including removal of Flint
boundary wall and construction of replacement wall on new alignment.
WD/2007/3098F - Wayside Cottage, Friston Hill, East Dean. Rear ground floor kitchen extension and new
entrance porch with utility provision.

Planning Applications Withdrawn
WD/2007/3187/FA - Garage Site. Removal of Condition 26 from Planning Permission

Planning Appeals
WD/2007/2791/F - Hounds Lodge, 18 Elven Lane, East Dean. Two-storey extension at rear. Planning
Inspectorate Ref. APP/C1435/A/07/2060102/WF

Planning Appeals Granted
WD/2006/3073/F - 56 Michel Dene Road, East Dean. Demolition of garage and erection of a two storey
extension. Appeal ref. APP/C1435/A/07/2048955

b) Finance & General Purposes Committee. Cllr Hervey proposed that the Minute 7 and the Appendix
from the Committee Meeting held 28th November 2007 be adopted. Agreed. All In Favour.
The precept amount requested for 2007/08 would be £37,595.00. Resolved accordingly.
Cllr Hervey sought PC permission to research other funding options for the PC as careful consideration of
future budgets was necessary. All agreed.
Downlands Building Services had presented their invoice for payment regarding paving slabs replaced at
Downlands Way shops, however due to the necessity for work to be re-done payment was withheld until
satisfactory completion.

c) Rights of Way Committee. Cllr Gerry confirmed that the new No Cold Calling signs had been ordered
and was liaising with ESCC Trading Standards regarding the proposed new sites.
Cllr Alstin reported that a cold caller was reported to the Police and moved on from the Parish.
A quotation from Mr Franklin had been received for the repair of the Finger Post at the Junction of Lower St
with Gilberts Drive of £350.00. A request for funding would be sent to ESCC.

d) Recreation Ground Committee. Cllr Charlwood reported that the meeting scheduled for Monday 7th
January was postponed until Monday 14th January.
Further funding for replacement play area equipment must be sought due to the small allocation in the PC’s
budget of £2,000.00. Further information on grants had been obtained and application forms were now
awaited. Advice has also been sought from a retired ecologist to look at ways to make the Recreation
Ground more wildlife friendly. This would be discussed in more detail at the Committee Meeting. Cllr
Wilcox had also located a further funding source, which would also be applied for.
                                                                   Chairman ………………………….

Cllr Foster would also join the Recreation Ground Committee

Letter received from ED&F Gardening Club seeking permission to site a plant trough on Downlands Way
pavement between the Drs and the Vets. Agreed subject to maintenance confirmation and materials,
suggestion that it be placed after the pavement has been re-surfaced in 2008.
WDC Budget Consultation Document – Comments back to WDC by 22 Jan 2008. No Comments.
APNR Copy correspondence from Mr P Lloyd to Sussex Police. Copies to be emailed to all Councillors.
Advice on creating a Youth Council, two youngsters have expressed an interest in helping to form a youth
council and youth club. Cllr Foster to assess information and possibility. Cllr Gerry also offered assistance.
Sussex Safer Roads Campaign material, available to Councillors.
The Clerk has upgraded her computers to Microsoft Office 2007 during the holiday period, so please let me
know if you have any problems downloading attachments.
Belle Tout appears to be back on the market for sale and the Belle Tout Trust hopes once again to raise
funds for its purchase.
The Standing Orders need minor amendments, please let the Clerk know if there are any other
amendments or changes required prior to the issue of the Agenda for the next meeting.
Resolutions. Please could resolutions to be made at any Council Meeting be given in writing to the Clerk at
least 10 days prior to the meeting at which they are to be resolved. This enables the item to be placed on
the Agenda and for all Councillors to be aware of decisions being taken.

12 WEBSITE The Local Council (not Parish) page has now been updated. The Terms of Reference are
still in progress, along with a review of all the pages.

13. VILLAGE BONFIRE The Bonfire Committee Minutes from the Meeting held on Monday 3rd December
having been circulated to all Councillors were proposed for adoption. The amendment of Cllr Gerry from the
list of Present at the meeting and moved to Apologies was necessary. Agreed All In Favour.
A further letter had been received by the Chairman of the PC, from Mr P Corfield on behalf of the ex-Bonfire
Committee. After further discussion of this matter the Chairman proposed the following reply:- The Parish
Council considers that the original allegation of corruption against the Parish Council is unsubstantiated and
therefore the Parish Council will not enter into any further correspondence on this matter. Agreed. All In
Favour. (Three abstentions Cllrs Foster, Gerry & Hobbs, who joined the Council after the
The Committee re-naming was discussed and deferred to item 14.

14. VILLAGE FETE/COUNTRY FAIR Cllr Hobbs declared his interest at President of the Royal British
Legion. Cllr Simcox presented his thoughts and ideas for a Summer Country Fayre in July, to raise funds
for Parish improvements. Ideas were also expressed about the possibility of combining with the RBL annual
fete. Cllr Simcox would meet with the RBL to discuss feasibility. An informal meeting of Councillors would
also take place after the Recreation Ground Committee Meeting on Monday 14 January.
A proposal that the Bonfire Committee should now be re-named ‘Village Events Committee’ was Agreed.
All In Favour.

15.   EMERGENCY PLAN Cllrs Hobbs & Gerry would liaise with Mr Hine.

16. VILLAGE PLAN & DESIGN STATEMENT Cllr Hobbs reminded Councillors of these important
documents and the ideas contained in them for the improvement of the Parish.

                                                                    Chairman ………………………….

17. HIGHWAY MATTERS Mr Fyfield reported that further leaf clearance in Upper St & Lower St had
been requested.
18. ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT AND RECEIPTS Payment details were read out to all Councillors.

S137 Benefit of the Area Payment –
Mr R Franklin Bus Shelter Cleaning £50.00
Christmas Tree Village Green £20.00
Agreed. All In Favour.

Other Payments totalling £1,400.64 were Agreed. All In Favour.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.00 pm.



THURSDAY 6 MARCH - ANNUAL PARISH MEETING - 6pm - Followed By Usual PC Meeting

                                                                  Chairman ………………………….


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