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					                           San Antonio & the Riverwalk
An appealing conference site, San Antonio has many attractions within the vicinity of the
conference hotel. Let’s start with location.

Conference Home Base: The Sheraton Gunter Hotel

        Address: 209 East Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205; Phone: 210-227-3241
                      (useful for checking out the location on an Internet source like
                      MapQuest or Google Maps)

        General Location: In the center of the downtown area—on East Houston Street,
                      bounded on the west by St. Mary’s Street, and on the east by Navarro

The Riverwalk

Because of the picturesque Riverwalk, along a narrow, winding stretch of the San Antonio
River, San Antonio has sometimes been called the American Venice. Aside from the Alamo (see
below), a priority for visitors to this Texan city is . . . the Paseo Del Rio, or Riverwalk.

The Riverwalk is a three-minute walk from the conference hotel. Exiting the hotel on East
Houston Street, turn right, heading westward toward N. Mary’s Street. Turn left on N. St.
Mary’s, heading south toward the Riverwalk. You’ll pass College Street. Right before you
reach the next intersection (West Crockett Street), you should encounter on the right-hand
side of St. Mary’s, if you cross over, a stone stairway leading down to the Riverwalk, near the
beginning of the commercial section, and find yourself on the walkway of the northern bank of
the Riverwalk. (If you keep walking on the left-hand side of St. Mary’s to West Crockett Street,
you’ll encounter a stairway leading to the Riverwalk’s southern bank walkway.)

The popular commercial section of the Riverwalk is lined with appealing restaurants and shops.
This extensive section actually begins about one street west of St. Mary’s. If you turn right on
the Riverwalk, having descended from the first St. Mary’s Street stairway, and head westward
(the sparser commercial direction), you will see on both the northern and southern banks the
first eateries of the commercial section, as shown in the table below.

      Streets                    Northern Bank                         Southern Bank

                        Texas Land & Cattle Steak House
                        (in Drury Inn and Suites)
                                                            Stefania’s Dolores del Rio (Italian
                                                                dining & jazz nightly)
St. Mary’s Street       On the Riverwalk, take a right,     You may wish to return to street
(your point of entry)   heading westward, to encounter      level to take the other set of stairs
                        the eateries listed above.          at the St. Mary’s/West Crockett
                                                            intersection leading down to the
                                                            other bank of the Riverwalk, turning
                                                            left to head westward to encounter
                                                            the sites listed above in this column.
                        For everything in the table below   For everything in the table below
                        and on the following page, take a   and on the following page, take a
                        left, heading eastward.             right, heading eastward.
                                                            Aztec on the River; The Iron Cactus
                                                                (Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar)
                                                            Peca on the River
                                                            Waxy’s Irish Pub

                         Las Canarias & El Colegio Bar—      Rita’s on the River (Texas food &
                         Mexican (in La Mansión Hotel)          margarita bar)
                                                             The South Bank

Note: There are also several bridges, as you stroll down the Riverwalk, that can take you
quickly to the other bankside. As the table continues below, the sites listed are those you will
encounter, heading eastward along the Riverwalk from one of the St. Mary’s stairway
entrances, whether you are walking along the northern or the southern bank. Keep in mind
that these listings were recorded in the summer of 2008. A recent review of Internet sites
indicates that such listings should still be accurate, although a few changes or additions may
have occurred in the meantime.

      Streets                     Northern Bank                         Southern Bank

Navarro Street                                               The County Line Barbeque
(heading eastward)
in vicinity of           Dick’s Last Resort (American)       Hard Rock Café
Navarro St. bridge
                         Joe’s Crab Shack (Seafood)          Paesano’s (Mediterranean)—
                                                             2nd floor, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
                         Landry’s Seafood House
E. Houston Street
                         Mad Dog British Pub
                         The Shops of Paseo del Alamo
                         Jim Cullum’s Landing (American)
                         Rainforest Café
                                                             Saltgrass Steak House
                         Ice Cream Parlor (Häagen-Dazs)
                         CVS Riverwalk
 in vicinity of bridge   Paloma Riverwalk Parilla Grille
                         Zuni Grill Southwestern Cuisine     Five & Dime General Store
                                                             Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
                                                             The Coyote Ugly Saloon
                         Lone Star Café (Texas cuisine)      Rio Rio Cantina, The Original
                                                                Mexican Restaurant & Bar
                         Michelino’s Ristorante Italiano     Boudro’s—A Texas Bistro
                         Café Olé (Mexican)                  The Republic of Texas (TX cuisine)
Commerce Street
Lasoya Street
Over bridge to other                                         Casa Rio Mexican Food
Market Street
                         Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub
                         Ibiza Patio Bar & Restaurant (in    Rio San Antonio Cruises,
                             Hilton)                            reg. fare, $7.75
                                                                (Wed/Th 10-9; Fri/Sat 10-10)
 In vicinity of bridge   Hilton—The Stetson
                         Tex’s Sports Bar on the River
                         Little Rhein Steak House (Amer.)
                         Fig Tree (Continental)
                          515 Villita
                         Entrance to La Villita—Historic
                          Arts Village of Old San Antonio
                          (shops, galleries, restaurants),
                          open daily 10 a.m.-6 p.m.,

Rosita’s Bridge

At this point the walkways have completely curved around, horseshoe-style, so that directions
are reversed. Additional sites, but more sparse, may be found by continuing on the walkways,
which will eventually head back to S. St. Mary’s Street at a different point. If you go up the
stairway to S. St. Mary’s, you’ll encounter Biga on the Banks, another restaurant, 203 S. St.
Mary’s and W. Market St., 210-225-0722

Note: For Riverboat Cruises or Dinner Cruises, call 1-210-244-5700 or 1-800-417-4139.

                                        More Restaurants

When it comes to food, it is certainly possible to spend all your free time on the Riverwalk,
which has a charming ambience all its own. But if you are looking for dining alternatives within
a pedestrian’s reach from the conference hotel, they are easy to find.

In the Conference Hotel: St. Anthony’s-Wyndham

Barron’s (in-house restaurant)
McLeod’s, a pub

East Houston Street

To exit the front entrance of the Sheraton Gunter Hotel is to find yourself on East Houston
Street. This area has been revitalized and now, concentrated over several blocks, may be
found a variety of eating establishments—all within reasonable walking distance of the hotel.

Turn right and keep walking to find on the other side of the street:

Acenar Modern TexMex in Hotel Valencia, 146 E. Houston St., 210-222-2362
Sip (coffeehouse/pastries), 160 E. Houston St., 210-222-0149.

Directly across from the Sheraton Gunter is the following:

Houston Street Bistro, 204 E. Houston St., 210-476-8600.

Turn left to find on the Sheraton Gunter side of the street:

Most obviously, Barron’s Restaurant, in Sheraton Gunter Hotel, 205 E. Houston St., 210-227-
       3241, but right next door, the Gunter Bakery.

Just a little further:

Bohanan’s Prime Steak and Seafood, 219 E. Houston St., 210-472-2600
The Palm Restaurant, 233 E. Houston St., 210-226-7256

Also located on this street

Riverwalk Market and Deli, 126 E. Houston St., 210-225-3757
Majestic Theatre, 224 E. Houston St., 210-226-9600 (tickets), and the restaurant City Club at
        the Majestic, 224 E. Houston St.
San Antonio Children’s Museum, 305 E. Houston St., 210-212-4453
Buckhorn Saloon Café, 318 E. Houston St., 210-247-4000
Buckhorn Museum (located with the Buckhorn Saloon), 318 E. Houston St., 210-247-4000

Restaurants Again: A Little Further Off

Several blocks from the conference hotel, walking south on Navarro Street, past E. Houston St.
and College Street, past the Riverwalk and W. Crockett St., takes you to E. Commerce Street.
Take a right (westward) on E. Commerce St. to arrive at:

The Presidio Restaurant, 245 E. Commerce St., 210-472-2265 (new wave Mediterranean

Also, on N. St. Mary’s Street, consider:

Windows on the River, 217 N. St. Mary’s Street, 210-224-2500.

                                           Other Attractions

Remember the Alamo! And while you’re at it, how about other nearby attractions?

The Alamo
300 Alamo Plaza, 210-225-1391, x 34

To walk there, exit the conference hotel, turn left on E. Houston and another left on Navarro,
to E. Travis Street, across from which is Travis Park. Turn right, heading eastward on E. Travis
St., past Jefferson St. and Broadway St. to N. Alamo St. Turn right (southward) on N. Alamo St,
which leads to Alamo Plaza. The Alamo itself is located in the vicinity of Alamo Plaza and E.
Crockett St.

Nearby is:

The Convention and Visitors Bureau International Center, 317 Alamo Plaza, 210-207-6706.

If you have walked that far, you are close, a little further south, to the Rivercenter Mall,
bounded on the north by E. Crockett St. and on the south by E. Commerce St.

The Rivercenter Mall, 849 E. Commerce St., 210-250-0000
For many shops, more dining outlets, movie theaters (including IMAX), and even the
Rivercenter Comedy Club (3rd level)—210-229-1420, this is a site to consider. The mall is open
10 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon.-Sat., and 12-6 p.m. Sun.

If you have walked that far, you might also wish to consider, by the Rivercenter Mall, yet one
more dining establishment:

Morton’s—The Steak House, 849 E. Commerce St., 210-228-0935

Finally, to have walked this far places you right nearby San Antonio’s HemisFair Park. Keep
walking south on Alamo Plaza, which becomes S. Alamo St., past the Rivercenter Mall. Cross
E. Commerce St. to E. Market St. to arrive at HemisFair Park.

HemisFair Park, 200 S. Alamo St., 210-207-8572

This 15-acre park, which hosted the 1968 World’s Fair, has shops, a water park of cascading
waterfalls, lushly landscaped areas, and restored historic buildings. Also located in the park
are the Mexican Cultural Institute and the Institute of Texas Cultures. The park is adjacent to
San Antonio’s Convention Center and in the shadow of the Alamo Dome.

An imposing addition to the HemisFair Park skyline is the Tower of the Americas, a 750-foot
tower offering a panoramic view of San Antonio. The tower, closed several years ago for
renovations, has since reopened, back in March 2006. This leads to still one more dining
experience and inspiring view, courtesy of . . .

The Tower of the Americas, 600 HemisFair Park, 210-223-3101 (a revolving restaurant with the
aforementioned panoramic view of the city).


The foregoing represents a combination of pedestrian experimentation supported by web site
information, though sometimes details change.

If you wish to cruise the Internet for greater detail, a place to start is the following: or just san antonio cvb. This should bring you to the San
Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau. The homepage gives you a number of options to click
on to find out about attractions, activities, and the like.

For the Riverwalk, another good starter web site is, which has click-
on sections for tourism, shopping, dining, entertainment, events, and more.

If your interest extends to La Villita, San Antonio’s historic arts village, a good site identifying
all the attractions is <>.

After that, further web site connections can lead you to what may seem like an infinite regress
of options, yet very rewarding and informative just the same.

Happy hunting—and see you in March, 2010, at the CEA Conference in San Antonio!

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