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									  Sociology 391

Internship Program

   Spring 2004
Sociology Internship Handbook

      for Sociology 391

 University of Hawai‛i at Hilo

    Marilyn Brown, Ph.D.
      (808) 933-3184
                                Soc. 391 Internship
                                    Spring 2004
                              W. 4:30 – 5:45, UCB 331
                                  Marilyn Brown, Ph.D.
                                    Faculty Advisor

Contact Information:
Office Hours: M, W, F 10:00 to 11:00 and 1:00 to 2:00


Internships are a process of learning by watching and doing. Our model is based on an
apprenticeship experience where students are trained through example and mentoring.
Internships provide an opportunity for students to learn by watching professionals at their
trade and by working under professional supervision. For many, it is a chance to see
what real professional work is like, and an opportunity to discover if this is work they
want to do for a career. In addition, students gain practical skills and professional
contacts in these fields. Sociology interns are expected to be mature self-starters, who
may be bound for graduate training or who want real-world experience preceding

Sociology interns have served in a number of private non-profit and government agencies
in East Hawai‛i. Many of our internship placements are oriented toward social work and
public service. Students have been placed in hospital social work departments, in
agencies providing substance abuse treatment, and in organizations for the homeless.
Our students are placed with agencies that provide services for troubled youth and for
people living with HIV. They have conducted community-based research, assisted social
workers in conducting assessments and counseling, and learned skills while assisting in
various criminal justice settings. While providing students with these diverse learning
experiences, the internship program also builds the human service capacity of the local
community by providing skilled individuals with leadership potential.

Course Requirements

Students work 140 hours per semester for three credits and generally put in ten hours per
week in the field. Interns meet as a class once a week to share experiences with one
another and learn from each other about the various types of work they are exposed to,
gaining new ideas about how to deal with problems that come up and offer solutions to
one another. As such student should expect each week to share what their activities were
for the week and what issues they encountered with others at these weekly meetings.

Every student should keep a log, similar to a journal or diary, in which they record the
hours worked, at what activities or sites, with whom they worked, impressions of
significant events, and positive and negative events that occurred.


The experiences recorded in student journals provide the basis for a final report (5-10
pages) summarizing experiences over the semester, including what students learned, how
they grew or were affected personally, an evaluation of their internship experience,
including strengths and weaknesses, and a self-evaluation of their performance on the
job. Students will also present to the class a summary of their experience at the end of
the semester.

Any student with a documented disability who would like to request accommodations
should contact the University Disability Services Office, Campus Center 311, 933-0816
(Voice), 933-3334 (TTY) as early as possible in the semester.

Ethics and Community Relationships

Interns should be sure to discuss and have clear with their supervisors what ethical and
professional standards are expected. They are to abide by these principles. Our internship
program has a constructive, long-standing relationship with important community
organizations in East Hawai‛i. We want to do everything possible to maintain these good
relations by continuing to send our best and brightest students to these placement sites.
Student Data Form

Please provide the following information:

Name_____________________________________________ ID #__________________

Mailing address: _________________________________________________________

Telephone: ________________________________________

E-mail:    ________________________________________

Placement Agency Name: __________________________________________________

Agency Address: _________________________________________________________

Agency Supervisor’s Name: ________________________________________________

Agency Supervisor’s Title: _________________________________________________

Supervisor’s Phone:        _________________________________________________

Planned Graduation Date: _____________

                                  Internship History:

Previous internship placements at UH:

Agency                              Activities (Brief)





Journal Template

Placement Agency Name: __________________________________________________

Agency Address: _________________________________________________________

Agency Supervisor’s Name: ________________________________________________

Agency Supervisor’s Title: _________________________________________________

Dates: _________________________________________________________________

                                  Journal Checklist:

Journals should be kept on an ongoing basis – entries should be weekly summaries or
daily (ideally) notes. Use this as the basis for year-end reports.

       Hours worked
       Worked with whom?
       Significant Events
       Positive or Negative experiences
       Problems & Solutions
Week of _______________________________________

Hours worked _________________________________________________________

Activities/Sites ________________________________________________________


Worked with whom? ____________________________________________________

Significant Events or Projects:





Positive or Negative experiences:






Problems & Solutions


                                 Internship Agreement
                                 Sociology Department
                              University of Hawai‛i at Hilo

Student’s Name:                                     Date:
Intern Contact Number:

Field Placement Site:

Supervisor (s) Name:
Supervisor Contact Number:

Instructor Name:
Instructor Contact Number:

Purpose of Services Provided by Agency

(2-3 sentences about the overall mission and 2-3 sentences about individual project’s

Student’s Goals for Field Placement

(list 3-4 basic goals)


    1.      Develop techniques and approaches to interviewing clients.
    2.      Learn to conduct admissions assessment according to program criteria.
    3.      Acquire familiarity with funding streams of non-profit agencies.

Student’s Theories/Skills Development


    1.      Expand understanding of theoretical development about substance abuse
    2.      Develop counseling skills within the context of the clients served by this
    3.      Develop professional skills relevant to working within a social service agency
            (be specific).
Services to be Provided by Student

   1.     Attend intake assessments under supervision by agency personnel.
   2.     Conduct criminal background investigations (relevant to position).
   3.     Assist supervisor in scheduling assessment meetings.
   4.     Supervise youth recreational activities for the XYZ Project.

Placement Hours:

Include the following words:

I will provide 140 hours of work between (include the beginning dates and end dates) on
agency-related business as part of my internship placement. I will not be paid for this
work performed. I will be serving as a volunteer to the agency and not acting as an agent
of the University of Hawai‛i at Hilo.

Breakdown of hours if relevant.

Support to be Provided by the Instructor

   1.    Provide feedback to student intern and placement agency supervisor.
   2.    Availability to the intern and agency supervisor to assist with problem-solving
         relevant issues.
   3.    Ethical treatment of all information drawn from agency and clientele.

Certification and Signatures

Student intern agrees to abide by ethical and professional guidelines set down by agency,
especially respecting confidential agency and clientele information.

We agree to abide by the terms of this contract. Any major modifications will be in
writing and agreed to by all parties.

___________________________                         ___________________________
Student                                             Field Supervisor
___________________________                         ___________________________
Date                                                Date

                                    Appendix B

                                Field Placement Sites

Alu Like
Aloha United Way
Alzheimer’s Association – East Hawaii Chapter
American Association of Retired Persons
American Lung Association
American Red Cross
Big Island Human Services Survey Project – Case Management Coordination Project
Big Island Substance Abuse Council (BISAC)
Boys & Girls Club of Hilo
Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Child Protective Services
Children’s Support Enforcement Agency
Christ Lutheran Montessori School
Coordinated Services for the Elderly
County of Hawaii Office of Housing and Community Development
East Hawaii Coalition for the Homeless
Hale Ho’ola Hamakua Extended Care Facility
Hawaii County Council
Hawaii County Nutrition Program
Hawaii County – Office of Aging
Hawaii County Police Department
Hawaii County Police Department – D.A.R.E. Project
Hawaii Intake Service Center
Hawaii Island Adult Day Care, Inc.
Hawaii Island Adult Day Care, Inc. – Senior Helper’s Program
Hawaii Island Social Ministry – Care-A-Van Project
Hilo Hospital (Extended Care Facility)
Hospice of Hilo
Kamehameha Schools – East Hawaii Outreach Program
Kamehameha Schools – Talent Search Program
Konawaena High/Intermediate School – Pregnant Teens Program
Legal Aid Society of Hawaii
Network Enterprises, Inc.
Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
Office of the Prosecuting Attorney – Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Program
Office of the Prosecuting Attorney – Victim Witness Program
Queen Liliuokalani Children’s Center
Salvation Army Hilo Interim Home
Senior Community Service Employment Program
St. Joseph Montessori Based Preschool
State Department of Education, Hilo Community School for Adults
State of Hawaii District Court Probation Services
State of Hawaii Third Circuit Court – Adult Probation Services
State of Hawaii Third Circuit Court – Juvenile Probation Services
State Public Health Department
State Public Health Department, Family Guidance Centers
State Public Health Nursing Branch – Malama Na Wahine Hapai Project
The Institute for Family Enrichment
University of Hawaii at Hilo, Institutional Planning
University of Hawaii at Hilo, International Student Exchange Program
University of Hawaii at Hilo, Small Business Development Center
University of Hawaii at Hilo, STAND Drug Prevention Program,
University of Hawaii at Hilo, Student Services
University of Hawaii at Hilo, Women’s Center
YWCA, Mediation Center
YWCA, Family Support Services
YWCA, Hawaiian Wilderness Program
YWCA, Sexual Assault Support Services

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