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									                                 University of Hawaii
                       Library & Information Science Program

             Maui Friends of the Library Scholarship

The Maui Friends of the Library has allocated $2,000 this year for scholarship(s)
for Maui County resident(s) who are classified students in the University of
Hawaii Library and Information Science Program.

    The award is based on financial need, past academic performance, and

    The student(s) must be officially enrolled (full or part time with 3 credits or more)
      in the LIS Program in the Fall 2008 semester.

    The student(s) must have degree of financial need (not necessarily as determined by
      federal guidelines).

    The student(s) must be a resident of Maui County (including Lanai and Molokai).

Deadline:   15 December 2008
            The 2008 award(s) will be awarded in December.
            The check will come directly from the Maui
Friends of the Library.

1. Scholarship Application form.
     The scholarship application form (see below) must be

2. Brief Resume

Please send your application and resume to:
      Dr. Andrew Wertheimer, Chair UH LIS Program
      1680 East West Road, POST 303A
      Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Please send a copy by e-mail to or FAX
(808) 956-5835 by 12/15/08.
        Maui Friends of the Library Scholarship

                     2008-2009 Application Form
Please provide the following information:

Date:               _________________________________________
Name:               _________________________________________
Student ID #        _________________________________________
Address:            _________________________________________
Phone:              (H) _________________        (W) _________________

1.      Please list LIS courses that you have completed:

2.      Please list courses that you are taking in Fall 2008:

3.      Are you a Maui County resident?           __ Yes           __ No

4.      List grant/scholarship/awards that you are receiving and will receive for funding
        Fall Semester 2008 and Spring Semester 2009 (include UH scholarships, student
        loans, federal and local funding).

5.      Do you have financial need? Please explain.

6.      Why are you seeking this scholarship?

Please send a copy by e-mail to or FAX
(808) 956-5835 by 12/15/08.

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