Issue 68 – May 2012


        Deadline    OJ          Programme            Description                             Budget
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        8/06/2012   Not in OJ   Grant programme      The EC Representation in London         € 20,000
                                for initiatives to   is launching a call for proposals for              _with_eu/call_2012_04/index_en.htm
                                promote debate on    the organisation of initiatives to
                                themes set by the    promote debate on themes set by
                                European             the EC.
                                Commission           -     targeted specifically at UK
                                                          university departments, think
                                                          tanks, chambers of commerce,
                                                          organizations, trade unions and
                                                          local government bodies
                                                     - Themes: multi annual financial
                                                          framework, the debt crisis and
                                                          eurozone, economic recovery
                                                          and the competitiveness
                                                          agenda, EU social policy, Low
                                                          carbon policy, EU foreign
                                                          policy, euroscepticism,
                                                          reconnecting the public with
                                                          the EU.

                                                 Enterprise Europe East of England
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                                                                                                                  Issue 68 – May 2012

24/10/2012   C141/06     FP7- Programme        Information and Communication           €80 000 000
                         for Research,         Technologies – ‘Future Internet                       tal/page/cooperation?callIdentifier=FP7-2012-
                         Technological         2012’. This call for proposal aims                    ICT-FI
                         Development &         to establish a future Internet Public
                         Demonstration         Private Partnership.
16.08.2012   Not in OJ   Pilot Project for     The Commission’s proposal for a         €2 000 000
                         Development of        future programme ‘Erasmus for All’                    l_en.pdf
                         Skills Sector         foresees a new category of
                         Alliances             transnational partnership called
                                               Sector Skills Alliances (SSA) to
                                               promote cooperation between
                                               three categories of partners:

                                               1. The world of education &
                                               training (VET providers);
                                               2. Sector specific expertise
                                               (including social partners, sectoral
                                               federations, Chambers etc.);
                                               3. Bodies involved in education
                                               and training systems (public or
                                               private bodies/authorities.
31.07.2012   C150/04     Media 2007 –          Support for the digitisation of         €2 000 000    http://eur-
                         Development,          European cinemas. The global                
                         Distribution,         objectives of the programme are                       J:C:2012:150:0003:0006:EN:PDF
                         Promotion &           to:

                                             Enterprise Europe East of England
                                             ●  0845 641 9955 (option 2)

                                                                                                                   Issue 68 – May 2012

                                               1. preserve/enhance European
                                               cultural and linguistic diversity;
                                               2. increase circulation and
                                               viewership of European audiovisual
                                               works inside and outside the EU;
                                               3. strengthen competitiveness of
                                               the European audiovisual sector.
25/07/2012   Not in OJ   CIP-Transnational     Objective: to enhance the               €1 250 000
                         Thematic Tourism      competitiveness and sustainability                     _getdocument.cfm?doc_id=7488
                                               of European tourism and
                                               contribute to the creation of an
                                               environment favourable to
                                               transnational cooperation among
                                               tourism related stakeholders, with
                                               particular emphasis on SMEs.
27/07/2012   Not in OJ   CIP-European          Objective: to give higher visibility    €800 000
                         Corporate Social      to excellent practice in the field of                  _getdocument.cfm?doc_id=7492
                         Responsibility        CSR and to share practice across
                         (CSR) Award           the EU, encouraging enterprises to
                         Scheme                cooperate with their stakeholders
                                               to better meet their responsibility.
10.07.2012   Not in OJ   FP7-Clean Sky                                                 €32 336 25€0
                         Joint Technology      The aim of Clean Sky is to develop                     s/portal/page/cooperation;efp7_SESSIO
                         Initiative            breakthrough technologies to                           N_ID=v8wLPWFpy3hRJrL9Gnv29jvSTs4J
                                               significantly increase the                             VVT52xTg9x54VWcyWYv3ZFzt!-
                                               environmental performance of                           2084172276?callIdentifier=SP1-JTI-CS-
                                               airplanes and air transport. The                       2012-02

                                             Enterprise Europe East of England
                                             ●  0845 641 9955 (option 2)

                                                                                                           Issue 68 – May 2012

                                            Clean Sky Joint Technology
                                            Initiative has published a call for
                                            proposals for areas related to
                                            green technology and aircraft. The
                                            areas covered by the call include:

                                                  eco design;
                                                  green regional aircraft;
                                                  green rotorcraft;
                                                  sustainable and green
                                                  smart fixed wing aircraft;
                                                   systems for green
                                                  technology evaluator;

18.06.2012   C103/5                                                               €1 500 000
                      MEDIA 2007            One of the objectives of the                       amme/distrib/schemes/sales/
                      Support for the       programme is to encourage and                      m
                      transnational         support the wider transnational
                      distribution of       distribution of recent European
                      European films —      films by providing funds to
                      The ‘Sales agent’     distributors, based upon their
                      scheme 2012           performance on the market, for
                      (EACEA/8/12)          further reinvestment in new non-
                                            national European films.

                                            The scheme also aims to
                                          Enterprise Europe East of England
                                          ●  0845 641 9955 (option 2)

                                                                                                               Issue 68 – May 2012

                                           encourage the development of
                                           links between the production and
                                           distribution sectors thus improving
                                           the market share of European films
                                           and the competitiveness of
                                           European companies.

25.06.2012   C88/18                        The Video on Demand and Digital          Total €6 725   http://eur-
                                           Cinema Distribution scheme               000  
                                           constitutes one of the ways in                          uri=OJ:C:2012:088:0018:0020:EN:PDF
                                           which the MEDIA 2007 programme
                      MEDIA 2007           ensures that the latest
                      Support to Video     technologies and trends are
                      on Demand and        incorporated into the business
                      Digital Cinema       practices of beneficiaries of the
                      Distribution         programme. The following 2
                                           actions are eligible under this call:
                                           1. video on demand (VoD):
                                           service enabling individuals to
                                           select audiovisual works from a
                                           central server for viewing on a
                                           remote screen by streaming
                                           and/or downloading;
                                           2. digital cinema distribution
                                           (DCD): digital delivery (to an
                                           acceptable commercial standard)
                                           of ‘core content’, i.e. feature films,
                                         Enterprise Europe East of England
                                         ●  0845 641 9955 (option 2)

                                                                                                                 Issue 68 – May 2012

                                                 TV films or series, shorts (fiction,
                                                 animation and creative
                                                 documentary) to cinemas for
                                                 theatrical exploitation (via hard
                                                 disc, satellite, online, etc.).

16.07.2012      Not in OJ   European             The European Enterprise                 N/A
                            Enterprise           Promotion Awards recognise                          eox/news/index.asp?newsid=429
                            Promotion Awards     innovation and reward the success
                                                 of public bodies and public-private
                                                 partnerships in promoting
                                                 enterprise and entrepreneurship at
                                                 a national, regional and local level.

Ongoing         Not in OJ   Shell                GameChanger helps move ideas to         Not known
until further               Gamechanger          reality by sponsoring                               eox/news/index.asp?newsid=398
notice                      Programme            entrepreneurs to develop their
                                                 ideas into a product that can be
                                                 introduced to the marketplace.
                                                 They are looking for innovative
                                                 ideas that address a demand or
                                                 significant problem in the energy
                                                 industry and have the potential to
                                                 change the game. Ideas can range
                                                 from new oil exploration
                                                 techniques to improved production
                                                 tools, or even new forms of

                                               Enterprise Europe East of England
                                               ●  0845 641 9955 (option 2)

                                                                                                                  Issue 68 – May 2012


31.12.2013   Not         Low Carbon KEEP     Low Carbon KEEP (Knowledge -            €2 8000 000
             published                       East of England - Partners) is a                         /microsites/low_carbon_keep.html
             in OJ                           European Regional Development
                                             Fund (ERDF) funded knowledge
                                             transfer scheme designed to help
                                             SMEs in the East of England to
                                             reduce carbon emissions, develop
                                             academic partnerships, and
                                             improve their competitiveness,
                                             productivity and profits through
                                             accessing the wealth of knowledge,
                                             skills and expertise available in UK
See                      7th RTD             Calls in the following programmes:      See individual
individual               Framework           IDEAS – strengthen capacity to          calls            ?fuseaction=UserSite.FP7CallsPage
calls                    Programme           generate knowledge of European
                         &                   research
                         7th Euratom         CAPACITIES – to enhance research
                         Framework           and innovation capacities
                         Programme           throughout Europe and ensure
                                             their optimal use
                                             COOPERATION - supports all types
                                             of research activities carried out by
                                             different research bodies in trans-
                                             national cooperation and aims to

                                           Enterprise Europe East of England
                                           ●  0845 641 9955 (option 2)

                                                                                                                                    Issue 68 – May 2012

                                                                gain or consolidate leadership in
                                                                key scientific and technology areas
                                                                PEOPLE – support for training
                                                                activities and career development.
             See            C 141/27     Culture                The Culture Programme has been         See individual
             individual                  Programme              established to enhance the cultural    calls            proposals/funding-opportunities-
             calls                                              area shared by Europeans, which                         2012_en.htm
                                                                is based on a common cultural
                                                                heritage, through the development
                                                                of cooperation activities among
                                                                cultural operators from eligible
                                                                countries, with a view to
                                                                encouraging the emergence of
                                                                European citizenship.
                                                                The Programme is aimed at three
                                                                specific objectives:
                                                                — promotion of the trans-national
                                                                mobility of people working in the
                                                                cultural sector,
                                                                — support for the trans-national
                                                                circulation of cultural and artistic
                                                                works and products,
                                                                — Promotion of inter-cultural

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of calls but only a selection.

                                                             Enterprise Europe East of England
                                                             ●  0845 641 9955 (option 2)

                                    Issue 68 – May 2012

Enterprise Europe East of England
●  0845 641 9955 (option 2)


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