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                           TEXTBOOK EVALUATION FORM

Company: ________________________________________________________

Grade Span: ________________________ Copyright Date: _______________

Evaluator: ________________________________________________________

Section One: Physical Features and Appearance
   1. Does the textbook use illustrations,
photographs, or a combination of both?

    2. Is the size of the print appropriate
for the level of the students?

    3. Is the arrangement of the print on
the page appropriate for the level of the

    4. How sturdy is the construction
of the textbook and it’s binding? Is it
durable enough to last for years?

    5. What type of references does the
book provide such as a glossary, index,
Part Two: Content
     1. Does the textbook series coincide
with the district curriculum guides and
Illinois State Learning Standards?

    2. Do the illustrations/photographs
help teach the concepts and words being

    3. Is the series information up to date
and accurate? For example, is it
researched based?

    4. Is the series adaptable to the
students’ needs, interests, and abilities?
Are there differentiation opportunities?

    5. Are there adaptation/extension
activities in the actual series for all levels
of student learning?

    6. Does the text adequately address
the topics of ethnic/cultural groups,
minorities, and gender issues?

    7. Is the style of writing interesting,
clear, and appropriate for the students’
reading levels?

    8. Does the content reinforce critical
thinking, problem solving, and other
higher-order thinking skills beyond simple
Part Three: Organization of the Series
    1. Does this series follow a logical
flow through grade spans?

    2. Does this series as a whole parallel
the scope and sequence of our current
district curriculum guides and Illinois State
Learning Standards?

    3. Are the concepts from one grade
level reinforced at some point in the series
at another grade level (i.e. the five areas
of reading instruction; phonemic
awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary,
and text comprehension)?

Part Four: Accompanying Materials
1. Is the teacher’s guide “teacher-

2. Are the teacher suggestions flexible
and adaptable to a variety of student

3. Does the teacher’s edition also include
the student pages?

4. What practice materials are included
(i.e. workbooks, black-line masters, tests,
transparencies, DVD/CD/video, etc.)?

5. Does the series provide a variety of
assessment tools?
6. Is there a connection to using
technology (student or teacher)?

Part Five: Overall
    1. What are the outstanding features
of the text?

    2. What are the shortcomings of the

   3. What supplemental materials would
you like us to purchase? What would be
absolutely necessary?

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