scripting by cuiliqing


									       Saving Time Through

       OSN Tech Conference 2001
            Eric Schumm
               Why Script?
 Save time
 Provide consistency to
  a task
     How Do I Get Started?
 Identify problem/task to script
 Decide tools/scripting language to use
 Does a script already exist?
 Develop/Test/Deploy/Refine process
 If good, share with others
Factors – Choosing Language
 Experience level in programming and
  scripting. Extensive or scarce?
 What languages have you used? Is the
  language based on C/C++ or BASIC?
 Is the scripting language supported on the
  platform(s) you plan to use?
    How To Invoke Your Script?
 Manually
 Scheduled
 Login Script / Startup Files
 Before / After Backup
      Web Sites
      Magazines
      Books
 Trial and error
 Borrow good quality code
 Use components and code libraries
 For file system operations, write commands
  to a batch file first
 Be creative
Doing scripting in a client web

    Use JavaScript!
       Dangers of Scripting
 Virus
 Ruin/break a working machine
 Incorrect task automation
   Is there a better or faster way?

    Probably. How much time and
  money do you want to spend to find
 it? Will it provide a better long term
solution than your script? How much
    “control” do you want over the
          Scripting Areas
 System Administration
 Application Macros
 Security Scanning
 Web Enhancements
    Task Automation Examples
   Automatic email            FTP a file each night
    notification               Perform a repetitious
   Change browser              MS Office task
    configuration              Change / add user
   Mass creation of user       rights on server
    accounts                   Alter registry settings
   Remove certain types        for an application
    of files weekly            Display/collect
   Archive log files           dynamic web data
          Rest of the session …

   Choose at least one task that you
    would like to automate in your
 building/district. Work through that
 task. Spend remainder of time on a
   second task or explorer various
         scripting languages.

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