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           Eldon Farm Auction Centre,
                 Holywell Row,
               Mildenhall, Suffolk
                   IP28 8NA

           Sunday 2nd September 2012

                        Sale Times
    (Please note there are 2 auctioneers selling simultaneously)

        11.00 am        Deadstock & Cagebirds
        11.30am         Waterfowl Followed by Pheasants
        12.15pm         Pigeons followed by Largefowl &


                Sale Day tel no: 07774 295510

    Your attention is brought to the conditions
       of sale at the back of the catalogue

           Upset price of £25.00 per cage

               7.5% Buyers Premium
      (rounded up or down to the nearest £ Stirling)


    Eldon farm is situated on the outskirts of Holywell
    Row, on the Eriswell road. From the A11 take the
       A1101 to Mildenhall exit off the Barton Mills
        roundabout continue on the A1101 through
      Please park in the car park provided and do not
               obstruct any of the roadways.


Includes: Rearing equipment, drinkers, incubators etc.


      Includes: Californian, Gambles Quail, Budgies,
                       Canaries, etc.


 To be sold in £ Stirling per pen. Minimum bid of £25 per
                  pen, singles £10 per pen.
1. Pr Grey African
2. Pr Toulouse
3. Pr Black Swans
4. Pr Whooper Swans (2012)
5. 2 White Chinese Geese
6. 2 Canadian Geese
7. Pr Toulouse
8. Pr Toulouse
9. Pr Buff African
10. Trio Silver Appleyard
11. 1 Male Black Swan (2010)
12. 1 Female Black Necked Swan (2010)
13. Pr Grey African
14. Pr Lavender Chinese
15. Trio Rouen
16. Trio Saxony
17. Pr Black Swans
18. Trio Appleyard Crested
19. Trio Buff Orpington
20. 3 Crested Ducks
21. Pr German Pekin
22. Trio White Indian Runners
23. Pr German Pekin
24. Trio Trout Indian Runners
25. 2 Ne- Ne (2012 unsexed)
26. 1 Ne-Ne (2012 unsexed)
27. Trio Appleyard Indian Runner
28. Trio Bali
29. 2 Buff Orpington Ducks
30. Trio English Fawn & White Indian Runners
31. Trio Abacot Rangers
32. Trio Magpie

33. Trio Miniature Crested
34. Pr Ruddy Shelduck
35. 1 Ne-Ne Gander (2010)
36. Pr Barhead
37. Pr Swan Geese
38. 1 Canada Goose
39. Pr Lesser Whitefront
40. Pr Emperor (2010)
41. Pr Barnacle
42. Trio American Fawn & White Indian Runners
43. 2 Cayuga Ducks
44. 2 Crested Ducks
45. 1 Ne-Ne Goose
46. Pr Orinoco
47. Pr Pinkfeet
48. Pr Red Breasted
49. Pr Ne-Ne
50. Pr Barnacle
51. Pr Cape Shelduck
52. Pr Richardson Canada (breeding pr)
53. Pr Crested
54. Trio Streicher Indian Runners
55. Trio Saxony
56. 3 Indian Runner Ducks (blue, chocolate, white)
57. 2 Silver Appleyard Ducks
58. 2 Exhibition Khaki Campbell Ducks
59. 2 Apricot Indian Runner Ducks
60. 3 Magpie Indian Runner Ducks
61. 1 Ne- Ne Gander (2010)
62. 1 Emperor Gander (2010)
63. Pr Ruddy Shelduck
64. 2 Saxony Ducks
65. Pr Pinkfeet (2011)
66. Pr Redbreasted
67. Pr Cuban Treeducks
68. Pr Barnacle
69. 1 Ne- Ne Goose

70. Pr Redbreasted Gander (2010)
71. 2 Ne-Ne (2012 unsexed)
72. Trio English Fawn & White Indian Runners
73. Pr Pinkfeet (breeding pr)
74. Pr Bali
75. Trio Apricot Callducks
76. Trio White Callducks
77. Trio Apricot Callducks
78. Trio Magpie Callducks
79. Trio Indian Runner
80. 2 Chocolate Magpie Muscovy Ducks
81. 2 Appleyard Indian Runner Ducks
82. 3 Crested Ducks
83. 1 Redbreasted Goose (2011)
84. Trio White Miniature Indian Runners
85. 2 English Fawn & White Indian Runner Ducks
86. Trio Miniature Silver Appleyard
87. Pr Ruddy Shelduck
88. Pr Champagne Fulvous Treeducks
89. Pr European Shelduck
90. 1 Redbreasted Gander
91. 1 Ne-Ne Goose
92. 1 Barnacle Gander
93. Pr White Callducks
94. Pr Black East Indians
95. Pr White Callducks
96. Pr Mandarin
97. Pr Carolina
98. Pr European Pintail
99. Pr Blue Bahama Pintail
100.Pr American Wigeon
101.Pr Yellow Belly Callducks
102.Pr Chilean Teal
103.Pr Tufted Ducks
104.Pr Mandarin
105.Pr Puna
106.Pr Blue Carolina

107.Pr Black Mandarin
108.Pr Platinum Mandarin
109.Pr Blue Ringed Teal
110.Pr Orange Ringed Teal
111.Pr Chiloe Wigeon
112.Pr Silver Carolina
113.Pr Carolina (blonde duck)
114.Pr Blue Bibbed Callducks
115.Pr Blue European Pintail
116.Pr Chestnut Breasted Teal
117.Pr Silver Apricot Callducks
118.Pr European Wigeon
119.Pr Blue Silver Callducks
120.Pr Laysan Teal
121.Pr Ringed Teal
122.Pr White Callducks
123.Pr Mandarin
124.Pr Gadwall
125.Pr Mandarin
126.Pr Red Crested Pochard
127.Pr European Shoveler
128.Pr Carolina
129.Pr Redbilled Pintail
130.Pr Smew
131.Pr Cinnamon Teal
132.Pr Silver Carolina
133.Pr Apricot European Pintail
134.2 Callducks
135.Pr Apricot Callducks
136.1 Puna Duck
137.Pr Carolina
138.Pr Silver Bahama Pintail
139.Pr Feruginous Pochard
140.Pr Fulvous Treeducks
141.Pr European Pochard
142.Pr Versicolor Teal
143.Pr Magpie Callducks

144.Pr Mandarin
145.Pr Carolina (silver duck)
146.Pr Mandarin
147.Pr Goldeneye
148.Pr Garganey
149.Pr Mandarin
150.Pr Javan Treeducks
151.Pr Hottentot
152.Pr Blue Wing Teal
153.Pr Callducks
154.Pr Hooded Merganser
155.Pr Blonde Red Crested Pochard
156.Pr Maned Geese
157.Pr Fulvous Treeducks
158.Pr Sth Georgia Pintail
159.Pr Garganey
160.Pr Bluewing Teal
161.Pr Barnacle
162.Pr Blue Carolinas
163.Pr Cinnamon Teal
164.Pr Hottentot
165.Pr Callducks
166.Pr Callducks
167.Pr Callducks
168.Pr Maned Geese
169.Pr European Pochard
170.2 Red Crested Pochard Ducks
171.Pr Blonde Fulvous Treeducks
172.Pr Champagne Fulvous Treeducks
173.Pr Yellow Belly Callducks
174.Pr Miniature Crested
175.Pr Apricot Silver Callducks
176.Pr Chiloe Wigeon
177.Pr Pacific Black Duck
178.Pr Marbled Teal
179.Pr Chinese Spotbill
180.Pr Mandarin

181.Pr Carolina (blonde duck)
182.Pr Mandarin
183.Pr Chiloe Wigeon
184.Pr Mandarin
185.Pr Chilean Teal
186.Pr Black Mandarin
187.Pr Orange Ringed Teal
188.Pr Carolina (bred from blues)
189.Pr Laysan Teal
190.Pr White Callducks
191.1 Chilean Teal Drake
192.Pr Black East Indian
193.2 Mandarin Ducks
194.1 Chiloe Wigeon Duck
195.Pr Tufted
196.1 Marbled Teal Duck
197.Pr Mandarin
198.Pr European Wigeon
199.Pr Mandarin
200.Pr Silver Callducks
201.Pr European Shelduck
202.Pr European Pintail
203.Pr Mandarin
204.Pr Hottentot
205.1 Smew Duck
206.1 Redbilled Pintail Duck
207.Pr Barnacle
208.Pr Cuban Treeducks
209.Pr Red Crested Pochard
210.2 Miniature Indian Runner Ducks
211.1 White Callduck
212.2 Miniature Crested Ducks
213.2 Miniature Silver Appleyard Ducks
214.Pr Fulvous Treeducks
215.Pr African Yellowbill
216.1 Carolina Duck
217.Pr Lavender Callducks

218.Pr European Pintail (blue drake)
219.Pr Carolinas
220.Pr Mandarin
221.Trio Indian Runner
222.Pr Mandarin
223.Pr European Shelduck
224.Pr Blonde Red Crested Pochard
225.1 Mandarin Drake
226.1 European Shoveler Duck
227.Pr Carolina
228.Pr Chiloe Wigeon
229.Pr Ringed Teal
230.2 Chiloe Wigeon Drakes
231.Pr Maned Geese
232.2 Callducks
233.1 European Pintail Duck
234.Pr White Callducks
235.Pr Miniature Crested Ducks
236.Pr White Callducks
237.Pr Chocolate Callducks
238.Pr Mandarin
239.1 Blue Bibbed Callduck
240.Pr Mandarin
241.Pr European Shelduck
242.Pr Mandarin
243.Pr Callducks
244.Pr Carolina
245.Pr Callducks
246.1 Female Blonde Fulvous Treeduck
247.Trio White Callducks
248.Trio Apricot Callducks Mandarin
250.Pr Ruddy Shelduck
251.Pr Mandarin
252.Pr European Shelduck
253.Pr Carolina (silver duck)
254.1 European Wigeon Duck

255.Pr Chiloe Wigeon
256.1 European Wigeon Duck
257.Pr Mandarin
258.Pr Bahama Pintail
259.1 Red Shoveler Drake
260.Pr Ringed Teal
261.Pr Mandarin
262.Pr Chiloe Wigeon
263.1 European Wigeon Duck
264.Pr Hottentot
265.1 Puna Teal Duck
266.Pr Blue Wing Teal
267.Pr Platinium Carolina
268.Pr Blue Ringed Teal
269.1 Red Shoveler Duck
270.Pr Mandarin
271.Pr Carolina
272.Pr Callducks
273.Pr Maned Geese
274.Pr Laysan Teal
275.Pr Mandarin
276.1 Marbled Teal Duck
277.1 European Wigeon Duck
278.1 Marbled Teal Duck
279.Pr Tufted
280.Pr Indian Runners
281.Pr Tufted
282.Trio Miniature Silver Appleyard
283.1 Red Crested Pochard Drake
284.1 Mandarin Duck
285.1 Cape Teal Duck
286.1 Blonde Carolina Duck
287.1 European Teal Duck
288.1 Chiloe Wigeon Drake
289.Pr European Shelduck
290.Pr Mandarin
291.Pr Carolina

292.Pr Mandarin
293.1 Hottentot Duck
294.1 Cinnamon Teal Duck
295.1 Hottentot Duck
296.Pr Fulvous Treeducks
297.Pr Hooded Merganser
298.Pr Blonde Red Crested Pochard
299.Pr American Wigeon
300.Pr Tufted
301.Pr European Wigeon
302.Pr Red Crested Pochard
303.Pr Mandarin
304.1 Carolina Drake
305.Pr Chiloe Wigeon
306.2 Laysan Teal Ducks
307.Pr Chiloe Wigeon
308.Pr Carolina
309.1 Laysan Teal Drake
310.Pr European Pintail
311.Pr Apricot Callducks
312.Pr White Callducks
313.1 Tufted Drake
314.Pr European Shelduck
315.Pr Chiloe Wigeon
316.Pr Red Crested Pochard (blonde drake)
317.2 Mandarin Ducks
318.Pr Blue Ringed Teal
319.Pr Carolina (bred from blues)
320.Pr Maned Geese
321.Pr Carolina
322.1 Laysan Teal Drake
323.1 European Teal Drake
324.Pr Mandarin
325.Pr Fulvous Treeducks
326.Pr Ringed Teal
327.Pr Blue Wing Teal
328.Pr Blonde Red Crested Pochard

329.Pr Red Crested Pochard
330.Pr Mandarin
331.2 Carolina Drakes
340.            Pheasants
341.Trio White Peafowl (adult)
342.Trio Indian Blue Peafowl
343.Pr Spalding Peafowl (adult)
344.Pr Peafowl (pied peacock)
345.1 White Peahen
346.Trio Bourbon Red Turkeys
347.4 White Guinea Fowl
348.5 Lavender Guinea Fowl
349.Pr Norfolk Black Turkeys
350.Pr Bourbon Red Turkeys
351.Pr Slate Turkeys
352.2 White Rhea Chicks
353.2 White Rhea Chicks
354.3 Rhea Chicks
355.3 Rhea Chicks
356.2 Rhea Chicks
357.2 Rhea Chicks
358.Pr Lady Amhurst
359.1 Cheer Cock
360.Qtet Reeves
361.1 Male Grey Peacock Pheasant (2010)
362.Pr Salmon Golden
363.Pr Silver
364.Pr Elliots
365.Pr Blue Eared

366.Pr White Crested Kalij
367.Pr Knetishall Diamond White
368.Pr Cheer
369.Pr Dark Throated Golden
370.Pr White French Partridges
371.Pr “        “      “
372.Pr Blue French Partridges
373.Pr Crawford Kalij
374.1 Himalayan Monal Cock
375.Trio Swinhoe
376.Pr Golden
377.Pr Cheer (breeding pr)
378.Trio Reeves (breeding trio)
379.Pr Nepal Kalij
380.Trio Lady Amhurst (adult)
381.Trio Golden
382.1 Male Grey Peacock Pheasant (2011)
383.1 Mikado Hen (2011)
384.1 “          “    “
385.Pr Lady Amhurst (2011)
386.Trio Nepal Kalij
387.Pr Blue French Partridge
388.Pr “       “       “
389.Pr Elliots
390.1 Cheer Cock
391.1 Dark Throated Golden Cock
392.Trio Guinea Fowl
393.Trio Guinea Fowl
400.                 Pigeons
401.2 Prs White Garden Fantails

402.2 Prs Damascenes
403.2 Prs Oriental Rollers
404.Pr Kings
405.2 Prs Nuremburg Larks
406.2 Prs     “         “
407.2 Prs Red Exhibition Fantails
408.2 Prs Nuremburg Larks
409.2 Prs Ribontail Tumblers
415.             Large Fowl
416.3 Wellsummer Pullets (option on 417 & 418)
417.3     “          “
418.3     “          “
419.3 Cream Legbar Pullets (green egg Layers)
420.4 Rhode Island Red Pullets
421.5 Exchequer Leghorn Pullets
422.3 Speckled Sussex Pullets (option on 423 & 424)
423.3 “            “       “
424.3 “            “       “
425.3 Light Sussex Pullets (option on 426 & 427)
426.3 “        “      “
427.3 “       “       “
428.4 Wellsummer Pullets
429.3 Maran Pullets
430.Trio Blue Partridge Brahma
431.Trio Birchen Brahmas
432.2 Gold Brahma Pullets
433.2 Dark Brahma Pullets
434.Trio Buff Orpington
435.Qtet Salmon Faverolle
436.Qtet New Hampshire Red
437.4 Salmon Faverolle Pullets
438.4 New Hampshire Red Pullets

439.Trio Light Sussex
440.3 Lavender Araucana Pullets (green egg layers)
441.3 Black Araucana Pullets (green egg layers)
442.3 Black Orpington Pullets
443.3 Black Minorca Pullets
444.4 Cream Legbar Pullets (green egg layers)
445.Trio Partridge Penedesencas
446.Trio Copper Black French Maran
447.Qtet Rhode Island Reds
448.3 Wellsummer Pullets
449.3 Cream Legbar Pullets (green egg layers)
450.4 White Silkie Pullets (option on 451)
451.4 “         “     “
452.Trio Barred Plymouth Rock
453.Trio Norfolk Grey
454.2 Speckled Sussex Pullets
455.Trio Blue Silkies
456.Pr Lemon Pyle Brahma
457.Pr Lemon Pyle Brahma
458.Trio Wellsummer
459.Pr Black Orpington
460.Trio Light Sussex
461.2 Gold Silkie Pullets
462.4 Cream Legbar Pullets (green egg layers option on 463)
463.4 “           “     “
464.Trio Frizzle Cochin
465.2 Blue Orpington Hens
466.Trio Indian Game
467.Trio Amrock
468.Trio Fayomi
469.Trio Ixworth
470.Qtet Speckled Sussex
471.Trio White Leghorn
472.Trio Rhode Island Red
473.Trio Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons
474.Trio Gold Laced Orpington
475.Trio Black/Red Araucana (green egg layers)

476.4 Blue Bearded Silkie Pullets
477.4 White Silkie Pullets
478.Pr Croad Langshan
479.Trio Norfolk Greys
480.Trio Rhode Island Red
481.1 Black Orpington Hen
482.3 Maran Pullets
483.3 Speckled Sussex Pullets
484.Trio Norfolk Grey
485.3 Cream Legbar Pullets(green egg layers option on
486.3     “      “      “
487.3 “         “      “
488.Qtet Cuckoo Silkies
489.Trio Red Silkies
490.Qtet Gold Silkies
491.2 Gold Brahma Pullets
492.3 Copper Black French Maran Hens
493.Trio Andalusian
494.3 Dark Brahma Pullets
495.Quintet Black Naked Necks
496.3 Cream Legbar Pullets (green egg layers)
497.Trio Salmon Faverolle
498.4 Buff Orpington Pullets
499.3 Salmon Faverolle Pullets
500.3 Brown Leghorn Pullets
501.Trio Black Leghorn
502.2 Light Sussex Pullets
503.4 Wellsummer Pullets (option on 504 & 505)
504.4       “        “
505.4       “        “
506.3 Buff Sussex Pullets
507.Qtet Rhode Island Red
508.4 Cream Legbars Pullets
509.3 Silver Grey Dorking Pullets
510.Trio Dark Brahma
511.Trio Buff Orpington

512.Trio Copper Blue French Marans
513.2 Wellsummer Pullets
514.Trio Fresian
515.Trio Gold Appenzeller Spitzhauben
516.3 Australorp Hens
517.3 Gold Appenzeller Spitzhauben Pullets
518.Qtet Wellsummers
519.4 Maran Pullets (option on 520)
520.4 “         “
521.Trio Cream Legbar (green egg layers)
522.Trio Brown Leghorn
523.3 Cream Legbar Pullets (green egg layers)
524.Trio Buff Orpington
525.Trio Indian Game
526.Qtet Wellsummers
527.Qtet Norfolk Greys
528.3 Buff Orpington Pullets (option on 529)
529.3 “       “          “
530.2 Blue Australorp Hens
531.Pr Splash Orpingtons
532.3 Wellsummer Pullets
533.Trio Buff Sussex
534.Qtet Jubilee Game
535.4 Buff Sussex Pullets
536.Trio Black Silkies
537.5 Cream Legbar Hens (green egg layers)
538.2 Campine Hens
539.Trio Frizzle Cochin
540.2 Speckled Sussex Pullets
541.Trio Indian Game
542.Trio Cream Legbar (green egg Layers)
543.3 Light Sussex Pullets
544.4 White Silkie Pullets
545.4 Silver Duckwing Leghorn Pullets
546.4 Cuckoo Silkie Pullets
547.Qtet Silver Duckwing Leghorns
548.3 Light Sussex Pullets

549.3 Rhode Island Pullets (option on 550)
550.3 “        “     “
551.Trio Buff Orpington (15 wks old)
552.Trio Wellsummer
553.3 Light Sussex Pullets
554.2 Dark Brahma Hens
555.3 Salmon Faverolle Hens
556.3 Buff Orpington Hens
557.Trio Wellsummer
560.                Bantams
561.3 Buff Laced Wyandotte Pullets
562.3 Blue Laced Wyandotte Pullets (option on 563)
563.3 Blue Laced Wyandotte Pullets
564.3 Lavender Pekin Pullets (option on 565 & 566)
565.3 “        “     “
566.3 “       “      “
567.3 Silver Laced Wyandotte Pullets
568.3 Partridge Wyandotte Pullets (option on 569)
569.3 “               “       “
570.Trio Millefleur Pekin
571.4 Salmon Pekin Pullets
572.3 Chocolate Pekins
573.Trio Orloffs
574.Trio Buff Sussex
575.Trio Partridge Old English Game
576.Trio Quail Barbu d’Anvers
577.Trio White Barbu d’Anvers
578.Trio Lavender Barbu d’Anvers
579.Trio White Pekin
580.3 Black Wyandotte Pullets (option on 581)
581.3 “          “         “
582.3 Black Miniature Silkie Pullets
583.3 White Miniature Silkie Pullets (option on 584)
584.3 “          “        “    “
585.5 Yellow Dutch Pullets

586.3 Silver Pencilled Wyandotte Pullets (option on 587)
587.3 “          “          “        “
588.3 Silver Partridge Pekin Pullets
589.3 Chocolate Wyandotte Pullets
590.3 Partridge Wyandotte Pullets
591.3 Gold Pencilled Hamburgh Pullets
592.3 Rhode Island Red Pullets
593.3 Black Pekin Pullets
594.3 Columbian Wyandotte Pullets
595.3 Gold Laced Wyandotte Pullets
596.3 Barred Wyandotte Pullets
597.4 Cuckoo Pekin Hens
598.Trio Black Miniature Silkies
599.Qtet Partridge Pekin
600.Trio Lavender Pekin
601.2 Millefleur Pekin Pullets
602.2 Rhode Island Red Pullets
603.2 Silver Laced Poland Hens
604.Pr Gold Sebright
605.Pr Chamois Poland
606.Trio Gold Pencilled Hamburgh
607.3 Pekin Pullets (2 Partridge ,1 Buff)
608.3 Gold Pencilled Hamburgh Pullets
609.Trio Light Sussex
610.Trio Lavender Pekin
611.Trio Indian Game
612.Qtet Wellsummer
613.3 Black Pekin Pullets
614.4 Light Sussex Pullets
615.Trio Chocolate Orpington
616.Trio Lavender Araucana (green egg layers)
617.Trio Black Miniature Silkies
618.Trio Porcelaine Sabelpoot
619.Qtet Lemon Millefleur Sabelpoot
620.Qtet Red Booted
621.Trio Silver Sebrights
622.Trio Gold Miniature Silkies

623.Trio Red Sussex
624.Trio Gold Spangled Hamburgh
625.Trio Gold Laced Orpingtons
626.Trio Black Dutch
627.Trio Buff Pekin
628.3 Millefleur Pekin Hens
629.3 Silver Spangled Hamburgh Hens
630.3 White Miniature Silkie Hens
631.Quintet Red Sussex
632.Trio Gold Laced Orpington
633.Trio Barbu d’Watermael
634.Qtet Salmon Wyandotte
635.4 Salmon Wyandotte Pullets
636.Trio Cuckoo Pekin
637.Trio Australorp
638.Pr Chocolate Orpington
639.Trio Silver Laced Wyandotte
640.Qtet Silver Sebright
641.2 Gold Laced Wyandotte Pullets
642.Trio Salmon Pekin
643.3 Millefleur Pekin Pullets
644.3 Salmon Pekin Pullets
645.Trio Lavender Frizzle Pekin
646.Qtet Silver Partridge Pekin
647.Qtet Lavender Pekin
648.Qtet Chocolate Pekin
649.Trio Blue Frizzle Pekin
650.Trio Millefleur Pekin
651.Qtet Maran
652.Trio Light Sussex
653.Trio Porcelaine Sabelpoot
654.Trio Lemon Cuckoo Pekin
655.Trio Partridge Pekin
656.Trio Lavender Pekin
657.Trio Buff Sussex
658.Trio Black Old English Game
659.Trio Old English Game

660.Trio Silkie
661.Qtet Lavender Pekin
662.3 Pekin Pullets
663.4 Buff Sussex Pullets
664.Qtet Silver Sebright
665.4 Light Sussex Pullets
666.Trio Lavender Pekin
667.Trio Lavender Frizzle Pekin
668.Trio Lavender Pekin
669.Trio Red Pekin
670.Trio Buff Pekin
671.Trio Black Pekin
672.Qtet White Modern Game
673.Qtet Birchen Modern Game
674.Trio Black/Red Modern Game
675.3 Buff Orpington Pullets
676.3 Chocolate Orpington Pullets
677.4 Buff Pekin Pullets
678.2 Partridge Pekin Pullets
679.3 Blue Pekin Pullets (option on 680)
680.3 “        “     “
681.3 Light Sussex Pullets
682.3 Wellsummer Pullets
683.3 Rhode Island Red Pullets
684.3 Partridge Pekin Pullets
685.4 Chocolate Wyandotte Pullets
686.Qtet Buff Pekin
687.3 White Pekin Hens
688.Quintet Wellsummers
689.Trio Cuckoo Pekins
690.Pr Black Barbu d’Grubbe
691.Pr Black Barbu d’Watermael
692.2 Black Barbu d’Anver Hens
693.Trio Black Old English Game
694.3 Orloff Pullets (option on 695)
695.3 “          “
696.Trio Silver Laced Poland

697.2 Citrus Millefleur Sabelpoots
698.Trio Porcelaine Sabelpoots
699.Pr Citrus Millefleur Sabelpoots
700.Trio Silkies
701.Pr Birchen Modern Game
702.2 Blue Laced Wyandotte Pullets
703.3 Buff Plymouth Rock Pullets
704.3 Partridge Wyandotte Pullets
705.Qtet Buff Mottled Pekins
706.Trio Light Brahma
707.3 Lavender Pekin Pullets
708.2 White Pekin Pullets
709.Pr Silver Dutch
710.Pr Gold Brahma
711.Trio Black Wyandotte
712.Trio White Plymouth Rock
713.3 Partridge Old English Game Pullets
714.4 Pyle Dutch Pullets
715.3 Blue Laced Wyandotte Pullets
716.3 Buff Laced Wyandotte Pullets
717.Trio Scotch Grey
718.Trio Rhode Island Red
719.Trio Silver Laced Wyandotte
720.Trio Millefleur Pekin
721.3 Lavender Barbu d’Anver Pullets
722.Qtet Light Sussex
723.3 White Plymouth Rock Pullets (option on 724 &
724.3 “         “         “    “
725.3 “         “         “    “
726.3 Frizzle Chamois Poland Hens
727.Qtet Red Booted
728.Trio Mottled Booted
729.3 White Pekin Pullets
730.Trio Chamois Poland
731.4 Red Sussex Pullets
732.Trio White Miniature Silkies

733.4 Barred Wyandotte Pullets
734.Qtet Light Sussex
735.Trio Freisians
736.3 Gold Spangled Hamburgh Pullets
737.Pr Japanese
738.2 Mottled Pekin Hens
739.3 Lavender Pekin Hens
740.Trio Blue Laced Wyandotte
741.2 Lavender Frizzle Pekin Pullets
742.3 Silver Partridge Pekin Pullets
743.2 Chocolate Pekin Pullets
744.4 Lavender Pekin Pullets
745.3 Miniature Silkie Pullets
746.2     “        “     “
747.Trio Cuckoo Pekin
748.3 Lavender Pekin Pullets
749.3 Cuckoo Pekin Pullets
750.Trio Silver Partridge Pekin
751.3 Light Sussex Hens
752.Qtet Maran
753.Trio Buff Sussex
754.Trio Black Old English Game
755.Trio Partridge Old English Game
756.3 Lavender Pekin Pullets
757.Trio Lavender Frizzle Pekin
758.Trio White Silkies
759.Trio Salmon Pekin
760.Trio Buff Pekin
761.3 Silver Laced Wyandotte Pullets
762.3 Partridge Pekin Pullets
763.Trio Red Columbian Pekin
764.3 Chocolate Wyandotte Pullets
765.Qtet White Modern Game
766.Pr Buff Japanese
767.4 Buff Orpington Pullets
768.4 Chocolate Orpington Pullets
769.3 Buff Pekin Pullets

770.2 Buff Orpington Pullets
771.3 Splash Pekin Pullets
772.2 Chocolate Orpington Pullets
773.2 Buff Pekin Pullets
774.Trio Old English Game
775.Trio Black Pekin
776.Pr Millefleur Pekin
777.Pr Blue Pekin
778.Trio Freisian
779.Pr Chocolate Orpington
780.2 Gold Spangled Hamburgh Pullets

            END OF SALE

Purebred poultry Sale, Sunday September
23rd at Swaffham.

Autumn Wildfowl Auction, Sunday October
21st at Holywell Row
Entries close 25th September

 Countryside art to include Beswick, border
fine art , paintings etc Sunday October

                  Conditions of Sale

      Neither the auctioneers or any of their servants shall be in
any way responsible or acceptable for damage or loss by any
accident during the event.

       The highest bidder shall be the purchaser and if any dispute
arises between two or more bidders, the auctioneer shall adjudicate
and his decision shall be final. No person to advance a less sum than
shall be named by the auctioneer, nor to retract his or her bidding.
The onus is on the bidder to make sure their bids are being accepted
by the auctioneer.

       The auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw, consolidate or
alter any of the lots.

      Vendors may not bid directly or indirectly by themselves or
through an agent other that the auctioneer for their own lots. Auction
bidding agreement act 1927.

      All birds will be at the risk of the vendor up to the fall of
the hammer and at the risk of the purchaser thereafter. No birds
to be removed from their pens until paid for.

       All birds are deemed to be in good health and are sold as
seen, no guarantee is given on health. Although unhealthy or
substandard birds will be rejected by the auctioneers or animal
health inspector.

      All birds must be of the correct sex. Purchases with
incorrectly sexed birds are entitled to a refund or a reduction up
to 30 % (auctioneers discretion). Vendor shall be liable for any
loses incurred by the auctioneers in this matter. This only
applies to birds who have not left the sale.




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