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									Dear GTFBC colleagues,

I hope all of you are doing fine. I apologize for not having been able to spare enough time to follow up and
share the discussion of the GTFBC due to other commitments. I will try to update the website
( when I can find time.

Regarding the follow-up for Haiti, the U.S. National Institute of Building Sciences is developing a white
paper titled “Building a Foundation for the Renewal of Haiti: Recommendations for a Long-Term Building
Strategy.” This paper is not finalized yet but the content is pretty much in line with discussions of the
GTFBC. I hope to share such documents with you when appropriate.

On the other hand, there is a voice that the GTFBC should now turn to the more global issue besides Haiti.
Traditional building codes are usually based on specific materials of construction – e.g., steel, concrete,
timber, masonry – each of which is designed to resist loads of different types – dead load, live load, wind,
earthquake, fire, etc. Conventional codes of practice do not tell the user which form of construction is
appropriate to the site or the measures which can be taken to make the structure more robust or durable.
Many decisions affecting disaster risk have to be made before selecting the final form of construction and
precise location. Only then does one get into detailed design which is covered by traditional codes (Prof.
Paul Grundy, Australia).

Finally, I have received today the following message about the Italian scientists who were indicted for
failing to predict the L’Aquila earthquake. I would like to share it with you for your consideration for signing
a letter.

With best regards,


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Subject: Letter of support for Italian earthquake scientists indicted for failing to predict the
L'Aquila Earthquake

Dear colleagues and friends, (sorry for cross-posting) Two weeks ago the L’Aquila Prosecutor’s
office indicted of manslaughter the members of the National High Risk Committee that met in
L'Aquila one week before the Mw6.3 earthquake. The charges are for failing to provide a short
term alarm to the population before the earthquake struck, killing more than 300 people. The
president of INGV, Enzo Boschi (member of the High Risk Committee), and the director of the
National Earthquake Center, Giulio Selvaggi (just accompanying Boschi to the meeting as
technical specialist), are among the scientists in seismology and earthquake engineering now
under investigation together with some civil protection officials. We think that the allegations
against the scientists are completely unfounded and we look for support on this from the
international scientific community working on earthquakes and in the Earth sciences in general.
We invite you to sign the letter addressed to the President of the Italian Republic, published at the
the web page . We also would be glad if you could extend this
invitation to other seismologists that can possibly share our initiative. We hope that by this action
we can increase the awareness of people on earthquake risk reduction through education,
preparedness, and a long term program of building reinforcement. Thank you in advance for your

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