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									                         Garden Gate School
                 School Site Council Meeting Minutes
                         February 13, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 3:50 p.m.

    Tricia, Shephali, Megha, Leslie, Nancy and Patti

January minutes approval:
    The minutes were approved as presented.

   o   Megha reported that the district is considering translating major
       documents into five different languages to help parents who are not
       English proficient. Parents and teachers may meet separately for future
       DELAC meetings since there is some concern that parents don’t share their
       concerns when teachers are present.

    Commonsense Media gave an excellent presentation at the last PTA meeting,
      focusing on parental involvement selecting appropriate movie selections,
      preventing cyberbullying and keeping the lines of communication open
      between parents and children.

Principal’s Report:
     Learning Day – At the March 7 Learning Day, teachers will score the 3rd and
       5th grade CUSD writing assessments. Teachers can later attend peer-training
       sessions on Google Earth and Kidspiration.

    Lunch Laps – The ongoing Tues/Thurs lunchtime program is attracting many
      younger kids, but not as many older students (the 5th graders run the mile
      twice a week already). Patti suggested instituting lunchtime Sports Day in
      the fall to attract students from all grade levels. Sports Day could focus on
      a weekly or monthly choice of games (Capture the Flag, etc.), and/or include
      lunchtime leagues such as basketball, flag football and soccer.

    Parent survey – Garden Gate will handle its annual Parent Survey through
      the website Survey Monkey. The SSC members went through last year’s
      survey, looking for ways to shorten or simplify the survey. The school hopes
       to increase response to the survey. Nancy wanted to include some questions
       on Project Cornerstone. Questions not related to the school or school
       programs were eliminated. The members discussed how to increase parental
       response without putting a burden on the students to bother their parents.

    Student Council elections – The election will take place on Feb. 28, with new
      officers announced on Feb. 29. Nancy would like the new Public Relations
      representatives to interview the Project Cornerstone students for the

    Jump Rope for Heart – The annual Jump Rope for Heart assembly is set for
      Feb. 27 and the event will take place on March 14.

   ♣Prompted by a discussion of Project Cornerstone, Shephali suggested
      involving all 5th grade students in mentoring and monitoring the behavior of
      younger students.

       The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

                               Garden Gate School
                       School Site Council Meeting Minutes
                                 March 19, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 3:50 p.m.

    Misty, Tricia, Shephali, Dipanwita, Leslie, Sarah, Monica, Nancy and Patti

February minutes approval:
    The minutes were approved as presented.

Chairperson’s Report:
   o    Misty discussed preparations for the annual Walkaround. Two 5th grade
        students from room 12 took top honors in designing the event T-shirts. Gil
        Maroko is soliciting prize donations. The top prizes are a Nintendo Wii and
        a Karoke system.
   o    Misty suggested the SSC honor outgoing PTA heads Kelly Takahashi and
        Agnes Pommier. Nancy suggested a site council representative attend a
        PTA meeting in which the two will be honored.

Principal’s Report:
     School Plan – The Garden Gate school plan for the 2008-09 school year will
       focus on the same goals as the current year. The council approved the goals
       as presented:
       Reading comprehension
       Math, with the help of a $5,000 CEEF grant
       Project Cornerstone

    Parent survey – Parents are encouraged to complete the new and improved
      Parent Survey starting March 31 through April 9. The survey is available
      online on the school website. Parents without Internet connection can use
      the GG computer lab to take the survey, from 7:30-8:15am and 11:50am-12:
      30pm. The survey is broken down into identifiable areas, including academics,
      school environment and communication. Nancy is considering some
      “unprincipal-like” behavior or outfit, such as dressing like a clown, if a
      specified response rate is achieved. Monica suggested a banner graphically
      showing how many responses have been received, similar to the red arrow
      showing the increase in the Direct Donations.

   ♣Misty and her family will be leaving Garden Gate and California next year.
      The council will need to elect a new chairperson for the 2008-09 school
      year. We will miss you Misty!
   ♣Nancy defined Work to Rule, which the teachers are enforcing during the
      labor negotiations. Garden Gate teachers work far more than their
      scheduled 7.25 hours a day, and are not giving students less during this time.
      Leslie said teachers typically put in 60-70 hours a week before report cards
      are due and before the school year starts in preparation. Teachers routinely
      put in many hours of planning that aren’t covered in their contract.
   ♣Misty briefly shared the district 2008-2011 Strategic Plan Draft. Nancy
      said many of the goals of that plan are included in the Garden Gate school

       The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p.m.
                               Garden Gate School
                              SSC Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 3:50 pm.

    Shephali, Dipanwita, Megha, Carolyn, Alicia, Marty, Erica, Monica, Jaime,
      Patti, and Nancy.

June minutes approval:
    The minutes were approved as presented.

DAC representative selected:
    Shephali agreed to represent Garden Gate at DAC (District
Advisory Council), a job traditionally held by the SSC
chairperson. The DAC meetings this year are scheduled for Oct.
15, Jan. 22, Mar. 19, and May 14.

DELAC representative:
    Megha agreed to again represent Garden Gate at DELAC.
The meetings are scheduled for Sept. 24, Jan. 14, Mar. 11 and May
13 in the boardroom at the District Office.

Principal’s report:
    Nancy said school started smoothly, and many of the
      teachers and parents remarked it was the calmest opening in
      recent memory.
    Garden Gate earned an API of 972 on the STAR test, 9 points
      higher than last year, putting Garden Gate 23rd in the state.
    The SSC budget is dependent on the state. Most of the money
      goes to salaries.
    A focus of the coming year is on reading comprehension and
      writing. Math continues to be a focus, especially in light
      of the commitment to have 8th graders take Algebra by 2011.
    The council decided to forgo treats at the meetings, except
      for the December and June meetings.
    Monica asked if there was a way to insure that children
      without money in their lunch account could still get the
      side dishes.
   Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

                              Garden Gate School
                      School Site Council Meeting Minutes
                               October 15, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 3:50 p.m.

    Megha, Shephali, Alicia, Dipanwita, Carolyn, Marty, Erica, Monica, Nancy and

September minutes approval:
    The minutes were approved as presented.

Chairperson’s Report:
    DAC
 o   Shephali reported that the state budget dominated the September DAC
     meeting. The superintendent reported a huge shortfall. CUSD officials are
     tightening residency checks, even conducting bed checks to insure families
     live where they say they live.

 o   Megha said the district would like more parents whose first language is not
     English to attend the DELAC meeting. There was discussion of ESL classes
     for parents.

Principal’s Report:
     Project Cornerstone – There was a half-day training session on Sept. 23 for
       the 5th grade Cornerstone kids. There is also an adult Cornerstone class in
       the works.
     Learning Day – The October Learning Day featured a teaching palette for
     TEAM Thursdays – The innovative program that promotes staff
       development by allowing teachers to learn from each other started again in
       October. Teachers can observe a lesson given by a colleague.
     Red Ribbon Week – Activities are planned every day to promote drug
       awareness and education. Teachers will hand out goodies daily – pencils,
       stickers, ribbons, bookmarks and lollipops.
     GATE – The first GATE after-school program is Fantastic Physics, which
       will start in November. Selected non-GATE 4th and 5th graders can also

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

                              Garden Gate School
                       School Site Council Meeting Agenda

                               November 19, 2008
                                 3:45 – 5:00 pm

The meeting was called to order at 3:50pm.

    Marty, Megha, Erica, Monica, Alicia, Dipanwita, Nancy and Patti

October minutes approval:
    The October minutes were approved as presented.

CEEF Grant:
    The Site Council approved a matching $5,000 check from CEEF. CEEF board
      member Steve Andrews, a sometime sub at Garden Gate, presented the Site
      Council with a check for $5,000. Nancy said the school will use the funds for
      advancing technology.

Marty Higgins:
   Marty Higgins updated the Site Council on the new Science curriculum. The
      district chose FOSS, a kit-based program. The teachers are comfortable
      using FOSS. The units are interesting and based on the California standards.
      FOSS is a local company. There have been little stumbles and some
      frustrations. The units are so large that teachers can’t get through the
      whole unit before they must give back the kit. Also there are lots of
      “critter” activities. The kids love the critters but the critters don’t always
      arrive in good shape. Some activities aren’t child friendly. Overall the
      teachers are very happy with the FOSS materials.

Principal’s Report:
     The CUSD budget – The district could lose $300 per student in the worse
         case scenario, which would be a total of $5 million. Nothing is sacred. All who
         are concerned should write to the governor and their legislators, and
         mobilize to support education.

         o   Lunch Laps/Game Day – Patti reported Lunch Laps is
             booming due to the new monthly themed foot charms. The
             downside – those foot charms are three times the price of
             the old ones. Game Day is slowly getting more
         o    Zip’s Great Day – The Kaiser-sponsored assembly comes to
             Garden Gate on Dec. 4. It took two years to book this
             popular, free program.
         o   Halloween parade rainy day policy - Monica suggested the
             primary grades go to the GLC in shifts, while the upper
             grades can snake in through the hallways. Nancy endorsed
             this idea.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:25.

                                 Garden Gate School
                         School Site Council Meeting Minutes
                                 December 10, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 3:50 p.m.

    Shephali, Dipanwita, Alicia, Carolyn, Monica, Erica, Nancy, Patti and Ada Lee.

November minutes approval:
    The minutes were approved as presented.

Ada Lee:
   o   Ada, a 3rd grade teacher at Garden Gate, gave an update on the success of
       Project Cornerstone, the student conflict resolution program. The goals of
       the program are to empower selected 5th graders, chosen to be
       Cornerstone Kids, and to provide a safe environment for the students on
       the playground. This year the Cornerstone Kids have their own bulletin
       board near the library. Cornerstone also goes to primary classrooms to
       answer questions students have submitted anonymously to the Bully Box.

Principal’s Report:
    CUSD Budget – The budget is not looking rosy. All major expenditures have
      been frozen. “We are keeping our hopes up,” Nancy reported.
    Staff Page – As Garden Gate transitions from paper to electronic, the
      school staff can access information on the newly designed Staff Page,
      curtsey of technology guru Stuart Rosenberg. This is accessible only to the
    After school policy - Teachers should review the after school policies with
      students and their parents. Parents need to be on time to pick-up their
      students. Once students are dismissed, they need to leave campus with their
      parent or other designated adult. Students waiting with their parents for an
      older sibling need to wait near the kindergarten picnic tables or the shade
      structure. Back to School night is the best time to discuss the policy with
      parents, everyone agreed.

    Disaster Drill update – Patti reported that the November earthquake drill
      went very well. Trained city emergency preparedness staff and
      administrators and staff from the Waldorf school and Bethel Lutheran
      school observed and participated in the drill. We received excellent
      feedback and valuable suggestions from the observers. We had parents try
      to sign out their children and other children who they were not authorized
      to take home, and our staff responded appropriately. Our Code Red is
      scheduled for Jan. and the spring earthquake drill will be in March.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

                              Garden Gate School
                      School Site Council Meeting Minutes
                               January 21, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 3:50 p.m.

    Shephali, Dipanwita, Megha, Carolyn, Monica, Erica, Nancy and Patti

December minutes approval:
    The minutes were approved as presented.
Principal’s Report:
     School Plan - Nancy asked the Site Council members to skim through the
       plan and the goals. In these tight budget times, the goals will be to keep the
       status quo. Garden Gate will continue to focus on reading comprehension,
       writing and math, and to keep the art, music and Project Cornerstone
     Budget update – With the outlook not looking rosy, the district will ask
       voters to approve a $125/per parcel tax for six years. There will be an
       exception for seniors. The voting will be by mail-in ballot. The proposal
       includes a citizen oversight panel.
     Inauguration – Many Garden Gate teachers took their classes to the GLC to
       watch President Obama’s inauguration. Nancy said she was greatly impressed
       with the kids and how they responded to the often drawn-out festivities.
     Parent Survey – Nancy asked the site council to look over last year’s Parent
       Survey as well as surveys from two other schools before the council
       undertakes an update of the survey. The council also discussed ways to
       increase parent participation. Last year only 40 percent of the families
       filled-out the survey.
     DELAC – The meetings have been changed to mornings, and Megha will be
       unable to attend. Alicia said she might be able to attend the March 11
       meeting from 10:30-12. The final meeting this school year is May 13.
    ♣Code Red Drill – Garden Gate got two thumbs up from the sheriff’s
       department following the drill on Jan. 21. Deputy Pete Robinson said our
       eyebolts and rope work so well our teachers don’t need to construct a
       barrier by the door. And he is suggesting other schools install eyebolts. To
       keep her students quiet during the drill, Monica gives her students
       Playdough, which they normally can’t use.
    ♣West Bay Opera – West Bay Opera, out of Palo Alto, is presenting two
       assemblies on Jan. 27. Students will play musicians and policemen in the
       opera, The Barber of Seville, and sing the finale.
    ♣GATE Parent Meeting – Patti distributed copies of the minutes from the
       most recent GATE Parent meeting.
    ♣Student Council election – Ms. Che, Mr. Ward, Ms. Schwinge, Nancy and
       Patti are revising the applications to attract responsible and committed

       The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 p.m.
                              Garden Gate School
                      School Site Council Meeting Minutes
                                March 18, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 3:45 p.m.

    Shephali, Megha, Dipanwita, Carolyn, Alicia, Erica, Marty, Monica, Nancy and

February minutes approval:
    The minutes were approved as presented.

Principal’s Report:
     School Plan – Schools received an extension because the district had no idea
       of the budget. Nancy would like Garden Gate to stay with the goals the site
       council has approved. The school board wants an emphasis on writing. Garden
       Gate also wants an emphasis on math and technology, even though there are
       no dollars.

    Parent Survey – The yearly Parent Survey will run one week in April. Patti
      said she hopes the lure of a Gator pencil will nudge parents to complete the
      online survey. We will also adopt Monica’s brilliant idea of having the kids
      wear stickers promoting the survey.

    Budget update - SIP was going to take a 20% cut and block grants were
      swept up by the district. A major portion of the budget is salary based.
      Nancy said, “We will see what happens in May.” The GATE funds were
      released to schools. Language Arts and Math textbook adoptions are on hold.

    Project Cornerstone – The yearly breakfast for students and mentors was
      March 19th. Four Cornerstone kids, as well as 3rd grade teacher Ada Lee and
      parent Alexandra Chong, both Cornerstone mentors, represented Garden

    Teacher of the year - Stuart Rosenberg, 5th grade teacher and technology
      guru, was selected Garden Gate Teacher of the Year.

    Crossing Guard training – Sheriff Cpt. Calderone and Carol Ozaiki will put
      together a visual dos and don’ts for our volunteer school crossing guards
      that will be available on the Garden Gate website.


    Jump Rope for Heart – Nancy wanted to thank Peter Ward for taking on
      the big job of running Jump Rope for Heart, which will be on March 27.

    Disaster Drill Update – Garden Gate’s last disaster drill for the year was
      on March 13. Because of the frequency of the drills, most of the students
      are used to the routine and handle the situation.

    Leprechauns – First graders continue to search for leprechauns following a
      trail of evidence that must have been caused by the wee little folk. Deputy
      Pete came to Garden Gate with a police dog to take the report and sniff out
      the rascals. But as in past years, the leprechauns got away.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

                              Garden Gate School
                      School Site Council Meeting Minutes
                                 May 27, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 3:07 p.m.
     Carolyn, Dipanwita, Megha, Erica, Marty, Monica and Nancy.
April minutes approval:
     The minutes were unanimously approved.
Chairperson’s Report:
     Shephali reported orally to Patti (prior to the SSC meeting) that Garden
       Gate received praise at the recent District Advisory Council (DAC) meeting
       for the school’s wellness programs, which include Jump for Heart and the
       twice-a-week Lunch Lap program.
Principal’s Report:
     School Plan – The SSC unanimously approved the school plan, with a focus on
       three goals – math, reading comprehension and student wellness. Garden
       Gate has put a lot of effort into math education the last 2-3 years, with
       Noyce training, the MARS assessment and the Problem of the Month. The
       district also adopted a new math textbook for next school year. Reading
       comprehension replaced writing as a goal, since comprehension is an issue at
       all levels.
    GATE Plan – The GATE plan was unanimously approved, even though it may
      not require approval. Garden Gate plans to have parents lead and teach the
      GATE after-school program next year to reduce costs and to get parents
      involved. In the Professional Development portion of the GATE plan, math
      needs to replace writing as a goal.
    Safe Schools Plan – The Safe Schools Plan was unanimously approved. Erica
      asked a safety issue question about the number of kinders allowed on the
      playground. Her thought is the current number allowed is too small. Nancy
      will get an answer from the district office.
    SSC Elections – Parents will pick three new site council members next week
      from among the four candidates (including two dads). The newly elected
      candidates will join the site council at the final meeting of the year, June 10.
    Math textbooks – The newly adopted textbooks have arrived.
    Project Cornerstone – Megha asked PC advisor Alexandra Chong to have the
      Cornerstone kids promote personal hygiene (which would include bathroom
      cleanliness) next year. Alexandra said she would work on this.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

                               Garden Gate School
                         School Site Council June minutes
                                 June 10, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 3:50 p.m.

    Shephali, Dipanwita, Megha, Carolyn, Alexandra, Xiaoyin, David, Marty,
      Monica, Erica, Jamie, Nancy and Patti

May minutes approval:
   The minutes were approved as presented.

Principal’s Report:
     Welcome to new site council members, parents Alexandra Chong, David
       Hodgkins, Xiaoyin Liang and teacher Jamie Butcher, Others members
       introduced themselves.
     Alicia was elected SSC chairperson. Carolyn or Alicia will attend the DAC
       (District Advisory Council) meetings.
     Nancy welcomed the new SSC members – some I’ve worked closely with
      (Alexandra) and some seen on campus (David and Xiaoyin) and thanked the
      outgoing members: Megha, Dipanwita, Shephali and Monica.

   Nancy addressed the budget cuts saying the district should be able to get
     through next year because of the parcel tax, but no one knows after that.

Adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

                              Garden Gate School
                           School Site Council minutes
                                Sept. 23, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 3:50 p.m.

    Alicia, Alexandra, Xiaoyin, David, Marty, Roxanne, Erica & Patti

June minutes approval:
    The minutes were approved as amended.

DELAC and DAC representatives:
    David agreed to represent Garden Gate at the meetings scheduled for Oct.
     7, Jan. 6, March 3, and May 5.
    Alicia or Carolyn will attend the DAC (District Advisory Council) meetings
     scheduled for Oct. 6, Jan. 19, March 2 and May 4.

Principal’s Report: (Patti filled in for Nancy, who was attending a funeral)
     The start of school went well. We welcomed a new kindergarten teacher –
       Elana Trop. Elana has taught kindergarten in the East Bay and in San Diego.
       She is also the cousin of a former Garden Gate teacher, Charlene Lebowitz.
     To keep the lower grade class size at 20 students, we reconfigured the
       lower grades and added a new first grade teacher – Hilary Kuhn. Hilary is a
       graduate of UC Davis and St. Mary’s.

Program updates:
      Lunch Laps:
          o Fifth grade parent Shephali Payne, a former chairperson of the SSC,
              now supervises Lunch Laps. Lunch Laps are now on Tuesdays and
              Thursdays. The monthly charms are wildly popular. New for October –
              glow-in-the-dark pumpkins.
      Walk/Bike/Carpool Day:
          o We are encouraging everyone to walk, ride a bike or scooter or
              carpool to school on Oct. 7, as part of national campaign. We give
              everyone special thumbs-up charms to reward participation.
      Student Council:
          o The Student Council election made history as the 4th and 5th graders
              voted online. We plan to have 3rd graders vote online in the spring.
              The Student Council officers will continue to help with Lunch Laps.
              Council advisors hope to have the officers participate in more
              community service activities.
      Project Cornerstone:
          o The Cornerstone kids introduced themselves to the K-3 students at
              an assembly. Roxanne pointed out that the Cornerstone classroom
              lessons are too long for the younger students. Alexandra said she
              would talk to the Cornerstone parents about shortening the lessons.
              Alexandra said she was concerned there would not be enough
              Cornerstone classroom parents. Xiaoyin asked if two or more parents
              could share the job. Alexandra said that would be fine.
      STAR/API:
          o Garden Gate students continue to excel at the STAR test. The
              school’s overall score was 980, up from 972 last year. GG is ranked
              17th in the state.

   First grade teacher Roxanne Wolff replaced Jamie Butcher on the SSC.
     Jamie had a conflict with her master’s program.
   Xiaoyin asked about precautions at school for protecting students from the
     H1N1 virus. Patti said staff is well versed on what to do and what to look
     for. Every class and the office have hand sanitizer. Children are told to wash
     their hands and do the Dracula cough (cough into the crook of their elbow).
     Sick children are sent home. A child must be fever-free (without medicinal
     help) for 24 hours before returning to school, and then must have his
     temperature taken at school before going to the classroom.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

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