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									THE     OVERCOMER.
sent forth. To turn aside from what we knew to be truth, Satan and his demons. The issues are now clear. The
and from truth needed by the Church in an hour of peril, signs are plenteous and positive. The earth vibrates with
would be sin. This sin we could not commit.                    the tokens of Christ's Coming. Terror and despair have
                                                               smitten the ranks of the aerial kingdom of fallen angels.
Then those who had a dislike to the message began to They know that the pit is to open and swallow them up.
abuse the messengers. . But this is an old custom. Those The Dragon knows his time is short, therefore he gives
who hate the message and cannot smother it, begin to himself to great rage.
belabour the messenger and to kill him. When the
message torments, the prophet is slain, and left " dead in Undoubtedly, in the ministry given to us, the Lord has laid
the streets of the city " (Eev. xi. 8). Warfare is not upon us the burden of the New Age. And now, in 1914,
popular when it demands the presence of the person in the eternal decrees are fast becoming things of fact. The
front rank. Warfare is not a bridal feast, so the truth itself coming events will mean a torment to the serpent, a joy to
could not be popular. There are those who have held the our Christ, a rapture to the Church, and, in due course, an
foe in contempt, but he has mocked at them in the ease to the world from a tyrannical prince, whose
assurance that they were his captives.                         government over it since the darkness of Eden, even to the
                                                               Millennial reign of the Son of God, has been cruel and
And how strenuously the enemy has directly resisted destructive.
every truth, and every word of truth, which has gone into
the Overcomer. What battles with the foe have raged We close the Overcomer in faith, not only because we
over every issue, and what conflict and strivings of spirit know we have finished our work in its issue, but also
were endured in production of the truth. How terrible because we believe and testify to the Near Coming of the
was the work of dislodging the lies so deeply imbedded in Lord. The spirit of the end which is upon us, necessitates
the minds of men, and so well protected by the " father of preparing for the end. Our course is drawing to a close.
lies." In this we had to stand against fallen angels—a
                                                            What we have to say now to all who have known the
race of superior intelligence, who untrammelled by any
                                                            truth, is READ—REMEMBER—OBEYT THE TRUTH. We
infirmities of soul or body, labour unweariedly to oppose
                                                            have only to repeat what we have said again and again, for
truth night and day.
                                                            a plethora of truth has been poured out upon our readers.
                                                            They have been soaked in truth. Let them now go back
It is not because of insufficiency of work, or of material,
                                                            to all they have read to find out what they want at the
that we close the Overcomer. There are spheres of labour
                                                            present time.      Nor let them think that they have
still open, and it would be very agreeable service to
                                                            understood all that has been said, and therefore do not
disseminate truth about revival, the principles of which
                                                            need to re-read what has been written. They may not
have been mastered by an experience of years of faithful
                                                            have used it because they did not understand. Isaiah did
obedience to the laws of the spirit. But if. God is closing
                                                            not go on repeating his message. He gave it and left it to
the age, there should be co-operation with the Holy Spirit
                                                            God. Every fruit when it is ripe drops, and there is a
in minutely working with Him when He closes our work
                                                            germ, a growth, and a ripeness in the reception of and the
on earth. We should observe God's guidance as He leads
                                                            knowledge of truth. Many of our readers have yet but
us on in this path. In normal times there is power to
                                                            truth in the germ, but the God of Truth remains to watch
embrace and extend work ; but now of necessity the
                                                            over the truths He has given us to minister.
power to do so diminishes as we draw nigh to the end of
life on earth. If, when God is closing up your work, you The prayers of the Church have gone up to God for the
take on responsibilities outside of His will, then you take binding* of the foe, and he is already potentially bound.
on new work with diminished strength to perform it. The The Coming of Christ will banish him to the abyss. We
nearer you come to the terminus the less Divine strength now await the descent of the Lord to meet His Bride. We
is given if you are finishing your course, for the word is await the great procession of the King Bridegroom, the
then not " forward " on earth, but " upward " to heaven.    Son of the Most High, the Lord of Hosts.
                                                                                                     EVAN ROBERTS.
It was impossible for us to see the Millennial issue of the
warfare when we struck out against the foe, and took as
our war cry: "All the victory of Calvary for the Church JUST as men are afraid, in battle, afraid of foes, of
against Satan." Now, to our great joy, we are to expect looking upon swords, upon bayonets, and facing the gun,
the glorious Coming of Christ and the ascension of the so there are men who are afraid to investigate truth.
Church, and rejoice over a world without                    They are terrified at what they would discover. Just as
                                                            there are heroes of battle so there are heroes of truth.—E.

                                                             * Cf. Matt. xvi. 19, xviii. 18: Rev. v. 8, viii. 3-5.

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