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									Metadata Development in the
Earth System Curator
Spanning the Gap Between
Models and Datasets
Rocky Dunlap, Georgia Tech
  Two primary products of the climate
  community: datasets and the models
  used to produce them

   Models              Datasets
  Many efforts in place to provide uniform
  access to datasets
  Additionally, groups like ESMF are
  working to develop frameworks for
  component exchanges and
     e.g., couple two different ocean models
      with the same atmosphere
  However there is currently a gap
  between models and datasets
  Models and datasets are currently
  treated as distinct and separate entities
  Earth System Curator’s claim:
     This gap is actually an artificial barrier that
      inhibits access to resources and results
What is the Earth System Curator?

  The goal of the Earth System Curator
  project is to provide a transparent
  interface to climate models and their
  output data

     Models              Datasets

  What do we need to make this happen?

    Metadata is data about data
    What would it take to completely
    describe a particular climate model run?
        “completely” means you could reproduce
         the output bit for bit

Model Metadata         Model Run         Output
Convergence of Models and Data
  ESC begins with a crucial insight:
    the descriptors used for comprehensively
    specifying a model configuration are also
    needed for a scientifically useful
    description of the model output data
  This leads to the convergence of
  models and data
  There is a need for a common metadata
  formalism to unify the treatment of
  models and data
(Simplified) System Overview



        Graphical User

Research Approach
  Study metadata structures of existing
  projects in the climate community
  Create a common ontology that aligns
  the metadata models, while also
  allowing for eventual inclusion of other
  metadata sources
     Extensibility is a priority!
  The resulting metadata description will
  be the foundation of the Earth System
  Curator database
Current Efforts

  Earth System Modeling Framework
      NSF, NCAR, DoD, NASA, NOAA, DoE, MIT,
       UCLA, University of Michigan
  Earth System Grid (ESG)
      DoE SciDAC sponsored
      Labs: ANL, LBNL, LLNL, NCAR, ORNL
  GFDL Curator database
Earth System Modeling Framework

  Common modeling infrastructure for
  climate and weather models
  Components have standard interfaces
  which facilitates coupling
  ESMF already contains a number of
  metadata-rich structures for describing
  climate models
      gridded component, coupler component,
       field, bundle, state, clock, grid
ESMF Coupled Model

 Our goal is to extract the metadata needed to
 adequately describe hierarchical, coupled
 climate models
Earth System Grid
  Make output of high-resolution, long-
  duration climate simulations available to
  global-change impacts researchers
  Enable analysis and knowledge
  development from earth system models
  Increase productivity by linking users
  with needed data
Earth System Grid
GFDL Curator
  An initial shot at a database that
  describes both climate models and data
  Multiple compartments
     Models
     Variables
     Workflow
     Post Processing
     Data Portal
Conceptual Modeling
Why is this hard?
  Disagreement about what terms mean
     What   is   a   model?
     What   is   a   component?
     What   is   a   coupler?
     What   is   a   code base?
  Metadata must be as generic as
  possible while still being useful
  Allow researchers to archive and query
  Earth system models, experiments, model
  components, and model output data
  Perform technical compatibility checking
     How can we determine if two components will run
     What about scientific compatibility?
  Prototype auto-assembly of components to
  facilitate model runs
     Involves automatic code generation of simple
Broader Impacts
  Improve climate prediction for policy makers
  Facilitate Model Intercomparison Projects
  (MIPs) by allowing fast setup and execution
  of experiments using different model
  Encourage Curator-like activity in other
  Promote the use of Curator as a normative
ESC Collaborators
  NSF Funded
  National Center for Atmospheric
  NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  Georgia Tech

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