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					                                                                                               Parks Staff Use Only
                                                                          Project date:                    Field meeting:
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 City of
Bellevue                             Post Office Box 90012               Bellevue, Washington               98009 9012

              ARBOR DAY EARTH DAY 2012!
                                        Working Together…Building Community

                                                     Project Application
 Arbor Day Earth Day is an annual community volunteer event held at various parks around the city. These events provide citizens the
                         opportunity to participate in the stewardship and care of our City’s park resources.

  If you are interested in participating in Arbor Day Earth Day, fill in the information below and return this application to the Bellevue
                                                Parks & Community Services Department at:
                   16023 NE 8th St., Bellevue, WA 98008; FAX: (425) 452-4196; email: ADySard@bellevuewa.gov

         If you have any questions or concerns please contact Alexandra DySard at (425) 452-4195 or ADySard@bellevuewa.gov
                      Thank you for your interest in helping to preserve and enhance our community park resources.

                                           2012 Arbor Day Earth Day 9 am – 11 am
                                    April 21

 Name:                                                                 Group Name:
 City, State, & Zip code:
 Daytime phone:                                                        Evening phone:
 email address:                                                                                FAX:

                                                                          Number of adult participants (over 21):
 To match your group with a project, it’s important we know the
 group makeup, limitations, and labor commitment. Please fill out         Number of youth participants (under 21):          +
 the information at right and below to the best of your knowledge.        Total participants                                =

 All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.                   Average number of hours/participant:              x
                                                                          Total number of project hours                     =

        Special needs or request specific project type/location:

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