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Regional Rail Planl Kimsey by T4zZpUK


									TO: Commission                                                          DATE: July 20, 2005

FR: Executive Director                                                    W. I. 1121

RE: Contract – Bay Area Regional Rail Plan: Earth Tech

Staff requests that the Commission authorize a contract with Earth Tech for consultant assistance to
prepare a Regional Rail Plan as stipulated by Regional Measure 2. This request is coming directly to the
Commission, rather than the Administration Committee, because the proposals were very competitive
and the consultant evaluation panel needed more time to make its recommendation.

MTC is conducting the Regional Rail Plan in cooperation with BART, Caltrain and the California
High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA), as required by Regional Measure 2 (Streets and Highways Code
Section 30914 (c) (33)). The Regional Rail Plan includes two main study elements. The first element is
a Regional Rail Plan that integrates passenger rail systems, improves interfaces with connecting
services, expands the regional rapid transit network, and coordinates public investments in regional rail
systems with transit-supportive land uses. The second element is an alternatives analysis of various
California high-speed rail alignments between the Central Valley and the Bay Area. This analysis will
be used to inform the CHSRA’s planned EIR/EIS for high-speed rail alignments between the Central
Valley and the Bay Area. These two elements are to be integrated in order to provide a fully
comprehensive Bay Area Regional Rail Plan.

This Committee approved an RM2-funded contract in January 2005 with Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
to complete HSR statewide ridership and revenue forecasts. In addition, the Commission approved
$2,900,000 in RM 2 funding for the Regional Rail Plan last month (MTC Resolution No. 3707).

MTC, BART, Caltrain and the CHSRA will oversee preparation of this Plan. MTC is acting as the
fiscal and contracting agent on behalf of the four agencies. The study is being directed by a Steering
Committee as established in RM 2. The Steering Committee includes the four agencies, plus the
freight railroads, rail passenger operators and Congestion Management Agencies. We expect that the
Steering Committee members will provide regular updates to their respective policy boards.

We anticipate that work on the Plan will commence in late August 2005 and be completed by May
Selection Process

We received four proposals in response to our Request for Proposal (RFP) for this project from the
following firms at the following cost:

                  HDR – Oakland, CA - $2,499,924
                  HNTB – Oakland, CA - $2,500,000
                  Earth Tech – Oakland, CA - $2,487,534
                  URS Corp – San Francisco, CA - $2,499,302

A review panel comprised of MTC, BART, Caltrain and CHSRA staff rated each firm’s proposal based
on its approach to the project, individual and firm qualifications and experience in railroad alternatives
analyses, resource allocation (personnel and expenditures) to key tasks, and writing and
communication ability. The panel then held interviews with all four proposers on June 22, 2005 and
elected to solicit a Request for Best and Final Offer (BAFO) from the four proposers to give them the
opportunity to address identified weaknesses in their proposals. The panel reviewed the BAFOs and
elected to re-interview and issue a second BAFO to the two top-ranked proposers to resolve some
remaining weaknesses identified by the evaluation panel.

After the interviews and a review of the second BAFO, the panel unanimously recommended that the
Earth Tech team be selected to provide consultant assistance for the Regional Rail Plan.

Rationale for Awarding the Contract to the Earth Tech Team
Earth Tech, which is a descendant of Kaiser Engineers, includes Korve Engineering and Parsons
Transportation Group as its core team. The team distinguished itself from the competition in the
following ways:
     The Earth Tech team was the most well-rounded of all proposers in terms of qualifications.
       They have extensive international, national and local rail planning experience, have conducted
       numerous regional and inter-regional alternatives analyses, and have worked with the CHSRA
       on the statewide HSR study.
     Earth Tech’s approach to the project demonstrates a solid study approach and knowledge of the
       region’s rail freight and passenger services. The core consultant team members are locally-
       based and include task leaders that are nationally-known experts in rail transportation and
       environmental planning, rail engineering and rail operations.
     Earth Tech team demonstrated very strong written and verbal communications skills.

Staff requests the Commission authorize the Executive Director or his designee to negotiate and enter
into a contract with Earth Tech to provide consultant assistance for development of the Bay Area
Regional Rail Plan in an amount not to exceed $2,487,534 in RM2 funds to implement this contract in
FY 2005-06.

                                                                 Steve Heminger

J:\COMMITTE\Commission\2005\July 2005\Regional Rail Planl_Kimsey.doc
                              REQUEST FOR COMMISSION APPROVAL

                                Summary of Proposed Consultant Contract

 Work Item No.:                            1121

 Consultant:                               Earth Tech
                                           Oakland, CA
 Work Project Title:                       Bay Area Regional Rail Plan

 Purpose of Project:                       To provide technical engineering and planning services for the
                                           development of the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Rail Plan

 Project Cost Not to Exceed:               $2,487,534

 Funding Source:                           Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) Regional Measure 2

 Fiscal Impact:                            Available from FY 2005-06 Agency Budget

 Motion by Commission:                     That the Executive Director or his designated representative is
                                           authorized to negotiate and enter into a contract with a consultant to
                                           be determined to conduct the Bay Area Regional Rail Study, and the
                                           Treasurer is directed to set aside funds up to $2,487,534 for such


                                           Jon Rubin, Chair

 Approved:                                 Date: July 27, 2005

J:\COMMITTE\Commission\2005\July 2005\Regional Rail Planl_Kimsey.doc

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