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					Planet Nomad

Application Assessment PN 0.7.0

0.8.0   completion of   Mapping & creation of user layers
0.9.0   completion of   Forum, help, any surrounding facilities
1.0.0   completion of   Make-over

-- outside PN code --
    Login/out function
    The inclusion of help. Pop-up system.
    Forum.
    Spider will have to be constructed to retrieve description &
      keywords from all GeoURLs.

-- internal PN code --
     Show all … option in cbxFindTool. Returns, perhaps pages, of
       all Drawing objects in current map view.
     Close connections and recordsets where appropriate for
     Separate New User and New Location code.
     Start text. Welcome back.. or Welcome to PN, fancy
     All new_form_location_components, createResults – often
       used to avoid state refresh. standardise and replace variable
     Some functions do not require a new map image but can
       instead use a historic map url (from hidden form variable) See
       Bug list.

Mapping: Global, normalise data and scaling pyramid schemes.

Treasure Hunt: Treasure Hunt layer (visible) stores start points.
Records child in waypoint layer. Waypoint layer contains
description, password, reveal functions. Creation of a treasure hunt
will hopefully be done through the normal edit mode.

PN Bug List

Cookies/CreateUser not working

Try delete without confirm and ‘information updated’ is displayed.
Should display a warning plus option to view/info object again.
Check: Search made against current layer, result wrapped against
found object instigates global place name search and not object

After adding media, scale was lost and map redrawn at global scale.

Some actions do not require a map recalculation. I should be able
to store the old map url and reuse it without any mapserver
reprocessing. Find and Info are two actions. Create user too I think.

Verify scale changes with all functions. Points to note: state looks
first at form variable, if not it uses mapserver.state. Basemapping
switches now at end of server side scripting. Perhaps the following
has changed: A Search All results keep same scale (through use of
the Info tool), place names or postcode searches adjust scale
(through zoomToLocation). Info tools keep same scale. May be they
should all adjust scale.

If Find Tool is used, through Enter key on txtFindInput, then map
refresh is thrown off. Temporary fix: txtFindInput has had its submit
powers turned off.

Global_Gazetteer_Big does not contain USA populated places;
required fields: Place_Name, Country, Latitude, Longitude,
Possible solutions
Populated place
          Pan-usa population places points 100000 has 171000 records.
Other absorptions:
Administrative region
          Pan-usa counties 3mil has 3100 records. Centroids will have to be calculated.
          Pan-usa park landmarks 100000 has 19000 records. Centroids to be calculated.
Locality or area
          pan-usa locations 100000 has 100000 records hmm,
          pan-usa landmarks points 200000 records
Streets, highways, roads, or railroad
          Pan-usa natural locations 100000 has 69000 records (inc. mountains) Could contain
          hydrographic and vegetation classes.
          Pan-usa major water areas 100000 has 29000 records. Centroids to be calculated.
Spot feature.

PN 1.0 Minor amendments

createChild process ends with ‘response recorded’. Provide link back
as moreInformation action on parent object. Same adjustment for
newLocation (command: createLocation) with ‘Information
recorded’. And updateObject with ‘Information updated’.

createUser: expand the welcome message to new users.
PN 1.1 Amendments

A list everything button: to be available once a scale has been met
that is relevant for that area. Will need to divide up Earth in scale
zones: close to corresponding populated places no doubt. Ratio
between populated place areas and country bounding area.

Batch program to remove any objects (and their relationships)
marked dubious by council. Ten votes of approximately 1 perhaps.

Place name spider See Use against vanilla
web and any XML feeds I can obtain: re. BBC News.

Hmm, categories in the Find Tool and the cbxDrawing Tool: is there
a clever way to do this?

Creation of favouriteDrawings table
When the number of user layers becomes too large we could have a
favourites mode just like online tv guides. Drawings that populate
cbxDrawing are from user’s ‘default’ selection in favouriteDrawings.
User can also create categories which display several layers
together. Would mean any calls to cbxDrawing, if a category was
found, then a set of layers would have to sought out. Such as the
general Info tool.

Creation of metaDrawings table.
cbxFindTool: We could also have categories – would require a table
detailing what drawings were involved in which category. Money
moment: a general business search option, but also premium
search categories: eateries, nightlife, attraction/venue industry.

Any recordset results returned we can page them. Don’t know how
yet but it would be expected.

Postcodes to track down: Canada, European, Australia

Edit option to shunt object. Enter distance and direction.

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