An Inconvenient Truth Worksheet Part 2 by CVGHpO


									                         An Inconvenient Truth Worksheet: Part 2


Directions: Answer the following questions. Write at least 3 sentences for each question.
1. What is the relationship between global warming and precipitation? Explain.

2. What is the relationship between global warming and drought? Why?

3. What is the relationship between global warming and evaporation over oceans? Over land?

4. In your opinion, why does Al Gore choose to share his life story (i.e. about the farm, Washington
D.C., etc.)? Does this help or hurt his argument surrounding global warming?

5. What are the “two canaries in the coalmine”? Explain why Al Gore believes this.

6. How does global warming increase the rate at which polar ice melts? Explain.

7. According to Al Gore, what will happen if the ocean current in the North Atlantic Ocean stops? Do
you think his hypothesis legitimate? Why or why not?
8. Al Gore discusses various issues from minute 52-54. Pick one of them and explain how global
warming has a systemic impact.

9. How much would sea level rise is West Antarctica or Greenland melted? When answering this
question be sure to include the cubes of ice in a cup example.

10. What are the 3 factors causing a “collision between our civilization and our Earth”? Describe how
each one of them contributes to our problems on Earth.

11. Describe the relationship between economic prosperity and contribution to global warming. Give
an example.

12. Why do you think Al Gore chooses to talk about his experience with tobacco and tobacco
growing? How does this relate to global warming?

13. Why is global warming an inconvenient truth? In answering this question discuss how Al Gore
makes the argument that the issue is one of morals and ethics above all else.

14. Do you believe Al Gore uses fear to argue his point regarding global warming? Why or why not?
Use specific examples.

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