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									                                  8th Grade Science
                                     Mrs. Mazzio
                                  Rm. 104 2007-2008
Welcome to Earth and Environmental 8th Grade Science!
       The Class:
       Environmental/Earth Science covers standards and objectives in earth,
environment and life science. This year, students will learn and practice the scientific
method and experiment procedures. They will become familiar with and use science
equipment and materials. The course incorporates lectures, text, lab activities and
experiments. This will provide the foundation for required courses at the high school
level. Students will work individually, as well as with partners and groups.
       During the first 4 weeks of this class, we will survey many general science topics
through mini lessons, activities and labs. This provides a solid review and preparation for
the 8th grade science MEAP test. The course will then focus on Earth Science and
Chemistry, Plate Tectonics, Water Systems, Atmosphere and Weather, Ecology, and
finally Space and the Solar System. Please see the Michigan Department of Education’s
web site for a list and explanation of all the standards and objectives.

       It is important that students use their planners to keep track of assignments,
quizzes and test dates. Students should have a binder or folder to hold all class and
homework and will receive grades for maintaining it. Every student will be issued a text
book. These are also available on CD.

       Communication and Discipline:
        Communication is vital to each student’s success. Students will receive weekly
progress reports (with the exception of the first week of school). I can be contacted by e-
mail or phone (see details below). It is my role as a teacher to teach and the student’s role
is to learn. Everyone needs to behave and perform in a respectful and responsible way in
order to achieve all the standards and objectives. Student’s behavior will be addressed in
the classroom. Any behavior that is repetitive or disruptive will be reported to parents and
additional interventions which may include morning, lunch, or after school detention will
be arranged. Every student will receive a copy of the school code of conduct (it is also
available on the Utica Community Schools web site). Please review this as it will be
consistently enforced.

        This is an exciting course that provides many ways and opportunities for students
to master earth and environmental science concepts. .If there are questions at any time
please contact me at 797-2914 or at Paula.Mazzio@Uticak12.org.

Thank you,
Mrs. Mazzio

8th grade Science 2007-2008

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