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									                                                   North East School Division
                                                     Unpacking Outcomes

Unpacking the Outcome

Recognize      globes and maps         represnts the surface of the Earth
Distinguish     land and water masses                      on globes and maps.
Outcome (circle the verb and underline the qualifiers)

DR1.4 Recognize globes and maps as representations of the surface of the Earth, and distinguish land and water masses on globes and
KNOW                                      UNDERSTAND                                      BE ABLE TO DO
 Globe                                    Globes and maps represent the surface of             Compile a list of various types of
Map                                       the Earth.                                             models used as representations of real
Earth                                     Globes and maps represent different                    things.
Land                                      physical features of the Earth.                      Identify general characteristics of
Water                                     By understanding location, we can identify             maps and globes as models of all or
Location                                  where people and things are from.                      parts of the earth, including reasons
                                                                                                 why certain colors are used to depict
                                                                                                 particular physical features.
                                                                                               Use a globe to identify the location of
                                                                                                 places of origin for items found in the
                                                                                                 classroom and school.
What is a globe?
What is a map?
What are some features on a map and globe?
What can we locate on a map and globe?

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