Study Guide for the 3RD Astronomy Exam

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					Study Guide for the 3RD Astronomy Exam

1) Planetary Science
   A) List the properties of the planets (Distance from Sun in AU, radius in
      Earth Radii, Mass in Earth Masses, and Density in g/cm3)
   B) In a written essay contrast the properties of the Terrestrial and Jovian
   C) Answer multiple choice questions & short answer questions regarding
      the Solar Nebula Theory for the formation of Planetary Systems.
   D) Describe the Doppler Wobble Technique (a.k.a. radial velocity method)
      for finding extra-solar planets.
   E) Describe the typical extra solar planet in terms of its mass, distance from
      the central star and its orbital eccentricity.
   F) Describe two proposed methods of giant planet migration. State why
      there needs to be more than just one method to migrate giant planets.
2) The Sun
   A) List the bulk characteristics of the Sun.
   B) Describe the two-layer model of the Sun.
   C) In a written essay describe how the Sun produces energy, in detail.
3) Stars
   A) Rank a set of stars in terms of brightness, luminosity, temperature, and
      stage of evolution.
   B) Compare a set of stars with the Sun in terms of luminosity, temperature,
      and stage of evolution
   C) Describe the techniques of stellar parallax and spectroscopic parallax for
      determine stellar distances.
   D) Wien’s Law and the Stefan-Boltzmann Law
4) Few problems

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