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									Mobilize All Applications with Advanced Desktop Solutions for BYOD
In this technology driven environment, many workers want tablet access to business applications, often
from personal devices. Apps have become quite important in the last few years, making our work and
life much simpler and easier. Enterprises may have numerous applications, but the security and cost
implications of mobilizing every application can get daunting.

Many organizations are exposed to problems such as security gaps, compliance issues and rising IT
complexity without proper solutions in place. To enable tablet remote access to personal iPad or
Android devices, enterprises need a RDP solution that can be installed in the corporate network and
integrates with Active Directory or similar to establish user credentials for secure access. With a good
appliance solution you can have Remote Desktop access that will make you more productive and
generative, allowing an employee to work from anywhere and at any time. Deploying such a solution
will enable tablet remote access for employees, and also allow enterprises to get a cost-effective
solution that is fully secure and fully under IT control and at the same time provides full application
availability, supports a bring your own device strategy and is simple to deploy, manage and use.

The BYOD phenomenon can make a tremendous difference and along with a good appliance solution
that facilitates Remote Desktop access, employees can be more productive. These bring your own
device solutions provide an efficient, cost-effective means to support tablets in the enterprise while
preventing data leakage and providing full application availability. The appliance-based solution that you
invest in must be enterprise owned and operated and not open the corporate network to third party
networks. It must allow Tablet remote desktop connectivity to the end-user iPad and Android devices
using SSL. A conventional PC work environment must be allowed to all employees unlike server-based
computing. All employees enterprise-wide must be provided with complete application availability
without any need for new hardware or software, licenses or application environments.

As tablets and remote devices are “off-network”, security and compliance policies on office PCs must be
extended and maintained. This way data never leaves the network, never mixes with personal data and
never exists on remote devices. It must leverage the existing desktop, application and security
infrastructure. Look for a solution that is cost-effective and can be set up in as little a few hours and is
capable of achieving ROI in the time it takes to set up alternate solutions.

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