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Suggested Course Sequences by CjSFU42y


									                               Suggested Course Sequences

9th Grade Academic                             9th Grade Honors
English I                                      Honors English I
Algebra I                                      Honors Algebra I and Honors Geometry
Conceptual Physics w’ Earth Space              Honors Conceptual Physics w’ Earth Space
Survey of Social Studies                       Honors Survey of Social Studies
Computer Applications                          Computer Applications
World Language                                 World Language
High School 101                                Elective
**Reading Lab and/or Math Lab students
will not have an elective.                     10th Grade Honors
                                               Honors English II
10th Grade Academic                            Honors World Civilizations
English II                                     AP European History
World Civilizations                            Honors Chem. I w’ Earth Space
Chemistry I w’ Earth Space                     Honors Algebra II
Geometry                                       Health/PE
Health/PE                                      World Language II
Data & Measurements                            Writing Lab
Writing Lab                                    Elective
                                               11th Grade Honors
11 Grade Academics                             Honors English III
English III                                    AP U.S. History (block)
U.S. History                                   AP European History
Biology I w’ Earth Space                       Honors Biology I or AP Biology w’ Earth Space
Algebra II                                     Pre-Calculus
Arts/Humanities                                Art/Humanities
Health/PE                                      World Language II (Commonwealth
Electives                                      Diploma)
12th Grade Academics                           Elective
English IV
Political Science or Psychology                12th Grade Honors
Biotechnology                                  AP English IV (block) 101/102 English IV
Pre-Calculus or Algebra III or College         AP Political Science or AP Psychology
Algebra                                        AP Calculus AB
Health/PE                                      AP Calculus BC
Electives                                      AP World Language (Commonwealth
                                               Chemistry II
                                               Physics A
                                               Physics B
                                               Honors Astronomy
                                               Honors Anatomy and Physiology
                                               AP European History

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