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									                   DELTA ZETA FOUNDATION
           Undergraduate Scholarship Application for the
                    2012-2013 Academic Year
A list of the scholarships to be awarded for the 2012-2013 academic year with
criteria for each is available online here.
Click here for frequently asked question about Delta Zeta Foundation
DUE DATE: February 15
1. In order to be considered, the Undergraduate Scholarship Application
   must be completed and submitted to by
   February 15. Incomplete applications and those received after the due
   date will be disqualified.
2. An official transcript must be received by February 15 and should
   accompany the application. Scanned and university electronic PDF
   copies are acceptable.
3. References are helpful and highly recommended. A reference from your
   College Chapter Director (CCD), Regional Collegiate Director (RCD), a
   professor and/or employer would be appropriate. References may be
   completed online or printed and mailed and must be received by
   February 22 to be considered with your application.
4. Please include a copy of your FAFSA reply form, if you wish financial
   need to be considered as part of your application.
5. The application must be signed by the applicant.
6. Applicants will be considered for all undergraduate scholarships for
   which they are qualified. However, only one scholarship will be awarded
   per applicant.
7. If you are a senior, graduating in June 2013 and plan to attend graduate
   school within the coming year, you may apply for a graduate scholarship
   as a continuing student. Use the graduate application.
8. Only one scholarship will be awarded during a member’s undergraduate
                          PERSONAL INFORMATION
Name                            [Click here and type.]
Home Address                    [Click here and type.]
E-mail                          [Click here and type.]
Home Phone Number               [Click here and type.]
Cell Phone Number               [Click here and type.]
                           FAMILY INFORMATION
Father’s Name                   [Click here and type.]
Address                         [Click here and type.]
Mother’s Name                   [Click here and type.]
Address                         [Click here and type.]

                  DELTA ZETA FOUNDATION
          Undergraduate Scholarship Application for the
                   2012-2013 Academic Year
                         UNIVERSITY INFORMATION
School                         [Click here and type.]
Chapter                        [Click here and type.]
                          ACADEMIC INFORMATION
Current Class in College       [Click here and type.]
(Freshman, Sophomore,
Major                          [Click here and type.]
Minor                          [Click here and type.]
Degree(s) you are seeking      [Click here and type.]
Cumulative GPA (A=4)           [Click here and type.]
GPA Last Semester              [Click here and type.]
Expected Graduation Date       [Click here and type.]
Personal savings on hand for [Click here and type.]
Summer employment              [Click here and type.]
Employment while in college    [Click here and type.]
Grants                         [Click here and type.]
Loans                          [Click here and type.]
Annual contribution of         [Click here and type.]
parents or guardians
Other financial resources      [Click here and type.]
(itemize with explanation)
TOTAL INCOME                   [Click here and type total amount of income.]
Tuition and fees               [Click here and type.]
Room and board (indicate if    [Click here and type.]
you live in a sorority house,
dormitory, apartment or at
Books and supplies             [Click here and type.]
Transportation and insurance [Click here and type.]
Chapter fees and dues          [Click here and type.]
Other college                  [Click here and type.]
Personal (haircuts,            [Click here and type.]
manicures, sundries, clothing)
Miscellaneous (itemize with    [Click here and type.]
TOTAL EXPENSES                 [Click here and type total amount of expenses.]

                  DELTA ZETA FOUNDATION
          Undergraduate Scholarship Application for the
                   2012-2013 Academic Year
                       OTHER FINANCIAL INFORMATION
List ways in which you are         [Click here and type.]
earning money for your
college expenses, including
the number of hours you will
be employed this year. List
any unpaid internships
(including student teaching)
and number of hours/months
List names and amounts of          [Click here and type.]
other scholarship you
currently hold.
List outstanding student           [Click here and type.]
      The following questions are open-ended and provide you with the
   opportunity to tell your story to the scholarship committee. There is no
                        limit on the characters allowed.
What are your career goals?        [Click here and type.]
Please explain in detail.
Describe your involvement in       [Click here and type.]
Delta Zeta. Be specific and
include offices,
chairmanships, activities,
accomplishments and/or
honors and dates.
Describe your campus               [Click here and type.]
activities and honors and
community involvement.
Include dates, office(s) held
and accomplishments for
List academic honors and/or        [Click here and type.]
honor societies. Include date
and any office(s) held for
Explain your financial need or [Click here and type.]
your desire for this award.
List employment history –          [Click here and type.]
company, title and dates

                  DELTA ZETA FOUNDATION
          Undergraduate Scholarship Application for the
                   2012-2013 Academic Year

This scholarship application form must be signed by the applicant.
This is to certify the information contained in this application is true to the
best of my ability. I understand scholarships will be awarded only to active
continuing members of Delta Zeta. If a Delta Zeta Foundation Scholarship is
awarded to me, I promise to use it for the purpose stipulated in this
application. I agree if I withdraw from school or sever my membership from
Delta Zeta Sorority, I will return the entire scholarship to the Delta Zeta
Applicant                           [Click here and type electronic signature.]


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