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					 Welcome            to the . . .

                 Academic Service-Learning/
                 Civic Engagement Program
                St. Louis Community College – Meramec Campus

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
 committed citizens can change the world…
      it is the only thing that ever has.
               -- Margaret Mead
What Is Service-Learning?
      Service-Learning Is …
          •   Students doing community service connected to
              Meramec academic courses

          •   Students assisting with local community needs and
              acquiring skills along the way

          •   Students developing a sense of civic responsibility

Cornerstone students      Business students bring in   Architecture students pitch
organize a supply drive   4,500 lbs of canned goods    designs for Meramec’s
for Nurses for Newborns   for Circle of Concern        Child Care Center
Program Involvement 2008-2009

   During 2008-2009 our program included:
         1,913 students . . .
               served a total of 10,702 hours . . .
                       at 65 agencies . . .
                                valued at $208,835!
     How Do Students
        Benefit From

• They enhance academic learning
  through real world experiences.

• They explore career options and
  build their resume.

• They develop leadership and
  communication skills.

• They connect service to civic
I.     Preparation is the time when students and teachers identify a community need,
       conduct research, relate learning objectives and make necessary preparations for
       the service activity.

II.    Service is the actual service activity. This service must be meaningful and address
       a real need in the community. It also must enhance the student’s educational

III.   Reflection is the activity which provides an opportunity for the students to develop
       new understanding, skills and knowledge from their service experience.

IV.    Recognition/Demonstration is the time when students share their knowledge and
     Is Connected To
      Course Work . . .

 •    Accounting
 •    Anthropology                   •   Interior Design
 •    Architectural Technologyrt     •   Leadership Studies
 •    Biology                        •   Physical Therapy Assistant
 •    Business Law                   •   Political Science
 •    College Orientation            •   Psychology
 •    Communication                  •   Legal Studies
 •    Early Care & Education         •   Math
 •    English As A Second Language   •   Nursing
 •    English Comp                   •   Sociology
 •    History                        •   Spanish
                                     •   Teacher Education
 Is Connected
  To Campus Themes . . .

• Older Adults
      – honoring and caring for your elders

• Hunger and Homelessness
      – reducing hunger and increasing food security

• Environment and Community Gardens
      – improving the environment in the region
• Literacy and Diversity
      – expanding minds through reading, writing an storytelling

• Civic Responsibility
      – developing informed, thoughtful and active citizens

• Bridges to Healthy Communities
      – improving community health
Theme: Share a Story
    – the improvement of literacy

       Robinson Elementary School
              Academic Service-Learning

                   students participate in
                      a Read-A-Story
                       activity (right)

                    ESL students do a
                    cultural exchange
                      with Robinson
                    Elementary School
                      students (left).
Hunger Awareness
Throughout November

   11/2-11/20 – Campus-wide Food Drive
    Accounting and Business help organize
   $1,770 from the Empty Bowls Luncheon
    Ceramics makes 200 bowls
   Hunger 101 Simulation
Theme: Bridges to Healthy Communities
      – improving community health

             Cancer Awareness Day
              Campus-wide Service-Learning
                 • Students learn about preventable
                 cancers from organizations
                 specializing in skin, breast,
                 testicular, throat and lung cancers.
                 • A mammogram mobile is available
                 for screenings.
Theme: Environment and Community Gardens
       – improving the environment in the region

                  Simpson Lake Clean-Up
                        Academic Service-Learning

        • English classes enjoy the outdoors while making a difference. They
       then write a composition about their “hands on” experience of clearing
          invasive Honey Suckle at Simpson Lake . . . learning while serving.
   Theme: Older Adults
               – honoring and caring for your elders

                                              Crown Center Senior Living
• English Comp Students visit residents at
Crown Center retirement community during
                                                      Academic Service-Learning
the course of the semester to make new           • The residents are invited to the students’ Final Exam to
friends and learn more about their lives.        hear what students have pulled together about their lives.
                                                 Students used PowerPoint, print media, and even video.

• Each presentation included a brief bio and answers to questions
like, “What was the most important historical event in your life?” and
 “What advice would you share with today’s generation of college
  Theme: Civic Responsibility
              – developing informed, thoughtful and
               active citizens
 • Campus-wide effort by students to
 encourage peers to register to vote.
                                                          • Students are given class credit for serving
                                                          as Election Judges, bringing their much
                                                          needed computer skills to the polls as
                                                          Missouri moves to new voting technology.

                                        • PeaceJam Conferences provide college
Constitution Day!                       students with an opportunity to study
September 17th, 2009                    alongside Nobel Laureates to extend their
                                        work into the community.
Theme: Civic Responsibility
        – developing informed, thoughtful and
         active citizens

Service-Learning . . .
       Connects To Civic Engagement/Citizen Websites . . .

Issue Advocacy: Where do I begin?

Where do I Stand?

Where does my Community Stand?
                                              United States Government
What?! Now THAT ticks me off!
                                              Missouri State Government

                                              Local Government
Spring Break 2010 – New Orleans
 a service trip to rebuild homes and lives
Spring Break 2010 – New Orleans
 a service trip to rebuild homes and lives
     Work Study Program
           • Earn money for college and build your
           resume, all while serving your community.

Serve your Community
    Work for a food pantry
    Assist the elderly
    And more!
          Contact Mike Smith
         Financial Aid Manager
            (314) 984-7652

         And Donna Halsband
  Coordinator of Service-Learning/Civic
             (314) 984-7893
 Let’s Get Started . . .

A visit to our website gives you:
  • Information about agencies

  • Forms you will need

  • Calendar of Events

  • And more . . .


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