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									 Over View of Business
Welcome to Multi Level Marketing
 Why Multi Level Marketing???
• By doing this business you will enjoy the
  following benefits.

•   It’s a known fact that if you are not your own boss nowadays; there is
    no way that you can ever be wealthy.

•   A salary means that you have to rely on job security and a government

•   Today, job security is a joke and pension funds are unavailable.

•   Even so, can you see yourself working till the age of 65?
                 YOU WORK WITH!!!
•   Does your boss or colleague annoy you, or do you actually hate

•   You can create a business were you are surrounded by people you
    want to be around.

•    Residual income can be compared to when you receive a royalty from
     writing a book or a song.

•    The effort you introduce to your business today will be rewarded for the
     rest of your life.

•    A good example is like owning a block of apartments and rent them out
     and receive payments every month. Your initial investment is providing
     you with monthly income and you still get to keep the property.

•    There is no ceiling to what you can earn.

•    Sky is the limit.
      YOU ONLY GET TO WORK 7 – 10
           HOURS A WEEK!!!

•   The great thing is that you can build your business with a part time
    effort and still keep your full time job.

•   In time you will realise that you are in a position to quit your full time job
    and focus your efforts on your business.
       RETIRE WITHIN 2 – 4 YEARS!!!

•   If you follow the system and dedicate 7 – 10 hours a week you can
    actually retire (wealthy) in 2 – 4 years.

•   Better than the 45-year plan, that is working from the age of 20 till 65
    and hopefully get a pension and enjoy your golden years on 1/3 on
    what you are trying to get on by today.

•    You can combine holidays and business trips to visit your friends and
     relatives abroad and also meet people to introduce to your business.

•   The business we are talking about is called Network Marketing, also
    referred to as Multi Level Marketing.

•   It is about creating awareness, introducing people to the business and
    helping them do the same with others.

•   It is not a sales oriented business and most of all it is not a pyramid

•   Unlike a pyramid scheme, you actually earn the money you will be

•   Network Marketing works on a concept called Transfer spending. All
    you have to do is change your shopping habits. Instead of purchasing
    from your local supermarket and pharmacy you will be thought how to
    purchase from your own business.

•   Once you are registered in the system you will become a main
    distributor of Neways.

•   Neways is an American company owned by a family of biochemists. It
    has been manufacturing non toxic consumables for the last 18 years.

•   In a nut shell, you will be making use of the money you already spend
    to finance your business.
          HOW DO I EARN MONEY???

•   Another concept used in MLM is leverage.

•   There are two types of leverage.

•   There is leverage of money, as in having lots of money and make that
    money work for you.

•   Then there is leverage of people’s time and efforts.

•   In MLM we use the second type of leverage, were everyone puts in his
    small effort and when accumulated gives outstanding results.

•   So lets say that at the end of the month you spend a £100 worth of
•   Just to make it clear, you don’t need to spend a £100 but for this
    example I am going to use that amount.
•   So in the first month you started your business and you created a
    turnover of a £100.
•   Neways are going to send you £130 worth of product.
•   They interpret that £30 difference as a retail profit cause if you had to
    sell it you would make £30 profit.
•   No one is obliged to sell anything. This not a sales business, but you
    will find friends or relatives who would only want to buy the products
    and there is were you make your retail profit.
•   So now the chart looks like this:
Month             1
People            1
Turnover        100
Retail Profit    30

Total           30
                             MONTH 2

•   Now lets say that you talk to 6 of your friends whom you think would
    like to enjoy the benefits of this business opportunity and they also
    learn how to transfer their shopping.
•   So in month 2 you are 7 people in the business (yourself + 6 friends)
    each spending £100 creating a turnover of £700.
•   Once again you have your £30 Retail Profit. Now you also have a
    Multiplex Bonus of £45 for introducing your friends to the business and
    an Infinity Bonus of £9
•   So now your chart looks like this:
Month              1     2
People             1     7
Turnover         100   700
Retail Profit     30    30
M/Plex B.               45
Infinfinity B.           9

Total            30    84
                                MONTH 3

•   Now lets say that your friends are thought the system the same way that you
    have been thought and your 6 friends each talk to their friends.
•   For this example lets say that your friends are not as bright as you are and only
    find 5 people each just to keep the figures really conservative.
•   So when each of your 6 friends find 5 people each, you have another 30 people
    in your business.
•   Including you and your 6 friends, the total of people in the business is 37.
•   So all 37 people spend £100 in products and you create a turnover of £3700.
•   Once again you receive £30 as a Retail Profit. Your Multiplex Bonus increases
    to £270 because your turnover increased. The Infinity Bonus stays at £9. Now
    you qualify for a Personal Rebate of £3 and an Affinity Group Over ride of £90
    bringing the total to £402.
•   Would you be really grateful if your boss gave you an extra £402 a month.
•   With this business you don’t have to wait for you boss to give you that money.
    Most probably you will wait forever. You can do it by yourself.
•   At this point your products are for free.
•   Now your chart looks like this:
Month              1     2      3
People             1     7     37
Turnover         100   700   3700
Retail Profit     30    30     30
M/Plex B.               45    270
Infinfinity B.           9      9
Personal Reb                    3
Aff G.O.                       90

Total            30    84    402
                                 MONTH 4

•   Now lets say that in month 4, those 30 people talk to their friends and for this
    example lets say that they only manage to find 4 people each, once again to
    keep the figures really conservative.
•   So, when those 30 people find 4 people each, your business will increase by
    another 120 people and note that you will not even know who these people are.
•   So now you are 157 people in the business (you, your 6 friends, there 30 friends
    and the 120 strangers)
•   Each of you spend £100 worth of products creating a turnover of £15700.
•   Once again you receive £30 as a Retail Profit. Your Multiplex Bonus increases
    to £1170. The Infinity Bonus remains £9. Your Personal Rebate increase to £5
    and your Affinity Group Over ride increase to £780 making a total of £1994.
•   Will you start to consider to leave your full time job and do this business full time
    at this stage.
•   This is were leverage comes in. You are dedicating 10 hours per week but the
    other 156 people are also dedicating 10 hours per week. Accumulated and
    calculated on a 40 hour week, you are inputting 39 weeks work in 1 week effort.
•   Isn’t that fantastic!!!
•   Now your chart looks like this:
Month             1     2      3       4
People            1     7     37     157
Turnover        100   700   3700   15700
Retail Profit    30    30     30      30
M/Plex B.              45    270    1170
Infinity B.             9      9       9
Per. Rebate                    3       5
Aff. G.O.                     90     780

Total           30    84    402    1994
                            MONTH 5

•   Now, lets say that in month 5, the 120 people who were last introduced
    to your business just tell 3 of their friends, once again to keep the
    figures really conservative.
•   At this point your business has a total amount of people of 517.
•   You each spend £100 and create a turnover of £51700.
•   Very high amount considering that you don’t have any over heads.
•   So, once again you receive £30 as a Retail Profit. Multiplex Bonus
    increases to £3870. Infinity Bonus stays at £9. Personal Rebate stays
    at £5 and Affinity Bonus goes down to zero.
•   At this point Neways considers you as an executive and you qualify for
    4 other bonuses. You receive an Executive Bonus of £645, a Senior
    Executive Bonus of £387, a Master Executive Bonus of £129 and a
    Presidential Executive Bonus of £129 bringing the total up to £5204.
•   Your chart now looks like this:
Month             1     2      3       4       5
People            1     7     37     157     517
Turnover        100   700   3700   15700   51700
Retail Profit    30    30     30      30      30
M/Plex B.              45    270    1170    3870
Infinity B.             9      9       9       9
Per. Rebate                    3       5       5
Aff. G.O.                     90     780       0
Executive                                    645
Sen Exec                                     387
Pres Exec                                    129
Master Exec                                  129

Total           30    84    402    1994    5204

• As you are an executive, Neways will pay
  10% over and above your commission to
  any car dealer of your choice as a payment
  for any car of your choice for a period of 36
              WHAT NEXT???

• If you feel that this business is for you,
  contact the person that gave you this

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