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									                                                                                 Cedar Valley

                                                                             Community School
                                                                                       Lynnwood, WA

                                                                                       March 2012
                                                                                  Volume 2, Issue 5

Principal’s Message from Mrs. Beyer
March, 2012

Dear Cedar Valley Families,

Thank you for your support of the Technology Replacement Levy which passed last month. This
levy will continue to provide students with technology in the classroom as well as needed repairs in
identified buildings. We could not do this without your support!

As you all are aware, this year we are focusing our instruction on reading and math and having
reading and math intervention groups. During intervention groups, the students are placed in
different groups according to skills identified by the teachers through assessments. The teachers
report that most students are making steady gains and the intervention groups are being successful.
In addition to what we do in school, we also need your help to ensure students make continued and
steady progress. Parents and guardians can make a significant impact on student achievement by
doing a few things at home. I know you all have busy lives, but if you can make a commitment to
do 3 things, it will make a difference for your child. One - Have your child read to you, a sibling;
or to him/her self every day. The book should be at the child’s reading level. If you are not sure
what that is, ask the teacher. Two – practice math facts, like adding, subtracting, multiplying, or
dividing, to build fluency and show how math is in your life every day, like cooking, grocery
shopping, balancing budgets, and watching speed limits, and so on. You can be as creative as you
want in making math fun and important. Three – be sure your child does his/her homework every
day. You do not have to know how to do it, or do it with them, but provide a time, a place, and
the expectation that they will do their homework every day. Students ALWAYS have homework, no
matter what they say. I know that by you and the school working together, all our students will
make academic growth.

The Character Trait we will be teaching the students this month is Responsibility, which is part of
Life Long Learning Skills in the students’ progress report. The teachers incorporate the teaching of
what responsibility is and how it can be shown during writing and reading instruction. You can also
reinforce this trait at home by having your child be responsible for helping at home and even doing
homework. 

I will be having a Coffee, Cookies, and Conversation session on Thursday, March 22 at 8:45 a.m. in
Room 6. Miss Isabel, our school psychology intern, will be presenting on human growth and
development, parenting tips and answering questions. We hope to have a lively conversation on
parenting and sharing of ideas. Please join us and bring a friend! I look forward to seeing many
more families.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas on improving our school, my door is always
open. I hope you all have a great month of March!

All my best,
                   Cedar Valley Community School Newsletter Page 2

  PSO Fundraising with

You will find enclosed in this newsletter
information about eScrip. This is an easy
way to passively earn money for our school.
All you need to do is register and shop at
eScript merchants. Some of those include:                      Cell Phone Policy
                                                 We request that cell phones be left at home. If your student
      Bartell Drugs                             needs to call home during the day we have telephones
      Safeway                                   available at school.
      American Airlines                                   Many parents provide cell phones for students for
      Carnival Cruise Lines                     safety as well as convenience. However, cell phone use during
      Princess Cruise Lines                     school is potentially disruptive. We want our learning
      Royal Caribbean                           environment free from these distractions.
                                                           Therefore, the following policy is:
                                                 All cell phones carried by students must be turned completely
                                                 off and stored in backpacks during school hours (8:10 – 3:10)
    PSO Fundraiser                               and may not be used on school grounds. Use of cell phones is
                                                 defined as calling, text messaging, photography and any and
Masterpiece Cookie Dough                         all other phone functions.
                                                           If a student is found to have a cell phone on or in use
         Sales                                   during the school day, the phone will be confiscated.
                                                 1 offense:
                                                 Phone will be held in the main office until the end of the school
                                                 day when the student may reclaim it.
                                                 2 offense:
Masterpiece Fundraising® is proud to             Phone will be held in the main office until a parent picks it up.
carry a variety of food products                 3 offense:
                                                 Phone will be held in the main office until the end of the school
including cookie dough; snacks,                  year when a parent may pick up.
desserts and our famous all butter
Almond Cookie Bites.

The funds raised from these sales                Love & Logic Parenting Class
supports activities at the school. These      Is your child’s behavior giving you headaches and hassles?
funds allow the PSO to sponsor fun            Feeling baffled, unsure of what tactic to try next? Do you
events like BINGO night, field trips, and     struggle to get your kids ready for school on time? Get them
library books as well as many other           to do their chores? Get them to turn off the computer/TV/
activities.                                   electronic game and come to dinner? Stop fighting in the
                                              car? Would you like to teach your kids more responsible
The sale will run from March 16th             behavior?
through March 27th.                                   Then, please join me for a Becoming a Love and
                                              Logic Parent class beginning on Monday, April 9th from
The PSO and Cedar Valley really               9:30-11:30 AM at Cedar Valley. No childcare will be
appreciate your support.                      provided. Classes will continue every Monday until May
                                              21th and the cost is $20 per family. For more information
                                              please contact Annie Rueda-Brown at 425-431-1194 or at
                     Cedar Valley Community School Newsletter Page 3

  Community Budget Meetings
Every year, the district holds four spring meetings to Superintendent’s Roundtable
provide an overview of the state funding situation,      These are informal meetings held
discuss how it will impact district and school           once every month on a selected
resources, and seek your input regarding our funding     Wednesday, from Noon to 1 p.m.
priorities. These meetings have been very helpful for    (please bring your lunch and your
the district as we have worked through some tough        questions!) The meetings are in the
fiscal years for all schools in our state. I hope that   Board room at the Educational
you can make one of these meetings.                      Services Center, 20420 68th Avenue
March 28, 4 p.m. - Meadowdale High Theater               West, Lynnwood. In addition to the
April 11, 7 p.m. – Lynnwood High Theater                 program topics scheduled, I always
(Spanish interpreter available)                          start the meetings with an
April 18, 4 p.m. – Mountlake Terrace High Theater        opportunity for people to ask
April 25, 7 p.m. – Edmonds-Woodway High Theater          questions in an open format. Here
(Spanish interpreter available)                          are the dates and topics of this year’s
                                                         remaining meetings:

                                                            March 7: Language Barriers. How do
   Buckle Up – It’s the law                                 parents and students communicate
   In Washington State it is the law to have all            with staff and what do we do to
   occupants in a vehicle wearing a seatbelt.               support that effort.
   Parents please buckle all passengers in                  April 11: Gangs: What is our level of
   vehicle and yourself before pulling away                 awareness surrounding this issue and
   from the curb. This is very important. The               our proactive and reactive responses.
   Lynnwood Police Department has provided us               May 2: State Legislative Overview
   with information helpful in determining what             presented by Washington Association
   type of seat is appropriate for your child.              School Administrators (WASA) guest
   You can pick up a copy in the main office.               speaker.
   Did you know that children up to the age of              June 6: TBD
   13 should only ride in the backseat?
   Children age 8 or 4’9”tall must ride in a
   booster seat with a lap and shoulder belt.

         Middle School Parent                             Cedar Valley Expectations
          Information Night
Parent of 6th Grade Students please plan on
attending the Middle School Parent Information Night
                                                           We help each other.
on March 22nd from 7:00 – 8:00 or the Spanish Night        We respect each other.
on April 17th from 6:00 – 7:00. Topics of discussion
will include lockers, lunch, PE uniforms, grades,          We work hard to learn.
activities, etc. There will also be time for you to ask
questions. In August there will be an orientation for      We say positive things to each other.
students. This night is meant for parents.
                                                           We keep our school safe and beautiful.
                              Cedar Valley Community School Monthly Calendar

                                                        March 2012
         Sunday                Monday             Tuesday          Wednesday         Thursday                    Friday              Saturday

                                                                                 1                      2                       3
                                                                                                        Read Across
                                                                                                        America Day

                                                                                                        Skate Night
                                                                                                        5:00 – 7:00

4                        5                   6                7                  8                      9                       10
                         Late Start 9:40                      Superintendent’s   Natural Leaders
                                                              Roundtable @       8:45
                                                              ESC 12:00 – 1:00
                                                                                 2nd Grade

11                       12                  13               14                 15                     16                      17
                         PSO Meeting         School Board                        Coffee, Cookies        Movie Night
                         6:00 PM             Meeting @ ESC                       & Conversation         7:00 – 9:00
                                             6:30                                with the Principal
                                                                                 8:45 AM                Fundraiser

18                       19                  20               21                 22                     23                      24
                         Late Start 9:40                                         Natural Leaders        NO SCHOOL
                                                                                 8:45                   Professional
                                                                                 6th Grade Parent       Development
                                                                                 Night @
                                                                                 Alderwood Middle
                                                                                 School 7:00

25                       26                  27               28                 29                     30                      31
                                             School Board                        Math Night
                                             Meeting @ ESC                       5:30 – 8:00

                                             End Fundraiser

                       September                                                                                        November
     S     M      T        W     T      F    S
                                                   Notes:                                          S        M      T       W     T     F        S
                           1     2       3    4                                                              1      2       3    4     5         6
    5       6      7       8     9      10   11                                                     7        8      9      10   11    12        13
    12     13     14      15    16      17   18                                                    14       15     16      17   18    19        20

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