ANFIELD 125 by CjSFU42y


									    ANFIELD 125

Anfield Rd Infants School,
  a children’s century
          Anfield Road Infants School opened in 1886 when
                  Queen Victoria was on the throne

Can you see any differences between Queen Victoria and our Queen Elizabeth?
Liverpool looked very different in 1886
    Liverpool looked very different in 1886

Can you guess where this picture was taken?
Liverpool has changed a lot since 1886
This is what Anfield would have looked like all those years ago
When it was first opened this school was called
       Walton-on-the-Hill Board School!
The Headmistress, Miss Kneale, used to write records about the school in
                                a book
The boys and girls looked very
       different then
What differences can you see?

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