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									                          Young Life Newsletter
                                             A quarterly publication of Young Life Hawaii
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                            February 2005
             A mission devoted to introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.

“A Life Changed” by Sarah                                           New Young Life Club Starts at
         I remember the first time I went to Young Life:
                                                                    St. Andrew’s Priory!
it was a Tuesday night, and a friend of mine had been               Many thanks to Nancy Tudor, the mother of a Priory student,
trying to get me to go for the longest time. I wasn’t a             who is organizing a team of volunteer leaders to make this
Christian yet, and I didn’t really think that it would be
                                                                    club happen.
something I would enjoy. However I went, and I can
honestly say that it has changed my life for the better. I          Next club: March 10 (Thursday)
never thought that I would meet people from our sister
school, or that I would one day be able to get up in                Time: 5:30 p.m.
front of a group of students and make a fool of myself
with no embarrassment. I never even knew that there                 Place: Sellon Hall, Room 101
was someone who always loved me, even if I did make
the wrong decisions. Through Young Life I came to
know what it was to be able to rely on someone and                  Other Clubs:
not be let down, and to know that I’m never really
alone. I’m talking of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ              Punahou         Young Life (high school): Mondays, 6:30
of course, and the Young Life leaders that lead me out              p.m., in the basement of Cooke Hall.
of a dark place that had abused me, and into a world
that is just filled with heavenly light and never ending            Kamehameha High School                       Young Life
love. It was Young Life that gave me the final push to              (high school) Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m. in the Akahi Student
want to change my life, and become a servant to the                 Activities Center.
                                                                    Kamehameha Middle School                           WyldLife
         I became a boarder at Kamehameha Schools                   (middle school) Fridays (March 18, April 1, April 22) 2:30 –
when I was in the seventh grade. Being away from
                                                                    3:15 p.m. in Keawe Gym.
home at that young age, and being surrounded by
students from the wrong crowd, can do a lot to a                    High school students from any school may attend the Young
person. By the time I was in the tenth grade I was
                                                                    Life clubs at Priory, Kamehameha Schools, and Punahou.
smoking about two packs of cigarettes a week, and
drinking alcohol just about every other night of the
week. There was an empty space in me that I kept
                                                                    You know you’re not a kid any more …when your
trying to fill, but the things that I did to try and fill it with
weren’t working. However, I noticed the more I went                 parents’ jokes are now funny.
to Young Life, and the more I actually did get into the
Bible, that empty feeling would get filled; I wouldn’t
want to drink, I wouldn’t want to smoke, I would want to            leaders, my life has been made a little smoother, and not so
know more about God, and the promises He had for                    dramatic as it could be. “God only wants the best for you. ”
me. I changed my life once and for all on the night of
March 1, 2003, I became a born-again Christian.                             The answer is always right there in front of our
Though it wasn’t with my Young Life club, it was the                faces, but sometimes it just takes a little nudge from a leader
students that attended and the adults that had been                 to make us realize it. Now I am like my friend who tried to
helping me that gave me the courage to do so.                       get me to go to Young Life, I want to share my love and the
                                                                    word of God with others, so they may know of His love and
         Since that night in March two years ago, I                 mercy. Also just to prove to them that Christians can have
haven’t looked back to the old life that I used to live.            fun! Without Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t have a father, I
Sure, I’m tempted every now and then, but it is with the            wouldn’t have a first love, I wouldn’t have a true friend. I
authority of God that I can say no, and turn away from              have learned to build my life on God, and I wouldn’t have it
my temptations. With the help and guidance of my                  any other way.
                                                      Email addresses wanted: Young Life has
Campership earning opportunities                      started sending a short update via e-mail every quarter.
needed. It costs about $1,400 for a kid to go         If you would like to be on the distribution list, please
                                                      send an email to
to camp. You can help kids earn money for
camp by renting a teen (for labor-intensive
                                                              Camps – June 2005
tasks such as yard work, babysitting, house
cleaning, etc). Please call the Young Life office
                                                                 Camp descriptions at
to rent a teen soon!.                                 Middle School: We have reservations for 15
                                                      kids at Oakbridge (near San Diego) from June
                                                      1-6. Reserve your space by making a deposit
                                                      of $150 by March 20.
What is a leader?            ☺An adult of any age
who cares about teenagers.        ☺Someone who        High School: Looking to have the best week
commits to spend a lot of time with kids, “hanging    of your life this summer? We are gearing up
out” as well as at club. ☺A Christian who wants to    to take Hawaii students to summer camp at
share Jesus with young people who may not have        Woodleaf in Northern California from June 8-
any other opportunities to hear about Him. ☺The       19th. Space is limited so call the Young Life
heart of the Young Life ministry. ☺A person who is
                                                      office at 594-5433 to sign up now!
appreciated by the kids, the Young Life staff, and
the support committee. ☺Leaders are in short
                                                      Adults: It’s never too late to have your own
supply – if you want to do the most for Young Life,
call our office today!
                                                      Young Life camp experience. Join us as an
                                                      adult guest in July at Wildhorse Canyon in
                                                      Oregon! Call our office for more details.

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