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									                                                             If the sitter is not an adult, you should also meet                When You Return Home
                                                              his or her parents.                                      You should always talk with the babysitter
                                                             Parents are also responsible for ensuring that            about:
                                                              children understand that the babysitter is in              1. children's behavior and activity.
                                                              charge and that they are expected to follow all            2. any telephone calls received.
                                                              family rules.                                              3. anything out of the ordinary.
                                                             Make sure that gas or electric appliances are off,
                                                              windows and doors are locked, smoke detector             Then, after the babysitter has left, talk to your
                                                              batteries are charged, heating or cooling system          children about:
                                                              is adequate, safety gates are blocking stairways,           1. anything made them feel afraid or
                                                              animals or pets will not be a problem, household               uncomfortable.
                                                              chemicals are put safely away and glass objects            2. If they would or would not like him
                                                              like mirrors and windows will not be shattered by              or her to babysit again.
  Babysitting is a great way for kids to earn                 an active child.
money and learn about children, families, having
a job, managing money, home safety and                               When the Babysitter Arrives
product safety. But, every job has certain                   Ask your sitter to arrive at least fifteen minutes
guidelines and baby-sitting is no exception!                  before your departure time.
There are certain things that parents will expect            If the sitter hasn’t been in your home before,
of their baby sitter and certain things that the              conduct a brief tour of the house with them
baby sitters will expect of the parents in order to           pointing out the location of phones, first-aid
                                                              equipment, doors and other possible exits.
make children and baby sitters as safe as
                                                             Ensure that the sitter fully understands specific
possible while the parents are away from the                  responsibilities and your general expectations
home. The Massachusetts Safety Officers League                which includes knowing:
asks you to read this tri fold on Baby Sitting               That children are not to be left alone.
Safety Tips to help ensure the safety all children           Family rules and disciplinary guidelines.
while parents are away from the home.                        Daily routines, including television, eating and          Safety Tips For the Baby Sitters!
                                                              sleeping arrangements.                                   Always play it safe when baby sitting children!
       Safety Tips For the Parents!                          About any child’s food allergies.                        Have information written down and accessible in
   Personally interview all possible sitters. Observe       Emergency numbers of relatives, friends,                  the event of an emergency (on the refrigerator is
    their interaction with your children. Look for            neighbors and emergency numbers.                          a good place); family name, children's names,
    mature, responsible people who listen and                How to contact you! Write down the address                how to contact parents, phone numbers of close
    respond well to your children and appear relaxed          where you will be and your cell numbers.                  relatives and neighbors, doctor's name and
    and happy with them.                                     That all outside doors should be kept locked and          number and the number of the poison control
   Ask for references (e.g., past employers, teachers,       not to open the door for anyone (without your             center.
    counselors, relatives, friends, neighbors.) Once          prior permission.)                                       In any emergency, call 911 and identify yourself
    you’ve selected, check all references carefully. Be      That information should not be given to callers.          by name, tell them that you are babysitting at the
    sure to tell references that their comments won’t         Sitters should tell a caller that you are                 address and state the problem. Give the phone
    be revealed to anyone, including the sitter. Ask          unavailable and take a message.                           number you are calling from and follow any
    them if they believe that the sitter has the             That children should be watched closely while             instructions the emergency personnel tell you.
    demeanor, responsibility and qualifications to            awake, especially if taken outside, and should be        Get written instructions about any medications to
    care for children. Ask if they would hire this            checked regularly after they have gone to sleep.          be given to the children.
    person to care for their children. If anything           Who the children may play with or visit.                 Be sure to find out amounts and times that
    makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be best to          Rules associated with their use of your                   medication should be given to the child.
    select another person to care for your children.          telephones, computers, and appliances.                   Never have visitors over unless you have
    Ensure that you have his or her name, address,           That the baby sitters friends should not be               permission from the parents first. The parents
    and number.                                               invited into your home.                                   may want to meet this person before.
   Plan a fire drill in your head. Plan on more than           Fill out this Tri-Fold each time you babysit and
    one way to get yourself and the children out of                       Keep It By The Phone!
    the house safely in case of a fire.
                                                                   In case of an emergency, always DIAL 911!
   Find out if you are supposed to give the children
    anything to eat or drink before bed. Ask about
                                                                   But, for a non-emergency, be sure to have:
    any food allergies.
   Make sure all the doors and windows are locked                          Parent Information
    from the inside, and lock the front door after the          Parent Name - ____________________________
    parents leave. Turn on the front and rear lights

    to the house.
    Make sure you know where the children are and
    what they are doing at all times. Stay with
                                                                Home Address - ___________________________
                                                                Home Phone - _____________________________
                                                                Mothers Cell Phone - _______________________
                                                                                                                        Baby Sitting
                                                                Fathers Cell Phone - _______________________
    younger children to be safe.
    If the door bell rings, look out the window to see
    who it is. Don’t open doors to strangers.
                                                                Pager Number - ___________________________
                                                                Location where parents will be:______________
                                                                                                                        Safety Tips
   Never let a stranger in the house. If you don't             ______________________________________                       For parents and guardians
    recognize them, don't let them in!                                                                                           of young children.
   When answering the phone, don't let people know you         Alternate Emergency Family Contact
    are there alone for long. Tell them you are watching
    the kids for a few minutes while the parents went to the    Name - __________________________________
    corner store. Be sure to take a message and write the       Number -_________________________________
    persons’ name, time of call, and message.
   After the children go to sleep, check on them every 15 -
    20 minutes.                                                  Trusted Friend or Nearby Neighbor
   Remember that you are in someone else's house as a          Name - ___________________________________
    guest. Do not make a mess! Clean up after yourself.         Number - ______________________________
    Don't go through their refrigerator unless they’ve
    given you permission. Don't go through their things.
   Respect them like you would want them to respect you          Special Instructions from Parents:
    in your own room.                                           ______________________________________
   Be aware of choking, strangulation and suffocation
    dangers in the home such as in: cribs, soft bedding,
    window blinds, curtain cords, clothing drawstrings,         ______________________________________
    small objects and recalled products.                        ______________________________________
   Use Safety Gates where possible to prevent small
    children from the dangers of stairways or areas where
    the children should not be.
   Unless specifically instructed by the parents, do not       Here are some more great web sites to check on
    bathe the baby. A clean facecloth in lukewarm water                the topic of Baby Sitting Safety!
    will clean the skin. Bathing a baby calls for utmost care
    and supervision. Aside from the risk of hot water 
    scalds, there is also the danger of drowning. While you
    may want to be of help to the parents, bathing the
    infant is not recommended.
   Know first aid measures such as how to clear a childs’
    airway and CPR.                                   
   Take an approved Baby Sitting Safety Course as well                             MSOL Website
    as a Medical First Responder Course to learn more                             
    about emergency baby sitting procedures.          
   In any emergency, or if something or someone          MSOL Membership Application Website
    makes you uncomfortable, CALL 911!                

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