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					   New Zealand

                              Teaching & Learning Online:
                                 a perspective from a
                                  University Librarian
                             Speaker: Janet Copsey, The University of Auckland, NZ

                             3 November 2006
The University of Auckland
                             Drivers for change in
                             tertiary education marketplace - 1
3 November 2006

                               Growing market for tertiary education

                               Growing competition within the international
New Zealand

                               Many countries are seeing a reduction in
                               Government support for educational institutions
                               with a consequent increase in student fees
The University of Auckland

                               Greater pressure on researchers, who are also
                               teachers, to earn more income for their
                               institutions and contribute more to professional
                               bodies and the community at large
                             Drivers for change in
                             tertiary education marketplace - 2
3 November 2006

                               Time pressures for students too who frequently
                               have to work to pay for their courses and living

                               Pressures for teachers from Net Gen
New Zealand

                               technologically-aware students who expect to be
                               able to interact using technology as well as face to

                               Continuing innovation in the IT and
The University of Auckland

                               telecommunications sectors which is providing
                               change opportunities for education
                             Multiple Terms - distance, flexible,
                             hybrid and blended learning, as well
                             as e-learning!
3 November 2006

                               Distance learning originally:
                                  Postal delivery of pre-packaged course
                                  Supplementary teaching via audio
                                  conferences or TV and/or face-to-face block
New Zealand

                               Distance learning today:
                                  Material delivered via the web or via CDROM
                                  More likely to involve Learning Designers
                                  Use of range of software tools as well as
The University of Auckland

                                  digital access to learning materials, eg online
                                  discussion, interactive learning tools, quizzes /
                                  tests, etc
                                  Increasingly no face-to-face component
                                  required if the learning environment online is
                                  well designed
                             Flexible, Hybrid, Blended Learning
3 November 2006

                               In today’s digital environment

                                  Flexible, Hybrid and Blending
                                  Learning overlaps with
                                  Distance Learning
New Zealand

                                  Mixture of face-to-face
                                  teaching and web-based
                                  learning materials repository
                                  together with interactive
                                  learning activities, quizzes,
                                  online chat, etc
The University of Auckland

                                  Courses generally designed
                                  by teachers without learning
3 November 2006

                               E-Learning: use new technologies to fundamentally
                               redesign the learning experience

                               For instance, instead of giving lectures in person or
                               via podcasting, the focus might be on asking the
New Zealand

                               student to search digital libraries for reading
                               materials for the virtual class to discuss

                               Possible use of three-dimensional online
                               synchronous environments such as “Second Life”
The University of Auckland

                               to provide emulation of the real world - Harvard is
                               now teaching a cyber law course in “Second Life”
                             Changing Library Environments
3 November 2006

                               Most tertiary libraries have rapidly
                               shifted to the digital environment
                               over the past ten years

                               Not only bibliographic databases,
                               journals and newspapers in
                               electronic form but increasingly
New Zealand

                               books, music and images.

                               Demand for course readings to
                               be available in both print and
                               digital form has been there for
                               many years but different
The University of Auckland

                               legislative environments
                               internationally have provided
                               challenges in resolving this issue.
                             Electronic course readings
3 November 2006

                               UofA Library provides over 5000 digitised
                               course readings

                               Publisher licences increasingly provide libraries
                               with right to provide digital links or print course
                               materials from their digital resources
New Zealand

                               Licence from CLL in NZ to digitise materials

                               Highly used digital service but students want
The University of Auckland

                               both printed course books and digital versions
                             Open Access Publishing and
                             Institutional Repositories
3 November 2006

                               Increasing view that research results are “locked up”
                               by commercial publishers

                               Pressure to ensure that research results are made
                               publicly (ie freely) available within a year
New Zealand

                               Growth in open-access institutional repositories as
                               an alternative to commercial publishers

                               Search engines such as Google Scholar are
The University of Auckland

                               improving access to content in institutional
                             Copyright Issues in an Online
                             Teaching, Learning and Research
3 November 2006

                               Growth of student e-portfolios
                               which enable self-reflection of their
                               learning experiences

                               Digital submission of PhD and
                               Masters theses to create web
New Zealand


                               Many institutions are taking the
                               approach that they will make
The University of Auckland

                               digital portfolios or theses
                               available via their websites with a
                               notice that they will take down any
                               material that publishers or other
                               copyright owners believe breaches
                               their rights

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