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Ruswarp C of EP rimary School by CjSFU42y


									                         Ruswarp Church of England
                              Primary School
                         A positive learning community where everyone enjoys the
                       opportunity to achieve their potential within a caring, Christian

                   Policy for Behaviour and Discipline
    Create a safe, happy and productive working atmosphere.
    To ensure that children show respect for each other and their property, the
     staff and the school environment.
    Provide a common code of conduct which is clearly understood by all staff,
     children and all others who may work within the school.
    To encourage a close liaison with home and school.
    Support children who may find it difficult to follow the “code of conduct".
    Support staff that may experience difficulties with particular children or groups
     of children.
    Provide a clear system of rewards and sanctions.

    A set of simple school rules are shown below. These rules have been agreed
       using the input of the staff and children of Ruswarp C of E Primary School.
    It will be the responsibility of all staff to discuss these with the children and to
       reinforce them at all times.
    It will be the responsibility of the Headteacher to explain the school rules to
       new teachers, ancillary staff and parents of new entrants as appropriate.
    Systems of rewarding positive behaviour and effort have been agreed
       amongst staff and children, and should remain consistent throughout the
    Children will be given responsibility to look after and maintain areas of the
       school, (their own classrooms, cloak rooms and playground).
    Children achieving high standards (at their own level) in work or behaviour will
       be referred to other colleagues or the Headteacher for praise and parents
    Learning experiences and tasks will, as far as is possible, be matched to
       individual children's abilities and temperaments. All children, including those
       with Special Educational Needs, should be provided with suitable challenges.
    Children will not be isolated for poor behaviour without supervision.
    Details of children who persistently offend will be recorded and referred to the
       Headteacher. Parents will be invited to school to discuss the problems.
    In exceptional cases, a child may be excluded. The North Yorkshire
       guidelines are adhered to in these cases.
    All parents and Governors will be informed of the school's rules.
    Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated in the school and if any member of
       staff suspects or is aware of bullying taking place the School’s Policy on
       Bullying should be consulted.
School Rules

These rules were agreed by the Headteacher, staff, parents, governors and children
within the school (June 2005) and reviewed in January 2008.

We expect that everybody at Ruswarp C of E Primary School should:

   1. Be kind and gentle towards others
   2. Have good manners and be polite
   3. Respect school’s and other people’s property
   4. Play fair and share
   5. Show respect for everybody in the school
   6. Walk in school
   7. Listen carefully and not shout out
   8. Always try their best
   9. Try to be happy
   10. Always treat others the way that they would like to be treated!

In addition, it is the school’s policy that no sweets, chewing gum or jewellery should
be brought into school.

Class Rules

In addition to the school rules, individual class teachers should produce a set of class
rules, agreed with the children that reflect their teaching and classroom management

A variety of these strategies will be used:-
    Stickers: Awarded to children for effort, good work or being helpful.
    Age appropriate class rewards
    Worker of the Day: Awarded daily, in class, to the child that has shown most
        effort each day
    Worker of the Week: Awarded to a child in each class that has shown
        consistently high levels of effort throughout the week
    Worker of the term
    Golden time, weekly
    Headteacher’s Award: Awarded to children who have shown very high levels
        of achievement for the individual, in any area of the curriculum
    Annual awards to recognise achievement and effort.


      In the first instance there will be a verbal warning / reminder of rules for minor
      After a second incident there will be a loss of golden time (1 minute for Key
       Stage 1 / 3 minutes for Key Stage 2). Children will have the opportunity to
       earn back ‘lost’ golden time at the discretion of their class teacher.
      During Golden Time children who have ‘lost’ time will remain in their own
       class, supervised by their class teacher for a set period of time.
      Serious or repeated incidents will result in the child being referred to the
       Headteacher; a loss of playtime and/ or other privileges (place in a school
       team or other sport or musical activities); and the incident being recorded in
       the behaviour log
      Serious incidents will result in the parent(s) / carer(s) of the child being
       informed and a meeting arranged to discuss the issue(s), if necessary /
      Acts of violence or deliberate damage to property will result in the parent(s) /
       carer(s) of the child being informed and a meeting arranged to discuss the
       issue(s), if necessary / appropriate.
      Unacceptable behaviour at lunchtime will result in a child being reprimanded
       by the lunchtime supervisors and referred to either the Class teacher or
       Headteacher if necessary. The child may be excluded from school at
       lunchtime for a period of time, agreed with the child’s parent(s) / carer(s), if
       persistent bad behaviour makes this necessary
      Where bad behaviour continues, a daily report between the teacher and the
       child’s parent(s) / carer(s) will be implemented. A weekly meeting, involving
       the Headteacher, should also be employed until behaviour shows
      If the school feels that a child’s behaviour is likely to cause damage to
       property, put others at risk or have a negative effect on the education of
       others, the school will seek to exclude that pupil.

Reviewed: March 2010 Headteacher

Signed: ……………………………………………                           Date: ………………………………

Signed: ……………………………………………                           Date: ……………………………..
       Chair of Governors:

Next Review Spring Term 2011

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