5050 Raffle Fundraiser Flyer doc by 21D755G9


									                    Raise Money for your Organization in a Fun, Fast
                    and Easy Way!

                         Winners earn a lia sophia Jewelry Shopping
                    Spree or Sprees!

                              Your Organization Earns Cash "Big Time

                              1.            2.          3.           4.          5.
How it works:

This 50/50 is similar         6.            7.          8.           9.          10.
to your typical "Super
Bowl Boards".
1. Each person will
sell 10 Squares for $10            lia sophia is "The Leader in the Fashion Jewelry Industry"
each                                We offer a "Lifetime Replacement Guarantee" on our
2. Supporters will pay
$10 for each square                       Even the Stars wear our Jewelry everyday!

                                       We offer something for everyone's jewelry taste!
3. Example: If you
have 20 members selling          Great to do a Show Fundraiser in addition to the 50/50
                               Fundraiser and earn up to 30% of your total Show Fundraiser
in your organization &
each sell all 10
Squares, you will bring
in $2,000.

$1,000 Cash Goes
Dirrectly to Your
and the other $1,000
will get divided into
lia sophia Jewelry            Call me today to find out more: ANN LANE, STAR DIVISION
Certificates!                         COACH & FASHION ADVISOR - 614-915-4673

                                        My website: www.liasophia.com/annlane
1 - $500 Winner

2 - $250 Winners

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